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      Hello Ladies,

      What type of methods do you use to shave your legs?  I use a labor and time-consuming method which involves standing atop a towel – that I put down on the floor, lathering up my legs with shaving jell and shaving them. I do one stroke at a time, and then rinse the blade.  It’s pretty effective and my legs get nicely shaved. However, I’d like to shave them every other day, but my method is too time consuming.  Any words of wisdom?





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      Sarah Lee

      Hi Eva.

      I only do this in the summer when I’m showing my legs in a nice dress. Yes shaving takes forever. I found a waxing product at Walmart  called Slick. Comes with a silicone  cup, applicator and a jar of wax beads. I use a Lazer thermometer to check the temp. About 125 f is right for me. The good thing is no stripps. Yes its a little pain but the results are worth it. My wife waxed my butt and lower back almost a month ago and I’m still good. Bad thing is again the pain and the hair must be 1/4 inch long.



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        Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah.  I’ll have to take a look at it.

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          Sarah Lee

          If you do decide to try it give the wax a chance to cool down. Microwaves vary. Coming straight out of mine it averages between 170 – 180 f. Test a small amount on your wrist for temp like you would a baby bottle.

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      Dear Eve,

      Keep in mind that men’s leg hair is much courser than a woman’s. A nice tub of scented bath beads, a radio, and a bottle of wine. Glasses if you need to see missed spots. Bar soap or a shave cream, unscented, I find is enough lubricant.

      Enjoy the luxury of shaving your pretty legs. If done just after a shower, proper leg shaving won’t take much extra time. Except for the wine consumption. A quick body rinse afterwards and please rinse the tub!

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      I shave from toes to nose every day in the shower.

      I lather up a section and shave it, then rinse, and move to next section.  As I do it every day it keeps me smooth with the least amount of effort.


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      I love the feeling of my legs when they are freshly shaved so I understand where you are coming from. I only have the chance to shave mine once a week due to how long it takes me also. I shave mine in the shower, I get in and let the hot water run on them for a couple minutes and then I get to work. I have been shaving my legs for about couple of years now so it only takes me about 20-25 minutes to get them all done. My issue is that I shave everything but my arms. It takes me about 35-40 minutes to shave everything. My wife always knows when it is time because my showers take forever. I have thought about waxing but can’t bring myself to do it. I looked into laser hair removal a couple of months ago but it wasn’t something I could afford at the time so I will continue to shave for the time being until I work up the nerves to try waxing I guess.

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      I have been getting waxed for about 7 years now. I get everything done except under boxer briefs and my underarms. Some places have people who will do a male Brazilian, but where I go they don’t do it. I shave my armpits because when the odor starts, shaving is the only way to get rid of it.

      I am now between 5 and 6 weeks for waxing. Most of the hair is pretty thin. I still have trouble spots on the stomach, the back of my forearms, and the knees that still have faster growth of hair. But other places the hair has grown thin and pulls out much easier.

      The biggest problem can be the cost. It does get expensive, even prepaying for services and getting some extras. If you can afford the cost, it is one way to keep the hair off much longer than shaving, because it takes the hair out from the root and not just the surface of the skin. If you ever tweeze a hair out and look at how much is under the skin, you will see why it grows back in a day or two.

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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      Words of wisdom?  Stop shaving!

      Hair removal is a chore.  I opted for laser.  Waxing and epilating are other good options.


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      Caty Ryan

      I readily acknowledge that shaving does not last more than a day or two before the stubble comes back.

      But given the time I wish to spend on this ask, I only do my arms and legs once a week in the privacy of my storage locker. (DADT SO y’see….)

      Two cut down plastic milk bottles for the hot/rinsing water, electric jug to get it hot and I use a five blade ladies razor and “normal” men’s shaving cream.

      I’ve thought about waxing, but I’ve heard it painful. AS much as I love being “smooth all over”, especially with a silk nightie, brushing my legs, I can get enough pain form “other bodily ailments”.

      So I desist



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      Diane Benson

      Keeping legs and other body parts smooth can be a real pain, especially for those who are naturally quite hairy. I went down the laser hair removal route like Emily so I don’t need to shave my legs more than once every few weeks to remove the few odd stray hairs. I have always shaved my legs in the shower, in much the same way as described by Paula.

