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      Hi Girl’s
      Well I don’t know about you I find the there items I just can’t resist buying, mine are my earrings I am buying them every week I have more earrings than my wife if she only knew.
      What about you girls is there anything you can’t resist.
      Love Sarah xx

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      Angela Booth

      A bargain……

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        You’ve always loved a bargain Hun

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      No so much anymore. When I first began presenting as a woman more than a dozen years ago, I spent a lot of money on clothing and other items that were simply not well suited to my body, coloring and, honestly, my age. And I went through two very ill advised purges that cost literally thousands. As I have matured, I have put myself on a pretty strict budget for fem items. I take a lot of time to consider the suitability of any garment, make up, wig or jewelry before I commit to buying it. I want to make sure that its something I will wear and will enjoy wearing.

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        Hi Kim
        You are so right you really need to set ourselves a budget.
        Sarah xx

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          Hi Sarah,

          Yes, I think exercising some self-discipline in shopping leads to better choices and honestly, to looking better. I have my eye on some spring and summer clothes, but I am holding off… using them as an incentive to lose a few unwanted pounds.

          Best wishes!


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      Hi Hun
      We all love a bargain.
      Sarah xx

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      For me it’s dresses. Just got another one today at Macy’s – a light rose color chiffon, multi-layer knee-length dress that is heavenly. Can’t wait to wear it at a CD function.

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        My weakness is also dresses. Already have more dresses than I need for the number of opportunities I get to go out wearing them.

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      Misty M.

      Hi girls,

      as for me if i find comfortable silver open toe pumps, i can’t resist but to buy them

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      If I try on a pair of shoes and they fit, they will come home with me.  I  can’t resist it, especially heels.



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        I would have thought more nail sets but as long as the shoes are open toed ok

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      Lingerie – giggle!

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      White lace padded push-up bra.  The ultimate feminine clothing item.

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      Seems to be dresses. Why couldn’t it be something less expensive 😜

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        Hello Jessica,

        you may already know this but 2 places to get dresses at a fabulous prices are,

        Goodwill if you are close to good quality goodwills. Usually under $10.

        Also is f you go to Dillard’s on line, women’s clothing, (Juniors if you are slender), dresses,  then sort least expensive first. You can find great dresses at 10 bucks and up.  Prom dresses, long satin dresses with a slit, short sexy dresses, etc.

        have fun!

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          Good to know.  Thanks 🙂

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      Lucy Bancroft

      It seems to be underwear for me Sarah, particularly white at the moment. The stash just seems to be growing by the week.

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      Well for me I do buy a lot of pantyhose, and heels, and panties and bralettes, and makeup, and perfume, and jeans skirts, and tops, and dresses. Oh whoops… I was supposed to pick one.  Lol.

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      Panties and bras are my weakness. I can’t buy enough

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      Panties fer shure. I’m trying to be very strict with myself and only slowly replace needed items now too big for me.

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        hey! me too sister, i love them, the way they fit in our figure and make us to feel more feminine

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      hi girls, long time ago since i have written in the forum, i am glad to be here again, well my items are legging, skirts and dresses and boots (not yet the last two but i hope someday to buy them) in leather or faux leather also blouses in saten, i love them, why? why cant we wear them in public? i hope someday i can walk in these items without any problem like any woman does,  hugs my beautiful sisters

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      Caty Ryan

      Lingerie, especially anything in silk, with  emphasis on nightwear ie pj’s or nighties. With lacy silk camis and french knickers underneath.

      Closely followed by high end lacy full cup bras to hold my forms. )On clearance if possible)

      Expensive ?? most certainly. But I apply the old saying, “Shrouds dont have pockets and hearses dont have trailers”. “You cant take it with you”. I worked hard enough and long enough to be able to do the above so I have no compunction in making the above statments




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        You always say the right thing, especially the “work” comment.  I’m framing this post!

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          Caty Ryan

          Hi Lorraine,

          Thanks for the lovely compliment. However “down here in Oz”, most of the warm nights and therefore wearing my lovely “silkies” ie nighties and pj’s are are over unto the spring.

          So sadly, I’m about to pack them all away until then and have to revert to “boring”? thicker/heavier sleepwear fabrics. But interestingly enough,no winter nighties, just pj’s.

