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    Elisa Turner
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    Hey!  I’m interested in anyone’s stories about laser hair removal.


    How much did it cost?

    What parts got done?

    How long did it take?

    Etc, etc.

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      Hay said a few times now but happy to say again heehee

      If you are fair skinned with dark hair YES YES YES do it it works

      But I did and would firmly sagest home IPL system

      Buy from ebay used they sell for a fraction of the price new and most would have literally been used once and put in the the back of the wardrobe, Reasons being people think after one treatment it hasn’t worked as they need to shave or they start out thinking they can be bothered when spending £300 plus and find they really cant be bothered

      I finished up with 3 of them I had very thick dark fast growing hair USED TO, and the 3 of them I think I payed around £100 for all 3 of them.

      Don’t do this if your not 100% sure you want to be hair free for life It dose work and if you stop half way it will not just slow your hair from growing in one even go it will leave you with bold patches after the first few treatments.



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      Maria Pink
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      I could not afford the laser treatments but I looked into IPL. Unfortunately I have mostly white to grey hair now and from my research they don’t work on light hair only dark. I would love to use one as shaving is a pain.

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        Regine Rich
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        Maria, try a device called a nono, just google nono hair removal. I have a home IPL, and an epilator now, but my wife has the nono and has let me use it, works on all hair, painless, and does a good job. Im using it on my neck and chest,where the epilator hurts like hell,lol, I had thick hair

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          Maria Pink
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          Thanks for the tip Regine! I will have to look that one up.

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      Emily Alt
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      I started laser about a year ago. Full body. EVERYTHING from the neck down. I’m regretting my decision to not do my face. Anyway, I got a good deal from the dermatology clinic at UC San Diego. $650/treatment. I did 4 treatments before the clinic shut down in March because of the pandemic. At that point I was about 60% hair free.

      By July, I was sick of waiting for my clinic to reopen and bought a Philips Lumea home IPL device. That was an investment of $500. Works great. Most parts of my body are completely hair free. Overall I’m about 90% hair free. What’s left is very fine and grows slowly. But I’m not done.

      The Philips IPL device isn’t as fast as laser but it’s effective. I use it on the highest setting for most parts of my body.  I dial it back a notch or 2 for sensitive areas.  The first 8 treatments are spaced every 2 weeks. Then 6 more every 4 weeks. That’s where I’m at now. Then it’s just maintenance treatments every 6-12 months as needed.

      The Philips IPL device saved me a few thousand dollars and I could have saved even more if I used it from the beginning. I’d say home IPL is a good option for anyone on a budget or is skittish about clinics during the pandemic. Do your homework though. I read a lot of reviews and learned that you get what you pay for. Some are a waste of money. Philips is widely regarded as having the best units, and they’re the most expensive. Compared to a laser clinic/salon they’re a bargain.

      Hope this helps.


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      Amy Marino
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      I am currently in the process of head to toe laser.  Face, arms, chest, buttocks, bikini. legs.  I’ve had 1-2 sessions on each area.  So far, other than face, the results have been AMAZING.  After two treatments my arms and chest are almost 100% hairless.  Feels wonderful.  Legs had heavier hair and only one session so far.  Love the progress, but I can see where it will take 4-5 more to be fully smooth.  The salons upsell to packages (8-10 sessions) insteaf of individual area treatments.  All told, head to toe, all sessions you are looking at $7-9K.  But IMHO totally worth it if you want to never drag a razor over your skin and deal with the rapid regrowth and itching afterwards.  Ingrown hair issues are already a thing of the past.  Upper lip and chin are a b!tch, and HURT, but I think one more session and I will be able to get by with normal womens foundation instead of caking on primer and concealer first.   Makeup time has gone from an hour to 20-30 minutes and shrinking.  Plus, it just feels wonderful.  Make sure you vet your salon/tech and find a supportive woman who understands what you want and is willing to professionally handle the bikini/taint/buttocks area.  Being smooth there is the most feminine feeling ever !!  Don’t be shy, embrace who you are and who you want to be

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      Gianna Bonita
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      Elisa, unlike Caroline, I have tanned skin with predominantly white whiskers. (But a lot of black whiskers on my top lip especially). I have had four laser sessions on top lip and cheeks with some progress made in reducing the black whiskers. The best result was when the clinic technician used the powerful machine at quite a high setting but it did  result in some “sunburn” and a top layer of skin went dark and then rubbed off over the week post treatment. So we now use a lower powered machine but I am unsatisfied with the results.

      In addition I have electrolysis on the white whiskers on the top lip. It’s amazing just how many hair follicles we have. It’s a slow process but it has positive results. It laser doesn’t sort out the black whiskers, I will have electrolysis on them too.

      The whole process of facial hair reduction, let alone removal, is slow, costly and thus is not for the uncommitted. My goal is to remove the black shadow on my top lip and around my mouth and cheeks.

      Good luck!


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      Carolyne Sherman
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      Elisa I have had my legs, arms, underarms and face all done. Packages of 10 sessions ran around $400-$800 depending on area. I am fair skinned with dark hair so results were great. Typical pattern was very dark stubble and shadow for 5-10 days after treatments then noticeable results. 4-6 weeks between sessions so took commitment to go and finish. I still shave to keep white stubble gone and smooth but in man mode I don’t need to shave but about every 3 days. It was a little painful as she did it but no lasting pain. Kind of like having a rubber band popping on you over and over. Have them use the highest setting your comfortable with. Results were definitely worth it. PM if you have any questions.

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