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      I keep pretty much everything smooth and shave in the shower. I don’t find that it takes that much time with the fact that I never had a lot of hair on my legs to start with. One time before a trip south I had sugaring done on my chest which was kinda painful but did last much longer than shaving.  I find the fact that I do it almost everyday and no more then every two days that is just a part of my routine now as I’ve been doing it for many years now.

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        I have very little hair on my legs also. So when the need arises I just use a disposable razor while in the shower. Having little hair also means one shave will last several weeks.



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      Patty Phose

      I shave my legs in the shower. I soap them up wit a soapy wash cloth and run a slightly dull razor over them. The razor is to dull to shave my face but it’s perfect for my legs. I rarely cut myself and it’s fast, easy and neat.

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      You can use hair conditioner on your legs in the shower and a razor. Quick easy and no burn. Works well for me.



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        I’ve used conditioner too & works well & as you say, no burn

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        I was going to suggest conditioner too. It works a treat for me, especially on chest hair & armpits.

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      Well this is probably not to the liking of most girls, myself i used an  epilater which initially was a bit painfull but i did get use to it, the thing is after three or four times my leg hair stopped growing, now i have nearly hairless legs which is absolutely fantastic,



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        Epilator for me too. As you said, painful the first time, but after that it’s pretty much painless. My leg hair is definitely growing back finer & less noticeable. Now it just needs the odd spot check & epilation at a couple of places once a fortnight.

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        Epilator for me too, painful the first few times but now I just need to do my legs every 2-3 weeks. My legs are almost hairless now.

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      Karla Rogers

      I do hair removal once a week. I use the same method as shaving my face and do one section of my legs at a time. I start ankle to knee using a hot towel. Then apply a pre-shave oil which makes the skin really slick and helps moisturize. Then the lather and finally of course the razor. I move on to the the thigh area, same process. Then the next leg. Then the bikini area, etc. When done, I hop in the shower for a cool water rinse. After that, I apply moisturizer. It is time consuming but the results are great.

      The next day I use an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). I have been using the IPL off and on. You are supposed to use it 24 hours after shaving or using a hair removal cream. My IPL instructions were to use it once a week for about 12 weeks. After that about once a month for maintenance. I will assume that it all depends on your individual results.

      Things have interrupted my regimen from time to time. However, my wife and I can both see the amazing results. I recently had some spots frozen at the dermatologist. I was not able to to any hair removal for 5 weeks. During that time, even though my hair grew back, it was so much finer and lighter than it normally would have been.

      I hope this is helpful


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      I shave in the shower.  I have tried a couple different versions of nair hair removal with zero success. Don’t know of I am doing something wrong. But epic fail for me.  I tried an epilator and did not like the pain or results

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      When I first started shaving my legs I did what most of us have, I shaved them with all the negative results. My wife told me when I first told her that I wanted to keep my legs hair free, that she didn’t want to come to bed an feel stubbly legs. Next I tried Depilatory creams. They worked very well and lasted longer than shaving, but they were messy,and smelly. I had to be especially careful of chemical burns, as I found that some areas on my legs were much more sensitive then others. Next I tried waxing as I had heard that the results lasted the longest. Wow was that painful, but the results were worth the pain. The bumps went away fairly quickly, but the home waxing kits are still a bit messy. For the past 3 plus years I have been epilating my legs. It is as painful at first as the waxing, but you get the same results, and it gets less painful each time. Now I can go 3 weeks between treatments and only fine hairs come back and if I don’t mind the few fine hairs I can go longer. Each treatment for both legs only takes about 15 minutes

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      I just shaved this morning, it always feels so fabulous! I use a bar soap from Inis called sea mineral soap. It’s a bit expensive but it works better than any shave gel/soap I have ever used. I shave my whole body, arms legs chest back “my wife shaves the part I can’t reach with a hair trimmer, no guards attached ” I only have a small amount of underarm hair and I trim it very short. I lather up with the inis bar soap in the shower and then I use a women’s Gillette Venus Deluxe smooth sensitive head , the one with 5 blades. The lubrastrip around the blades seems to be very effective in preventing cuts and scrapes. I like the chrome metal handle with the white rubber grips mainly because of the heavy weight in lieu of the lighter plastic ones. I do have sensitive skin and this one really  seems to work well for me. It only takes me about 45 minutes to completely shave after many attempts until I got my procedure worked out. I have very fine blond hair so I’m not sure if this will work for ladies with thicker hair. I towel dry and then apply Tend Skincare Solution Unisex with a large oval cotton disposable pad, sometimes it burns a little but not too bad. This prevents ingrown hairs especially in the most private parts of your body, I had a couple of those and they are painful and difficult to get healed. I finish with the pink Johnson’s baby lotion, be sure the tend skin is completely dry before applying lotion. My wife likes the smooth skin but doesn’t know about the dressing up. Sorry about the lengthy reply I got a bit carried away but it was really enjoyable telling everyone about it for the first time!    😊