          “It all came home to roost” about 5am this morning when I changed from the silk pj’s to an autumn/spring pj combo.

          Happy dressing,



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      Mia Mor’e

      Shoes! Mia has so many pairs of shoes!!!

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      Steph loves it so much , the soft feel and sexy look.

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        oh yes, lingerie is amazing but i dont buy it often because i have no much opportunities to use it,  hugs

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      When it comes to shopping my weakness is panties. I don’t have much opportunity to get much else but have bought s skirt, leggings, tops and bras in a store.  I’ve also bought dresses, shoes, slacks, a skirt, blouses and bras online, with the help of my wife.  We went shopping the other day and bought a blouse for Suzanne that my wife encouraged me to get.


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      If you look at my wardrobe you would see I have more shoes than anything other than panties.   A girl need 2 pair a day and as I wash up once a week, lots of panties, and I am always on the lookout for sales.

      Shoes have my attention every time I see an add I have to look. Every time I walk past a shoe store I dream about wearing the beautiful shoes in the window. And every pair has its own purpose. You need 10 to 12 pair just to get though the week. The entire outfit changes with the change of shoes.

      I love shoes


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      Bras!💜…i keep buying bras💜

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      Shoes, definitely shoes.  You can’t buy love but you can buy shoes and that’s kind of the same thing.  If I could, I would have hundreds of pairs of shoes glorious shoes.

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        Ok Emelda Marcos we get it.LOL

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        The problem with buying more shoes, for me, is just finding any that fit me or won’t hurt me. Not a lot of local stores stock anything above 10 and some on-line don’t list them above even size 9 women’s (looking at you Wish).

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          Try Torrid They have shoes up to 13ww. I buy online pick up in store for free shipping! I will order like a 5 pairs of shoes and go to the store to try them on. Their sizing is pretty consistent, so it’s a matter of comfort and liking them! I can reject any or all. If I need a different size they will order them and ship to home for free!

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            OooO! I had never heard of Torrid before. Looks as if I need to go downtown, soon.

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            Yesterday, I went to Torrid in the Eaton Centre. It is a small store and they don’t stock a lot of shoes, but the sales clerk at least helped my get sized, so that I could order on-line. It was a good thing that I did that, too, because their sizing seems to be bigger than with other brands.

            Their web site is a bit odd in that the shoe images get squashed and the heel height isn’t always shown correctly.

            Thanks for the heads-up.

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            Hi you may need to check you settings. I don’t have any problems viewing shoes on their site! For the most part the pics are true and accurate. In the description it states heel hight correctly. Where you might be confused is heel height versus total shoe height! If there is 1″ of height under the toes and 2″ of heel hight then the heel is 3″ high. That is because the shoes are made you give 1″ of height as well as lift in the heals! They make shoes that gives three inches of hight! They make you three inches taller!  They are also Wide Width shoes (WW) which make them seem larger! Remember to read the reviews on them! That is a big help!

            Remember what I said you can order shoes you like online and ship to store for pick-up for free! No shipping charges! Then you can try on the shoes in the store when they come in and If you like them keep them! If you don’t like them return them for a full refund, or get a different size shipped to your house for free!

            Also if you want your butt to move like the girls do. Then walk with one foot in front of the other! Almost like a DWI test, only with space in front of your feet. If you take your right foot and step to the left of your left foot a bit and do the same with your left. Your butt will really move!

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            I am sure that the distorted image problems are browser related. Given enough time, I will figure it out

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          Manufacturers won’t change what they make if they don’t hear from possible customers what is missing or about what they don’t like about what they do make

          With that in mind, I contacted ECCO (using my femme name) because they make a shoe that should be in demand by a very wide range of women. The problem is that their size range is too narrow to accommodate my feet. They responded that my request would be passed on to the appropriate teams. If more of us do this, too, maybe we can help each other.

          Squeaky wheels get some grease.

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          Harriette you should try Zalando if that is available in you area, they sell nice shoes in big sizes and very affordable prices and also wide fits. Look for Anna Field and Zign.

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            Thanks for your suggestions, Clarissa.

            Zalando is interesting. “More brands than any other fashion retailer”. 5,800+ brands? Wow.

            However, they are in Europe, so ordering footwear from there would be risky, with my foot problems.

