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    Candace Baci
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    Hi girls

    misses you all so much, it’s been a semi turbulent 3 months. In bullet points here’s what’s happened. I will elaborate later on each point but welcome your questions, thoughts and support..

    1. Had one or five too many drinks one night and told my wife about my dressing!!
    2. Tommy surprise but not really she was understanding

    3. she told me she has suspected for decades, I asked how and she said my desire to dress at every Halloween but most importantly the dozens and dozens of stockings of hers that were stretched with runs and stretchier out dresses

    4. she dropped a bombshell . She said she was bisexual and has know for abou 11 years… quite the shocker.

    5 She’s only had one relationship which shocker 2 has been with the wife of a couple we have know for 30 years, apparently her and her husband are bisexual ( he’s the nicest sweetest guy I have ever met) more later

    6. she told me she was sorry but it’s only physical which I believe because she has never shown anything suspicious to me in that manner over the years

    7. I told her I need to dress more often and hoped she would understand and she was fully open to that. I told her I think I may have some bi tendencies but dressing was most important to me.

    8 she said she was open to my full exploration but we should talk to someone

    9. it has been about 8 weeks of counseling and overall I am extremely happy with the progress. I know it’s silly but I have no trust issues with her she has been completely wonderful during our marriage and if she can be understanding with me it would be selficous of me not to understand as well.


    overall I’ve been able to dress most days and sometimes with the assistance of my wife. I am in an overall better place now but more work ahead. Missed you girls a lot and hope to hear from you all. I look forward to more in depth updates to share but for now today was a big victory!


    Hugs and Kisses



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      Candace Baci
      Registered On: October 19, 2020
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      Thank you all for welcoming me back I so missed everyone. I’m going to randomly talk about some of the items I discussed , my therapist told us both that talking about things as much as possible will help us both!

      I must admit I was very surprised about my wife’s admission, but I also recognized that she has been the most wonderful spouse and she also must have been struggling with her secret as well. So far we’ve come thru counseling understanding that as crazy as this has been we still have the same trust for each other if not more now.

      Her relationship with someone she has know forever and the couple closeness to us was strange at first but once I understood how my wife felt and our friends marriage of openness, especially with bisexuality it became more clear and my comfort with “Louie” my friend and his nickname things were easier which is why I broached the subject with our therapist about wanting to meet with the to discuss,

      She felt there would be a time shortly to do so but until she felt we were 100% there she suggested we hold off, which we are ok with at this time.

      My need for dressing on a more regular basis was the number one issue for me and my wife has been fully supportive of allowing Candace to blossom which has been one of the most wonderful releases and feelings in the world. I still recognize this big change and I’m cognizant of my wife so I’m still feeling my way through a comfortable number of days and times.


      Overall I am extremely blessed and thankful! More to come but please feel free to ask questions or whatever it helps me through this process!


      Hugs and Kisses


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      Liara Wolfe
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      So happy for you.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Dear Candace ,

      Now that both your secrets are out , your wife being bisexual is probably helping her much

      accepting your Feminine side , as your Dressing could also help you  accepting this previously unknown side of your wife.

      I’m wishing you both the best of luck and happiness in the Future !

      Love Sylvia.

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      Michelle McQueen
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      Wow… talk about being lucky! All I see for you two is happy times ahead. Enjoy and we want to hear more as you progress.

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      Jamie Taal
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      Wow! That is an amazing and fortunate turn of events. Good luck and keep us informed!

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      Angela Booth
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      Welcome back Candice. A few turbulent months for you. At least everything between you is out in the open, you are still together and moving forward. It seems all worthwhile albeit traumatic for you both. I hope this is the foundation for you both to move forward together.

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      Clara Cross
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      Wow Candace. Those aren’t just bullet points, those are more like atom bomb points!

      Glad to have you back here and really happy to hear how all this works out for both of you. We are complicated people to be sure. It’s nice to know you are both finding your paths while keeping the love, respect and trust alive.


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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      That’s wonderful! The support of a loving SO is the best thing there is, in my world at least. I’m very happy for you. And it sounds like things could get even more interesting…lol


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      Fredrika Jones
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      So glad things have worked out for you! You must be very happy, and we’re all happy for you!


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