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    Charlene Victoria
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    It is an amazingly beautiful sunny day in my home area (NE Illinois – USA). These are the kind of fall days that one waits through the heat and humidity of summer to be blessed with. With my job (en drab) I have the pleasure of being out and about.

    Oh my there are so many others out enjoying the day. Obviously that includes women.

    As I wait for the light to change on one of the residential streets movements catches my eye. A young mom with her stroller and child is stopped waiting to cross the street. I watch as she gathers her shoulder length hair, being tossled by the slight breeze, to the back of her head. Magically  it seems she produces a scrunchie and threads her hair through it to create a pony tail. She works with the resulting gathered hair so that it is “just right” then ever so femininely (IMHO) pulls her hood up over head to guard against the slight chill.

    Thus finished, her hands return to the stroller handle, feet together gathered waist on her jacket accentuating her hips waiting for the light to change. A young mom out on a beautiful fall day living her typical day. “How blessed to be her,” I thought.

    What strikes me is that I noticed all this, not with typical male lust but with typical (I assume) trans-woman envy. It was nothing about the clothes that draws my attention, though her skinny jeans and booties made me smile; rather it is her distinctly feminine actions, carry, deportment, “mom” duties that attracted my attention and sullened my heart.

    I am not, nor will I ever be a female, but this kind of “noticings”, so atypical of a male, re-enforces the growing reality that I am not a “typical” male. No, for better or worse I am a trans woman. To be sure I am not a man wanting to be a woman, rather I am a woman simply wanting to be.



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      Liara Wolfe
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      Well said Charlene. It is more than just the clothes for me. I try to be as feminine as I can and love it when I do. I look at women for their way of dressing, their makeup and the way they act.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Lovely post. Thank you.

      I’ve always admired the way some women can look feminine regardless of what they wear. Just the way they walk, their gestures, the way they move their heads. Put them in the baggiest non-descript pile of beige you can think of, and they still manage to look sexy.



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        Charlene Victoria
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        Hi Connie. So very true.

        Sexy . . .  perhaps at times, but feminine with all its graces . . . well they just can’t hide it no matter what the clothes.

        It is that aspect of feminine that I so regularly notice and so deeply desire.

        And here is a thought that just occurred to me; if it [that feminine mystique] is not there, I noticed that also. Sadly I find such missing in so many cis-women. It is like their everyday life has stolen away their feminine power. Obviously not being a cis-woman I can speak to this with any experience or expertise. Just my observation.



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      Raquel Smith
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      “… rather I am a woman simply wanting to be.”

      Beautifully stated, Charlene. 🥰

      Much love,

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      Dear Charlene ,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us !

      One Feminine move a woman makes can make one’s day.

      Love Sylvia.

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      Angela Booth
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      Charlene, I understand what you are saying. I am sure that Michelle was being a bit cheeky in her reply. I believe that all through my life I have inadvertently taken in a lot of womens mannerisms. We can look on in an envious way that we cannot do the things they do. Women are envious of each other that another can wear a style they can’t that is a womanly trait. There are things that we can do in watching the way they walk, adjust clothes and more. 

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      Michelle McQueen
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      Yep, females are lovely creatures to admire. But she probably thought you were a dirty old man staring with who knows what intentions…. lol

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        Charlene Victoria
        Registered On: November 29, 2016
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        Oh my Michelle, I am so sorry that I didn’t make it clearer that what I was observing had absolutely nothing to do with her body, form, or physical or sexual attractiveness. I am not sure how I could have made that point any better than the attempt that I posted. Please understand that my whole purpose in the post was to note the atypical observation of patently feminine things that I noticed even in “male mode” which  gives evidence to me of the strength of my inner woman.

        From my vantage point in the line of traffic I seriously doubt she even noticed me in any way, shape, or form let alone as a dirty old man. 😕



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