            Also, when I searched for size 11, 11.5, & 12 heels, very limited models were returned.

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            Samantha R

            Take a look at Pleaser Shoes, if you haven’t already.

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            There is at least one independent store in Toronto, that I am aware of, that sells Pleaser shows, but the store only carries some models. The Pleaser shoes that I do have are, to be kind, cheaply made.

            Because of my nerve problem, I have to test wear the shoes before buying any pair. They are either comfortable or they aren’t.

            Clarks and Rockport has some wide models and I am keeping an eye on a local store for some Clarks.

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          Samantha R

          I wear a size 17 womens. The only place I have found that carries my size is Pleaser. And they have a very limited selection. If any girls know of other resources for shoes please let me know. I’m dying for a pair of open toed shoes or sandals.

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      Panties, but Bras are moving up quickly. I would say I buy panties several pairs at a time and more often, where with bras I buy more sparingly.

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      Bras….. never get enough of them.

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      Definitely, it’s dresses.  I just love the look and feel of a body hugging dress, it just makes me feel like a woman, there’s nothing better.

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      Hmmm, I don’t know. I’ve been resisting quite a bit lately. I remember being at a thrift store once and seeing this cute black leather skirt. That was definitely an “I can’t resist moment.”

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      Goodness, shoes and jeans/capris!!!!

      I had to get rid of some of my jeans a few months back! I donated 70 pair!!! All but 3 pair of my guy jeans went, and a whole bunch of gal jeans I was not wearing.

      Shoes too!!!

      OMG, I need a walk in closet!!!

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      I have 3 top items :

      1) women’s racing/competition one piece swimsuits.  Despite my collection, I can’t resist and keeping buying more.

      2) shapewear.  I find shapewear to be alluring and rather sexy.  Women may not but there is something about it that I can’t resist.

      3) skirts.  specifically pencil style skirts, and above the knee.  i have quite a few black pencil skirts but if I see one that fits I have to have it.

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      Yea the things I most buy are bras shoes earrings and skirts.

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      Kelly Lee
      Duchess - Annual

      It’s so many tempting things out there and – as they say – the best way to handle temptation is to fall for it 🙂

      My #1 thing is high heels. After buying the exact same pair of black pumps twice (almost trice) I decided to put a hold on it and now I can restrain my self pretty well but not always.

      After high heel shoes/boots it’s skirts, specially if (fake)leather or pvc style.

      To that I have to add tops that look better than a t-shirt, then earrings – mostly hoops where I also have several dups.


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      I would have to say bra’s I have so many already and I just can’t resist when I see a pretty color and I have to buy it. I have over the years kinda would go on spurts where I couldn’t resist dress’s or pantyhose, for a bit it was leggings they feel so great and look really good with a cute top. Been trying to look for new panty’s, have been doing good and loosing some weight and it’s fun to get some cuter style’s to be able to wear now!!

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      Hi Sarah,  My weakness is for bodycon and wiggle dresses, especially if they are sequin, low cut or sparkly.  Thanks for this fun question.  Marg

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      Bras!  Definitely, absolutely bras, followed closely by nylon lycra panties & thongs.  I’ve lately indulged a passion for high leg one piece swimsuits and leotards. With warmer weather approaching my collection of leggings will get put away for the season but they’re also a favorite.

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        I definitely love high heels 6” and thongs

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      Hi Girls
      Lots of Bra’s and Panties not surprising really, I also love Corselettes I have six of them.
      Sarah xx

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      Patty Phose

      Pantyhose for sure, but heels are not far behind, neither is bras, dresses and wigs, Pretty much in that order.

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      Anna Beth

      I can’t resist to buy lace bras, nightgowns, dresses, and panties in that order. I love to wear anything lace, and I can’t get enough of them.

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      My fem stuff is so big at this time I’m not even looking for anything. It’s more of based on need than just buying more stuff for the sake of it. I have more than I could possibly wear. (During the lock downs of COVID, I wore something like 67 different tops, skirts, and dresses in 68 days, just wearing a comfy long sleeve high nick ankle length velvet dress two days in a row, not even getting into more extreme wear like formal outfits, gowns, or main uniforms).