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      I used to use a regime of shaving while in a hot bath which worked very well. However, I discovered an epilator called Veet for sensitive skin. Before showering, I apply this product from the chest to the toes. It comes in a bottle and it’s usually good for about three applications. You can even put it on the privates I discovered. You leave this on for 5-7 minutes. I use the full 7 minutes for best results. Next hop in the shower with a scrub sponge or loofah. The hair all comes off leaving your skin quite soft thanks to the moisturizers. I generally use another layer of moisturizer after I towel off.
      I brought this revelation to my support group of 65 members and they have found the same great results.
      Drug stores may have difficulty keeping it on the shelves. The only note to this is that if you are extremely hairy you may have to re-apply the next day.
      After using this for about 4 months now I find that about every three weeks keeps you smoothly from top to bottom. I do not recommend using it on your face.

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      I’m a epilator girl also very hard initially but the results over time are definitely worth it. Since going smooth year round with the help of daily lotion my smooth legs are my most female asset.

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      J J

      I have shaved for years and found the shower the best place as it is quick and easy. Bath for those who take them no doubt work well. I have tried creams but did not like them, an epilator, but now get my legs waxed and like that the best. I used to go every three weeks, but now it is ever four, and occasionally five weeks, but hat is usually too long. As time goes on the hair becomes thinner and finer, so maybe five weeks will be adequate in the future. Waxing results in very smooth sexy legs and lasts a reasonable period with no effort on my part other then showing up paying. My technician is great, and it is just fun to have a month chitchat about all kinds of things including my dressing en femme.

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      Hi Eva
      I like to use the Womens razor called intuition. It shaves in both directions. I do it in the tub before I shower. I also like the Nair hair removal mask. It takes 10 minutes but wow it really makes your legs soft and hair free for about a week or so.

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        Hi Celestine,

        thanks for your reply.  Does the Nair make your skin sore or irritated?  Also, how short can the hair be? Would a sixteenth of an inch, or less be too short for the Nair to work effectively.



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          J J

          I haven’t used Nair, or similar, in ages, but as I recall length does not matter as it will dissolve all hair in comes in contact with. It does give a nice smooth result that last a couple of days, but not long enough, IMHO to justify using such a nasty chemical.

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            Veet may well be different. The odor is very tolerable and I get at least three weeks between applications. Of course it helps when what little hair I do have is baby soft, to begin with.

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          No skin irritation for me. As for hair lenghth, I don’t let my legs go very long without some kind of hair removal. So not sure. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I love it and how soft my legs feel after use.


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      I’ve had good luck shaving with conditioner in the shower. A daily touch up including under arms and chest seems to work well.  I wouldn’t mind trying waxing but haven’t had a chance to try yet.

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      I shave in the shower, everyday. I lather up with a good “soft” and femme smelling soap, and stand away from the flow of the water and shave away!

      I love the act of shaving my legs, it feels very femme. And of course the outcome is even better!
      I love having soft, smooth legs!

      I’m thinking this summer I really want to try and show them off more.


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      I just shave in the shower, using a razor and bar soap.

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      I don’t do it that often because it is such a chore.  When I do, I try to shave and then use Nair or Veet finishing up with a good moisturizer.   The results are pretty good but I do often cut myself and have a mark that shows through sheer hose.  Depending upon how deep it is this sometimes takes longer to heal completely back to skin color than the hair takes to grow back.  I tried and tried with Nair on the face but it just wouldn’t put a dent in it.   How do you shave the backs of your upper legs.  I try and am working blind but then when I think I’m done I almost always feel spots I missed.  The contortions required to see what I am doing are just beyond me.   That’s partly why I like to follow up with a coating of Nair.  I can get all of my arms as long as I am really careful.  Sometimes little bumps near my wrist are very hard to clean up.   It’s hard to tell which direction to go.  My arm hair seems to be right back the next day.   I was trying to do arms the night before to shorten the time to get ready but then I would have to touch them up anyway.  From what I read here I might try the epilator but it does scare me.  Beyond the pain I worry about making the hair thicker and stronger but from what I have read here, that doesn’t seem to happen so I may give it a try.   I’d like to get professional laser and then do follow up maintenance with one of those handheld IPL things.

