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    It been a while since I’ve been on here. Life, depression, and other factors have been getting in the way. Perhaps the nicer weather will help.

    I can tell you one thing that happened today that definitely helped boost my morale. I have been continuing my (almost) daily walks fully dressed. It’s one of the things that helps me feel better emotionally and it’s great exercise. A couple weeks ago as I was ending my walk, a gentleman commented on how he thought I looked very nice. His words were “looking good, keep up the good work”. I was a bit embarrassed and just thanked him and kept walking. I saw him about a week later on the same trail but I was dressed as Bryan, and he didn’t speak to me at all. Then, on today’s walk, I passed him on the path and he said “it’s nice to see you again, looking good!” Then, as I was nearing the end of my walk, I saw him coming in the opposite direction again. He stopped and started talking to me about walking and how often I do it and how far I walk, etc. Basic small talk. He asked my name and before I even thought about it, I answered Emily. He said nice to meet you Emily and told me his name. Then he changed direction and started walking beside me towards the parking lot, asking me when I was going to be walking the trail again and that maybe he would see me again soon. Perhaps I have found a walking partner😉.

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Emily,

      Welcome back.  May the sunshine and warmer Spring weather brighten your day.  Good that you’ve been keeping up your walking.    As Grace suggests best be cautious should you become walking buddies.  Perhaps, a bottle of mace just in case?


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      Sarah Du Hessisse
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      Hello Emily it sounds like somebody who is accepting of your gender situation, but from what you’ve said he seem’s to prefers Emily. Its nice if he talks to Emily and is friendly Please exercise caution he may have another agenda.

      Love Sarah xx

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      I’m so happy to see you here again! Like Grace, I’ve missed you. Also like Grace, I’ll offer the unsolicited advice of taking care. Most people are harmless and nice. Others are…

      I am happy for you though that you had the courage to converse and presence of mind to give your femme name! I was at Ulta a while back and was asked my name and nearly flubbed it! I hope your new acquaintance proves congenial and harmless.

      Welcome back, and don’t stay away so long!


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      Grace Scarlett
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      Hi Emily….

      I’m glad you have come back on to cdh…I hope you are getting to grips with your problems, I for one have missed you !!!.

      Obviously you don’t need me to say be careful….but I will…so be careful.

      your ” admirer” does seem harmless enough, and maybe company on your walks every so often would be nice….. you’re a sensible enough girl Emily….I’m sure you will do what you think is right….I hope it turns out lovely for you, you sound like you could do with a change of fortune…

      best wishes, grace ❤️

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