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      I was just wondering how many CD’ers and Trans are Amateur Radio Operators

      I have been a Amateur Radio Operator (AKA Ham Radio User) for many years. Also very active in CB radio and shortwave broadcast Listener (AKA SWL)

      If you hear me on the air, I will send you a real QSL Card. (See Footnote)

      Please if you are PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR CALL SIGN. It’s for your privacy

      This has been Hippie Signing off and saying 88’s and 73’s

      A QSL card is a written confirmation of either a two-way radio communication between two amateur radio or citizens band stations; a one-way reception of a signal from an AM radio, FM radio, television or shortwave broadcasting station; or the reception of a two-way radio communication by a third party listener.

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      Erika Henderson
      Duchess - Annual

      I am a technician class

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        Any plans on getting your General ticket, I am Extra Class

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      Years ago I got myself a 3rd class FCC license, did overnights on a AM station. Needed to operate the transmitter on-site.

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        Erika Henderson
        Duchess - Annual

        I had a license like that myself, I used to work at a small AM as well

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      Peggy Sue Williams
      Duchess - Annual

      I have a GROL (General Radiotelephone Operator License), with an Element-8 Ship Radar Endorsement.   Prior to 1983, this license was known as a First Class Radiotelephone License.

      In connection with my job field in the US Navy (Cryptology), I was proficient in International Morse Code.

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        I could use your help to get my WPM up to 15-20 in CW if your skills are still sharp

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        When you were learning Morse code, did you practice at lunch in the chow hall by tapping out your conversations on your glass? When I was at Cory Field in 1977 for my EW training, the CTs that were at that stage of training would do it.


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          Peggy Sue Williams
          Duchess - Annual


          No, and I cannot recall anyone doing that (tapping out Morse) during my times at Corry.  I was there for “A” school in 1966 and “C” school in 1979.



          If I recall, Morse has always been just a case of continual practice?  I have not used Morse, since I left active duty Navy in 1988, but on rare occasions, when I hear it, I am still able to copy it in my head.

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      I got my technician license in 2012 and upgraded to general in 2017

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        If you ever need help to get to Extra Class. I can help I have been an Extra for yrs

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      Technician Class

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        I am a Extra Class

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      Kelly Lee
      Duchess - Annual

      In Sweden I did my mandatory military duty as a radio operator on a submarine. Since that included learning morse code I did also get my HAM license.
      Long time ago when we lived in montreal I did look at taking the license here in Canada also but being in montreal I would have to take the test in french – a language I don’t know at all.
      Been thinking about taking it here in Ontario but I only have 25h per day (skipping lunch 🙂 ) and they are filled with other more important things.
      Now my Swedish signal is still valid and I sometimes use it on 2m when I go back to Sweden.

      73 de SM2—

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      Yes, since 1976. Opps, my age is showing. Lol

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        Do you still use CW?

        Are you Advance or Extra now?

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          I’m advanced class. I never upgraded to Extra when the restructured the classes.

          And yes to CW. Love it!!!


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      I took a Technician class, and was doing well.  A few weeks before the test, which was basically the last class, I decided to look at the General question pool, and it looked relatively easy.  Took both tests the same night and passed.  Now I should study up for Extra.

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        Congrats, I took General with the 5 wpm CW, I got in on the no CW Tech, but needed CW to get my general. About a year after I got my General, I went and got my Extra Class


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      I started listening to shortwave when I was about 10 on my borthers music centre. Listening to VOA (I’m in the UK). I was amazed to be listening to a radio station from America. I has no idea at the time the VOA had a UK relay station…. When tuning around, I could hear morse code, and the occasional chat (on AM). This got me interested in ham radio. I was too young to become a ham. The I found out about CB. My dad bought me a 40ch AM CB (illegal in the UK back then) for my 13th birthday. This kick started a hobby that was to change my life. I met my wife on CB back in 1981 when CB was legalised. My wife is also a radio ham, as is our son. Unlike most, ham radio got me into CB. Usually CB gets people into ham radio. I went on CB as I wasn’t allowed to be a ham. I waited until I finished my apprenticeship, and then studied to take the exam. Back then it was a 6 month course and two exams to get the class B ticket.
      I became a “Class B” ham in 1990. This only allowed me access to frequencies above 30MHz.I sat my morse test in around 2000. This gave me access to HF. I’ve worked stations from all over the world. I work mainly QRP as I need the challenge. My main band these days is 4m (70 MHz).
      There are a lot of CD/TS hams in the UK. I often see them at rallies (hamfests).

      I often sit in my shack talking to people on the air. I’ll be in girl mode. Head to toe. I often wonder what the other end would think if they could see me 🙂

      Ham radio is a very broad church. From rock (crystal) bound kits to seriously expensive, top end radios. From the low end of shortwave to bouncing signals off the moon on VHF and above. From young kids to seriously old old men. There’s a place for everyone. Male, female, those in between and those of us that want to move between the two.
      It’s the best hobby in (and off) the world!


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        Sounds like we have a similar radio life

        I am in the USA and I am a Extra Class


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      yes and I go to a local support group in the Uk, of the 14 people there one evening, there where 6 licenced amateurs nearly 50%
      the % in the general population is 0.1 or less
      It must be the RF 🙂

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      I have my General license, but haven’t been on the air in a few years. Occasionally, I’ll turn on my handheld and the repeaters in my area are very quiet. I also have my GROL. I figured that it would look good on a resume if I needed to look for a job. Maybe I will turn on a radio this weekend and monitor.

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      Yes, I’ve been a Ham since about 1980.  Extra class and making plans for Dayton next month.

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      I’m a technician, but only get on the air during storms or disasters as part of my job.

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      I am / was an SWLer, but I haven’t turned on a radio in many years. Way too much RFI in a big city nowadays.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      Not a ham but was a shortwave DX’er for many years. If I remember correctly I think I’ve logged around 200 countries in total.

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      [postquote quote=736389]

      That is so freaking awesome

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      I’m not but if any of you are familiar with Stana and her Femulate website,  you would know she is a longtime ham radio enthusiast and has attended many Hamventions both as a man and as a woman.  How’s that for acceptance?

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        Now, That is something I did not know

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      I’m in the UK and was a G7 several decades ago, mainly messing with packet radio. I still dabble in electronics but haven’t been an active Ham for a long time.

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        I just did some packet radio on VHF doing grid square locations for a contest

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      Just keep sending your 559

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