      For example, for Keystone, I bought some pantyhose and stay-up stockings, some gender bending panties, and two corsets (which I was unable to use do to a medical condition). I also bought some things from Harmon’s Discount Drug Store as they were going out of business.  I recently bought a wig to replace one that was getting frizzy. But I haven’t bought “on a whim” in a long time.

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      Sundresses. I have too many, but still find myself searching.

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      For me denim skirts and dresses


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      I would have to say hair care products. My hair is past my shoulders and I love it. The second thing is earrings. Then women’s blue jeans.

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        Shoes. Don’t ask, it’s embarrassing.  Closets full, Rubbermaid tubs full, it’s insane. And I try to donate about ten pair a year to goodwill.

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      Straight up – I collect dresses and plan on continuing to do so.

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      Great question, for me, it’s:

      Panties and Slips (half and full)

      Ever expanding collection…

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        Slips, love ‘em!

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      Pantiespantiespantiespantiespanties 😊💋

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        Panties, stockings with garter belts, pantyhose and floral leggings.

      • #735926

        I’m not quite sure you like panties! LoL

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        Joanna J

        Panties,painted nails and red lipstick!

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      AnnaBeth Black
      Duchess - Annual

      Strappy Stilettos

    • #735633

      I’ve resigned to hoops mainly now. I just adore large gold hoops. I also love drop crystal earrings also. They are just soooo classy.My wife and I share jewellery so it works out great. Due for a new supply anytime now.

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      J J

      Bras, definitely bras.

    • #735646

      It looks like we all have a similar problem ;-).
      I really love woman’s wear to work clothing. Pant suits, blazers, skirt suits, silky blouses and dress slacks. I just had to remodel my closet to be able to keep buying more,
      Did you know that many women’s slacks have satin linings? They feel awesome when you are wearing thigh highs underneath. Some slacks have zippers on the side and flat fronts and woman’s slacks look great over a sexy pair of high heels. A silky blouse with a padded bra and slinky camisole feels wonderful. And of coarse you will need your favorite panties, shape wear, vintage slips, etc underneath. Some blazers are very close looking to a mans suit but with a feminine cut. Great for shopping excursions if you don’t yet wear dresses out in public. Others are ultra feminine, like church suits or bright colored pant suits. Give it all a squirt or perfume and you’ll be in cross dress heaven!

    • #735654

      My weakness is bras. I have 16 bras and when i see one that i like, I cant resist buying it. My wife has maybe 4. Lol


      • #735755

        Denise  I am so there, I have a full drawer of bra’s and if I see a cute one I just have to buy it.  LOL

    • #735669

      For me it’s Makeup, especially lipsticks!

    • #735692

      I am addicted to skirts and ladies jeans. I can’t visit a thrift store without coming away with at least one of them , or perhaps both. Since moving to Florida, lightweight, shorter dresses have also become a passion of mine.

    • #735723

      My weakness is bras and panties. I have ove r 100 panties and 70 bras!! Love wearing them everyday!!

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      Hi everyone

      Well I guess for me there are a number of things. I love the look of office wear, so smart pencil skirts, nice blouses or tops and a jacket, or a nice dress especially bodycon, which thankfully I have the figure for!

      I have loads more boots than shoes, just love boots of all kinds (they were my first “passion” growing up in the 60s/70s). Also I do love a nice coat. I guess this all comes from commuting to work on the train every day, as they say in Silence of the Lambs “you covet what you see every day”.

      Much love

      Helen xx

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      I would have to say bras. When I slip into a bra that fits me just right and holds me just right, it is like slipping into my femininity. Of course I LOVE open toed strappy block heeled sandals (I love looking down at my pretty painted manicured toes) and pretty tops. Often I like snug tank tops as my breasts from hormones are about a -B.
      Many of you also mentioned earrings and I totally agree. And beautiful expensive wigs are to “die” for- but yes… bras make the world go round-

    • #735854

      So many things I would list.  More than anything would be dresses.  Although, jewelry has been my latest splurge.  I just can’t get enough necklaces, earrings and rings.  OK, I guess that is 4 items!

    • #735858

      The clothes and all the possibilities! I mean, who doesn’t love the feeling of buying a new bra and panties?

    • #735882

      I won’t say Can’t, but it is Difficult to resist silk blouses and copper jewelry.

