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    Hi ladies 🚺

    I have been curious and wondering.


    I am wondering what it would be like to be a stewardess on a plane!! I know i would love to but at the same time how would you be treated if you were a stewardess on a plane. Having to serve and interact with many passengers. I would wonder how many nice comments you get snd from who. Who would try and make a pass or flirt with you. How many would be beligerent or rude or even make a scene???

    Either way i think it would be an awesome job to have.Β  Come to think of it….. LMAO……I wonder if the captain is wearing any panties or the co captain!!! Lol just a neat thought of wonderment and curiosity.



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      Stevie Steiner
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      Hi Stevie!Β  My good friend has been a flight attendant for 30 odd years now ( stewardess is so old school, lol ).Β  She has always told me – long before I came out to her – that I would have been good at that job.Β  Hmmm.Β  Β Apparently it is a profession with a high number of LGBT people and she does know of a couple of transitioned transgender x workers at Air Canada.Β  They have a blast apparently.Β  Damn, I would!Β  Β Just remember to leave your high heels at home if you want to do that job!Β  That is when we start flying and they start working again.



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      Jennifer Walker
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      It could be fun, but you have to take your heels off to use the emergency slide


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        That’s true for men and women. But it sounds like it could be really fun.

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      Celeste Starre
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      If you want to find out all you need to do is move to Thailand and apply.


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        Except for the small note at the bottom of the article:

        The airline has just recruited an additional 30 attendants – but of the fiveΒ kathoeyΒ applicants, only one got a job.

        “The other ladyboys’ English was good, but their looks no good,” said cabin crew manager Natcha Mitsumoto. “You still have to look like a lady to work here.”

        Well there go my dreams. πŸ™ .. I suspect my looks would definitely fall under “… looks no good”

        But it is a nice thing to see.Β  Β Thanks Celeste!


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      Katey Doe
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      I would love to try that. What a cute uniform that would be.

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      Wendy Swift
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      I would like to dress like an airline stewardess, but truthfully not have the job.Β  Especially now with covid and mandatory masks, there are just too many opinonated views about masks to be trapped in a metal tube way up in the sky.

      However, on the other hand, years ago we took a flight from Tokyo to Seoul on Korean Airlines, and my goodness, the airline stewardesses were dressed to the nines (nothing like how the N. American stewardesses are dressed).Β  The ones on our trip (both ways) were dressed very sharp, nice, and oh so elegant.Β  And they were all extremely young in ageΒ  (I’d say early 20s) and had the about the same physique.



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      Grace Scarlett
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      Hi Stevie..

      It sounds a wonderful job….

      and if you got any abuse from anyone…they can’t run far!!!..

      ” This is your captain speaking…welcome aboard Trans CD airlines……please fasten your seat belts…I’m so well tucked in, I can’t get my undercarriage down !!!

      Oooerrr, grace xx


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        Vecca Senn
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        That gave me a full blown belly laugh!

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        That is too funny Grace. To be outed on a flight like that I am sure that person would get an earful from other supporting passengers. In fact these days i wouldnt doubt the CD or trans would be very well supported.

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      Debbie Werner
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      Years ago flight attendants dressed to the nines,today not so much,but there sure are some that I can’t take my eyes off. A few have flirted with me,and flirted with a few,it certainly makes the trip a lot more interesting!


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