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        Backs of upper legs? Put your left foot up on the chair and your right foot down on the floor. Switch positions when done the left side.  Voila!

        hugs, Jill

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          Still seems kind of like you’re working blind, mostly by feel.  I guess like everything else you get better with practice.


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            Absolutely. Practice makes it easy. I epilate them so only need to do them every few weeks.

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            Tell me what the epilator is like.  Is it painful to pull out all those hairs?  If you let it grow out afterwards does it come back more vigorous then ever?  I have heard that “plucking” actually stimulates blood flow to the follicle increasing the hair growth?


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            Visualize a dull rototiller screaming across your body ripping and snarling as it goes flinging the extracted hairs all over the place. That about describes it.

            ok, maybe not quite that bad. I’ve epilated for about twelve years now. No pain at all now, just a little ouch  I call it and only if I go say three weeks between sessions. Much less hair now and mostly just white or clear hairs. The dark ones don’t grow any more for whatever reason.

            my understanding of the more you pull the more you get is hogwash. Google it.


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      I’ve read all the comments to date and have a question. How do you get the hair off the genitals including the scrotum? Even with an electric razor I get small, painful nicks. I would be a bloody mess if I tried to use a blade razor. Best, Marlene.

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        Try epilating down there. What? You don,t like to scream?  Lol

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        I do epilate my legs, arms, chest. Lasts about ten to fourteen days.

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        J J

        It takes care and patients. I have shaved there for years, but not use an epilator (very carefully.)

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        Hi Marlene, I shave down there. I get the area warm with HOT water, then I use a Venus or some other type of lady’s razor (they are not as wide as a man’s razor, so easier to use in that small of area, less chance of nicks), I barely touch the skin with the razor and I do move the bits around to get to them all, then I follow up with a product called “No Hair Crew for Privates”, it’s made for men’s genitals and butt area (all of it) You can get it on Amazon, like most everything else. Works well, and doesn’t leave a very strong masculine scent. They have other products, but like for chest hair, I prefer the female hair removal creams. I shave my underarms and legs, feels so nice and feminine. I wouldn’t use a electric device on my privates, especially an epilator. Ouch!
        Hugs, Kristen

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      Eva, I have found a hot bath or shower softens the hair and it seems to make shaving easier with fewer bumps. I shave my entire body in the shower, and alternate areas to be shaved (one day legs and “private areas”, next day arm and armpits, next chest, etc.) I sometimes shave my face twice, if I have an event later in the day. I wash with Dove, so I use that as a lubricant. I shave with the angle of the hair growth to minimize red bumps. Once I got used to doing it, the time it took became less and less.

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      I’ve been shaving my legs for years, started in my teens, and I’ve been getting away from having questions asked because I’m also a cyclist, and shaved legs is part of the routine.

      After doing it for so long, and also epilating and waxing, I no longer have any hair on my legs.  I have to tell you, that is SO NICE!!  Just wish the hair on my back would go away…

      Hugs girls, big hugs,

      Ms. Lauren M

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        Hi Lauren,

        I have a similar effect where my sports socks used to rub my hair away, completely smooth for about 4 inches of ankle. I really don’t think I’ll be able to explain the rest of my legs away when they finally get noticed. Maybe I’ll take up cycling again!

        — Abbie 🥰

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      In the shower, start on my toes and go up ;-). I’m about halfway through laser hair removal on my legs though so I only need once a week now. I’m so glad my knees are just about hairless, mine are a bit knobby and shaving them is like what I imagine cutting facets into a gem to be like. I’m working on seeing things in a more positive way…

      — Abbie 🥰

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      been shaving my legs breast an under my arms foe yeas like how it feels

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      I shave everything except down there every time I shower. I don’t have to be really careful if I do it often and takes little time. I enjoy shaving my legs actually. If anyone ever noticed they haven’t mentioned it.

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