    • #735915
      Patty Phose

      Shiny tan sheer to waist pantyhose. Must have them.

    • #735923

      It would have to be for me either a waist cincher with garters or a longline bra or both as an ensemble, in white, black, or nude, the means of creating that necessary feminine swank as a foundation. But, of course, everything else from heels to dresses is always a delight.


    • #736108

      Panties, panties, and panties. It’s hard for me to online “window shop” and not get surrounded by pink fog. Just picturing me wearing those panties (and having the model’s behind if we’re being honest) has me entranced.

      • #736281

        I was girl butt watching in a mall, today. God, if only my butt looked and moved like theirs. 😁

    • #736735

      Love everything about dressing, but for me it’s tights. I have enough to last a lifetime, but still get so excited about shopping for them and that feeling of pulling on a gorgeous new pair.

      • #736822

        Hi Katie
        You and me both absolutely love tights, You can’t beat the feel of tights on lovely smooth legs, I but all mine from M&S only they are the best quality.
        Sarah xx

    • #736768

      NYLON STOCKINGS with garters (either girdle, garter belts, all in ones, corset, Basques etc.) Fetish- have over 50 pairs of all kinds, nothing feels so delightful as the taunt tug on the garters pulling on the stocking tops when you’re walking.

    • #737020

      I can’t resist buying tights and stockings. There is a huge amount of different types of them in any supermarket or just regular small shop in my country. I saw them and can’t do anything to stop myself 😅
      I was surprised that it is difficult to find something in USA and Europe by the same way. It’s easier to find something interesting online. Well at least i have no so much temptation here and my money are safe.😁

      • #740655


        Tights are my thing as well. Interesting that you said that there’s not as much variety in the USA or Europe compared to where you are from. I think a lot of it depends on cultures and climate. I always like thicker tights, and found much more variety in Scandanavia and Germany than in the UK.


    • #737907

      My credit card is out every time I peruse a quality underwear site. Heck, the first icon on my screen is for What Katie Did… And I’ll never have enough hosiery.

    • #738033

      Girdles!  I LOVE girdles, and nylons!  Started with mom’s Playtex rubber panty girdle.  Wish I still had one!  Longleg panty girdles are my total favorites!  Garterbelts are a very close second!  Would love to wear mine 24/7, even under boy clothes when no other choice!

    • #738036

      Dresses all day long.

    • #738044

      Oh yes.  There is one thing I cannot resist buying.  High heels, preferably open toe high heels.

    • #738049

      When I first discovered my fascination with the female wardrobe (and the compulsion to experience what a woman sees and feels), it was merely panties.

      While panties continue to occupy a central place in my female persona, I find that as I develop my inner woman (having learnt to accept and nurture her), all the other items found in a woman’s wardrobe and dressing table compete for my attention.

      When window-shopping/shopping online my browsing and selection seems to cover the entire spectrum from panties, bras and camisoles, through hosiery, dresses, skirts and blouses, to heels and face powders and lipsticks.

      Right now I am torn between much needed men’s attire for my worklife in my male persona and a tiered tunic dress, chelsea boots and a set of brazilian panties with lace trim.

      (The dress is stone and the boots tan with gold trim; I already own a pair of black ribbed tights, which will nicely highlight the dress and boots. Already I can picture myself – with wig and breast forms in place – mincing up the street to my local corner shop).


    • #738057

      The “can’t resist” moment can happen with me over just about any garment. My Amazon cart is filled with items that eventually will not be resisted, and all that stops me is a tight budget. However, it is shoes that beckon constantly. Heels in particular, in spite of their impracticality for everyday use. One of my favorite shopping destinations is DSW, try on many pairs, put myself in harms way and succumb to the temptation.

    • #738201

      A Beautiful Nightgown!!!

    • #740571

      It’s definitely boots for this girl! Just love riding boots as they are so comfy and versatile with outfits. Plus, they make it easy to blend when going out. My favs are classic  high heel boots, but have started to really like the block heel style, too. You can create so many different outfit looks with a variety of boots. Plus, nothing is sexier than walking in high heeled boots, they’re fun to drive in, too. Always on the prowl to add another pair. Still, a tough call, as earrings, necklaces, and leather gloves can be addictive as well.

