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    Christine Relleum
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    I recounted in this post that I have a younger cousin whose panties I secretly tried on way back when she was still in college and living upstairs from me with our late grandmother. Today she became the first person in my extended family to learn from me about my cross dressing and the backstory behind it…including trying on her panties. Given that she lives in a different state far from me and traveling is not advisable for now my confession took place via text on Facebook Messenger. To my pleasant surprise she took it well and is very supportive. I introduced her to this forum and even offered to use some of my Torrid Cash to order something and have it sent to her. I wish that this could have been done in person because then I’d experience first hand her reaction and her support, but times being what they are I have to take what is available. More than any of my siblings she is the family member I feel closest to and I’m relieved that now she’s aware of my cross dressing.


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      Ashleigh Wolf
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      Thats fantastic Christine. A couple of years ago a mate of mine, who I d known and was so close to for years as part of a rock band, suddenly text me. We hadn t seen each other for some time so it was great to hear from him. Now back then we were both equally unstable, heavy drinkers etc and pretty full on crazy when together..but we were solid mates and we knew that, though we may not see each other as much in the future, we d always be there for each other. Anyways, we were texting when all of a sudden I had a text full of strong language from him, not badly aimed at me just a lot of verbal followed by “………Im bi and a crossdresser, there, you know now!”
      I sat there amazed but smiling and text back a simple word ” SNAP!”
      He, who is now she, just burst into tears, she always knew if there was anyone that would be supportive in everything it would be me, but she never expected that and neither did I. Turned out, all those years of dressing and exploring who we were ran parallel, she d been going to the same places and doing the same thing but neither of us knew or bumped into each other…I guess the universe knew the timing wasn t right. Strangely though, she has chosen to go the whole way and we rarely talk now as it seems I m just a confused crossdresser and not in touch with reality..so the start was great but the end not so much. but just shows the power of internet I guess..

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      Requal Joanne
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      Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience for you with us, Christine.

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      Angela Booth
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      So happy it went well and she is offering support. Hopefully a first on the list of many in the future.

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      Lacey White
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      Congrats. I am super happy it went well for you! I love reading these kinds of stories! They make my heart grow three sizes!

      Wait… That might actually be a very dangerous medical condition……

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      Jennifer Sullivan
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      Hi christine

      I loved your story I was so lucky my cousin Cheryl dressed me up when we were 8 or 9 we were both the same size. She was the only one in the family who knew it . She passed away 5 years ago I miss her so much rest in peace cheryl

      Peace and love

      Jennifer Sullivan

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      Thanks Christine for sharing this about your cousin. I’m happy for you. When your loved ones give you the gift of acceptance, it’s a wonderful feeling.

      My family has accepted me being a CD and is 100% supportive. I wrote two articles about this, and they are in Hodgepodge. Feel free to read them, and leave a comment.

      All the best.


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      Lara Tucker
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      Hi Christine

      So glad for you, that you had this positive reaction, and her support!
      That is wonderful!



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