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    Emma Howard
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    A few months ago a new woman became my supervisor at work. Until this point me or another coworker were the “leads” on each project. She is super nice and my knowledgeable about our field. However, she is just so gorgeous. She is the exact body type I wish I had. Short, petite, athletic, brunette, and has the most gracious feminine qualities about her.

    I’m the only other girl on the team. So we sometimes are sorta limped together. She has complemented my outfits and has been super sweet. But I still fee slightly envious. Her husband is very handsome as well to make matters worse 😣😣.

    I guess I’m still struggling to feel confident in myself and body.

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Watch, listen, and learn from her now

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      rebekka moore
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      Take from and share her lead! Use her beautiful presence as positive re-inforcement for yourself! Especially if someone so attractive is complementing you! That says a lot!

      Be who YOU are because you are gorgeous, and have fun with this new gorgeous friend!

      Love and Hugs,

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      Managing Ambassador
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      I suspect a lot of us are jealous of cis women whether we understand it consciously or not.  But then, a lot of women are jealous of women also, so that’s a normal female experience evidently.  Just dont let it grab ahold of you.

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      Bianca Everdene
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      Beware the green eyed monster doth  raise its ugly head. I know exactly what you are feeling, and guess most of us wish we were more like a gorgeous woman.

      Look on the bright side, are you not happy to have a super sweet sexy woman complimenting your outfits. Just be happy and confident with the wonderful person you are. Hey maybe she secretly wishes she was taller, or blonde. Nobody’s perfect.

      I am a nurse and work with a wonderful team of girls in their 20s/30s and just love immersing myself in what you call their ‘gracious feminine qualities’. They don’t know about Bianca but think some may suspect when I show a special interest in what make of eyeliner they are wearing or how to put in  French plaits🤣Make the most of your new girl ‘friend’.


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      Polly Stewart
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      Oh, Emma…

      There is one rule of modern life that it immutable… do not , under any circumstances, play with your co-workers!

      However, admire, fantasise, dream but stay away!

      Love Polly

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      Ginny Virginia
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      Don’t we all feel this way from time to time? Life seems to be so much about measuring up to a certain standard of beauty that is more about external than internal and thus a bit more superficial. But you can still love and accept both the outside and inside you without comparing either you to others. It’s pretty cool that your supervisor compliments your outfits; shows you each have good taste! But your self-affirmation is more important than anyone else’s. She likes you, accepts you, and compliments you, so that’s all good. Love yourself!

      The handsome husband I can’t help you with. LOL



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      Belletx Petticoat
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      dont love u will rock it

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