      • #740604

        Hi Brooke from another boots fan! I just love them, and have way more pairs of boots than shoes.

        Boots were probably my entry drug into dressing when I was about 11 or 12, and first tried on a pair of my mother’s. That got me hooked. I agree there is nothing like the sound of walking in heeled boots. I also love ankle boots and have far too many pairs of those too!

        Happy to chat any time.

        Much love

        Helen xx

        • #771218
          Roberta Broussard
          Duchess - Annual

          Hope you don’t mind me asking this. Do ever wear anything on your bare feet while wearing boots ?

          I have a pair that are a little abrasive on my bare feet but I love wearing them.

    • #740597

      Everything that is nice and girly, just can’t resist buying.

    • #740689

      Floral dresses and skirts.  Can’t resist them and sling back wedges.  Too die for.

    • #740692
      Samantha R

      Blouses and dresses. I could shop for them all day,

    • #740698

      Panties!!! I buy them all the time. I definitely have more than my wife. She doesn’t care other than she says I’m wasting money on panties I don’t wear enough. But I keep buying them. I can find any reason to buy panties.

    • #740723

      a pretty top or blouse….either professional, yet sexy…..or sexy, yet professional…as long as they go with my many black skirts, which they all, practically do. I love them, turtle or mock or draped-neck, frills or bow-ties…sleeveless, short or long sleeves…in a soft fabric, rayon, or poly-blends, and easy to maintain, “wear/wear” and minimal ironing, required.

    • #740745

      Anyone that knows me could answer it for me…. Shoes.  The only thing I’m thankful for is that I’m not a size 8 women’s because instead of 75 pairs I would have 150!🤭🤣. I love rage different colors, styles and heights.  They can make or break an outfit!


    • #740965

      Panties,Panties,Panties, I now own more panties than mens briefs

      • #771224
        Ellie Davis

        I’m going to provide a degree of solidarity from the other side of the Atlantic.

        Knickers, knickers, knickers.

        To that comprehensive list, I would also add knickers.


        Ellie x

      • #774345

        Same Erika!

      • #775048
        Joanna J


    • #740995

      Leggings are my weakness. I love wearing them. They are so comfortable. I like both Full length and Capri’s and I have so many in just about every color.

    • #741052

      My weakness  sweater dresses, red lipstick, eye shadow palettes, and makeup tools.




      • #741146

        Alanna I am with you girl red lipstick I have 10 all slightly varying a must for all nice girls.

        Sarah xx

        • #741147

          Sarah I love the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick. I have the colour Voyager. Amazing. And it does not transfer.

          • #741319


            My favorite is L’Oreal color rich shine and it really shines.

    • #741389

      Dresses, sweaters and of course petticoats!



    • #743593

      Hi Sarah.Tights,tights,and more tights.In the winter months I love my forty denier and sixty denier black opaques.Also love a good pair of premium natural or nude tights when I am feeling a little bit glamorous.Usually with a pair of black high heels when I want to emulate the office lady look.

    • #771214

      I know this will seem unusual but I look for aprons.  Not half aprons, vintage 1950’s grandma Hback aprons.  Also, look for vintage undergarments as I am on the plus size so nothing is simple. It’s OK like a challenge


      • #771491

        Brandi that is unusual girl but like you I love anything vintage.
        Sarah xx

        • #771578


          Brandi adores aprons due to the vintage styles from the 1920 thru the 1950s.  My grandmother and aunt had so many of these styles of aprons  at there house I would go to the bathroom and in the supply closet the treasures waited to be worn. The smell, the fell, tying the apron straps in the back was for an 8/9 year old boy started the journey to becoming a crossdresser.



    • #771225

      I can’t resist sexy jeans, or a sexy dress!

      • #771377

        OMG, yes!

        I was crossing a street behind a woman that filled in her jeans very well, but the cut of her jeans accentuated her amazing shape. High-waisted with that big V shape at the back above the pockets. The cut was not male in any sense. Unforgettable.

        I wanted to find out which jeans they were, but that probably would have been a baaad idea.

    • #771231

      Bra’s, Panties, and Dresses! I buy weekly too!!

    • #771374

      While I love all things femme, the one thing that I can’t resist is over the knee or thigh boots. I think that they are totally sexy and they go well with dresses, jeans and leggings. They have gone somewhat mainstream now so they are not just for fetish wear and I love to work them into everyday outfits.

      • #771490

        I have a pair of thigh length boots with 6 inch heels.
        Sarah xx

    • #771391
      Lynda Jones
      Baroness - Annual

      It’s a conundrum
      !. Heels, High heel Pumps, Wedges, Sandals, and the best Knee high heel boots.
      2. Panties, 50 pr+.
      3. Bras all colors, My lasted love is Cuup sheer Bras, I have different sizes some for D forms
      and, several that fit my A cup boobs.
      4. Skirts especially ones with a split that show a little leg. A leopard print skirt with knee
      high boots the skirt buttons top to bottom and depending where I am can show as much leg as
      5. Dresses, party, and short.
      6. Leggins which I wear all winter and my wife is ok with, and skiney Jeans male and female love my spanx jean leggins which I wear aout a about.
      7. Jewelry all kinda
      8. Last but not least Makeup love Thrive Eye shadow.

      • #771643

        “Panties, 50 pr+” Lynda

        Whenever I see large numbers like this for shoes, bras, panties, etc, I always wonder how you ladies organise everything.

        I have started using drawer dividers. Cheap, don’t take up space, let me see the individual items.

        • #771658
          Samantha R

          That’s a great idea Harriette, I am going to look for those right now

          • #771664

            I have bought a few from Wish. They arrive with serious creases that may never disappear, but they do work. Maybe an iron will straighten them out.

      • #773815

        “A” cup boobs are the “best” girl. mine are probably A+ or B- after being on hormones and T-blockers for some time. Congrats, your bra’s will be so happy to be filled out.

    • #771394

      Skinny jeans! I used to have only skirts and dresses but ever since I bought my first pair, I just can’t stop! XD

      They feel so good on me! =)

      • #771404
        Lynda Jones
        Baroness - Annual

        Izadi, forgot all about leggins, and skinny jeans, several mens and 1pr of Spanks.

        • #771429

          I guess that tight clothes are prone to spanking hahaha, with consent of course.


          • #771488

            Blimey you two girls talking about spanking, you are obviously girls who need to be kept under control.

          • #771494

            We meant Spandex, I swear. I’m a shy well behaved lady… most of the time.


          • #771497


      • #771648

        I bought my first pair of skinny jeans, this year. I never felt jeans feel so good before – ever. No front zipper or pockets, bell bottoms that I could do without, but the experience was worth it.

        Next up? Maybe leggings that will feel even better.

        • #771662
          Samantha R

          My leggings feel so remarkable, I love them. I haven’t tried skinny jeans, yet!

          • #771670

            I was used to normal, typical denim jeans and had no idea that there were stretchy ones. Yes, I had seen painted on jeans before, but I just thought that the women somehow painted them on.

            This is one of the reasons for why I am interested in women’s clothes. Such variety! Some are sexy. I am willing to learn more about them and experience them, too.

            (Admins: Emotes still interfer with posting messages.)

          • #771701

            Go for it girl! I also love the variety of clothing available as a lady. Nothing to compare to the boring standard combination of shirt, t shirt, pants, sweater or jacket I use as a guy. Almost every day is the same, I rush home from work to get into any of my evening girly outfits. Gotta love all the possibilities. Being girly is the very best! And I highly recommend those sexy tight jeans, they really do magic with shaping. XD

          • #771698

            You should definitely try them. The way they feel and, girl… the figure shaping, it’s fantastic. I totally recommend.

          • #772300
            Samantha R

            Another Item I am crazy about are Cami’s. I purchased 2 from Amazon and they are so cute, I love the Pink Flamingo’s on one of them. Paired it with my leggings and I was in CD Heaven!

          • #773249

            Thanks for the tip Samantha!! I too love wearing leggings, this outfit sounds super cute I will check it out!! Xoxoxo

          • #773814

            Yes, thank you for sharing- Cami’s are so delicate and feminine and pretty and feel so good against your skin- simply wonderful!

        • #771696

          I know, right? It’s an incredible sensation. When I started crossdressing I just wanted the dresses and the stereotypical feminine clothes, but I also bought my first pair of skinny jeans (to a very skeptical and confused vendor) this year, and the spectrum has opened even more. I’m excited about leggings and yoga pants in the near future.

          • #771975

            If you like skinny jeans, you’ll love leggings.  They’re my everyday go to now.   I got some Lululemon leggings as a splurge and they are absolutely amazing.  They’re great with a sweatshirt for running errands or casual meetups.  Obviously, panty lines are a consideration so a thong is a must.

          • #774344

            From another Lauren I totally agree..the first time I tried leggings I loved them…it’s a secret women like to keep to themselves how wonderful they feel to wear. And agree on the thong…try to prevent having a panty line!

    • #771411

      Hi there Sarah got to say for me its Bra , because I know that one day , l will get one that’s easy to ware conformable and bloody fit dame it. Sorry about .take care Frenlee. X

    • #772288

      A really sexy bodysuit, satin or pleather. (Not thong-backed please). I would have the hardest time resisting an impulse by if I found a cute one in my size.

    • #773184

      Dear Sarah,

      For me, it would have to be the bras. Life is too short not to allow yourself that bit of self love!

      Glamorously and gracefully,
      The Bluest Belladonna

      • #773812

        YES!!! Definitely Bras, they hold you so wonderfully and they are SOO feminine and so many pretty styles to choose from- I love fastening the straps from behind, its not so hard.

        • #774125

          Dear Jenelle,

          Between the time of my post and your reply, I was a lady of my word and purchased 2 new bras. Both classy purple, one with smooth cups and the other with lace and details.

          Lingerie is the closest to the skin, to love and adore oneself.

          Glamourously and gracefully,

          The Bluest Belladonna


    • #773708

      I would have to say panties and bras. There are so many patterns and designs. There’s always a new bra or panty pattern that I see that and have to buy.

    • #773845

      For me it’s simple, beautiful/romantic lingerie. Nothing like it. My weakness is bridal negligees/nightgowns, they’re to die for.

    • #773904
      Lynne Eden

      Hi Sarah,

      For me it is necklaces. If I see one that really appeals to me, then I have to purchase it.

      Aurora Lynette

    • #773905
      Lynne Eden

      Hi Sarah,

      For me it is necklaces. If I see one that really appeals to me, then I have to purchase it.

      Aurora Lynette

    • #774047

      Just when I think I’m the only one… I come here and am proved wrong.

      I love bras! Lacy bras with an underwire (I know a lot of people hate underwires, but they really help push things up). Also find a bra that’s big enough around with a small enough cup is maddening. I’m still looking for that magical bra and panty set that fits just so.


      • #774475
        Carla Layne

        We have a lot in common. Thanks for the comment.

    • #774063

      Have way too many i cannot resist in order, wigs , shoes, Jewelry

    • #774261

      My weakness is Bras and shoes.  I have so many.  TeeHee.  Love love them.

    • #774306

      For me, it’s pencil skirts with a satin top, or a sheath dress.

      Just so turns me on.


    • #774308

      Two things I can’t resist. Lipstick, and a good fitted bra.

      • #774312

        I could not agree with you more!!! Jenelle

      • #774462

        I am with you on lipstick Sharon I have about 50 lipsticks, I can’t not buy any with any girly shop.

    • #774338

      Honestly I adore all female items but panties top my list. I love that I now have two drawers devoted to MY panties! I remember when I was married how envious I was that she drawers devoted to hers and now I have two. Something about buying new cute panties and putting them in my own drawer as my own!

      • #775041
        Samantha R

        Oh Lauren – It’s a wonderful thing to open your drawer and seeing all those panties!

        • #775080

          Panties are SOO adorable and what a variety!

          • #775092

            I know right? Colors, styles material too many to chose from

    • #775109

      It’s stockings for me, I can’t resist a nice pair of Lacey topped stockings, it doesn’t matter what colour they are,

      Hugs Rozalyn X

    • #735632

      I sold some thigh high boots once to someone in Toronto, a tranny of course. Bought them from Fredericks of Hollywood. They were killer boots for playtime.  I’ve regretted selling them ever since.  Lol

      I do a spring cleaning annually and donate about three bags of clothes to the local goodwill. Yes, of course, I go back in about seven days and buy back stuff I donated. Go figure. Wifis thinks I’m nuts, which probably not too far off the mark.

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