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    Rachel Lace
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    Hello Ladies,

    I can’t tell you how many times I visit all different lingerie sites, (VS, En Femme, Fredericks, Adore me, lol, you get the idea) and put all these items in my cart. I rack up $100’s easily all while my heart races with excitement. It makes me so excited and happy to see all the models is sexy lingerie and wishing I could try them all on. I usually first visit the teddies section and pick out a few, hopefully with garters so I can have sexy stockings on too. I always love when I find one that reminds me best of the first one I ever put on. After finding a few teddies, I usually look for a assortment of sexy bikinis and thongs in lace or satin. Then on to some bra’s to match everything in my cart. Depending on the site I always look for breast forms and possibly waist and butt enhancers. Couple wigs and some heels and I’m all set…..

    Problem is every time I leave the site without checking out in fear my wife will find everything. I don’t think she would take CD that well and I’m not willing to take a chance. She is pretty conservative but she is my everything. Until then I fantasize about the day I can finally place my order.

    Thanks for letting me share

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      I got sick of buying items on line and not fitting so now I just go to the store, the first time I was so afraid till the sales person come up to me and asked if I need any help, since then I have been invited to all there special events and have on great fitting lingerie, so ladys go in you will love it

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      Amy Myers
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      Rachel, you’ve touched on one of my favourite things to do! Only for me, it isn’t just lingerie, but all sorts of wonderful women’s clothes. When sitting around at home I’ll check out any number of women’s stores, some I’ve visited, many I haven’t, and do the thing, fill up a shopping bag with beautiful things.


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      Michelle Wilson
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      I feel so excited and at the same time frustrated when my SO and I are in a store or a mall and walk by the lingerie department or stores in the mall. My eyes immediately turn to the bras and panties on mannequins and I start visualizing how they would look on me.

      What I’ve done other times when I’m on my own at a store is pick up a pack of girls panties, size 10 or 12 (yeah, I’m petite, plus they’re tighter and hold everything in place better) and I just think to myself that I’m buying them for my non-existent daughter, that way I don’t feel like people will know I’m buying them for myself lol.


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      Mikey Johnson
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      Possible solution – I went to a UPS store and rented a box.  You can pay cash, and it’s not too expensive.  All my purchases go there.  Still have to get them in the house, but there are ways.

      I’ve also had to “pace” myself – women’s clothes are not that expensive, but I want so many of them!

      Good luck!


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      Maria Pink
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      I have done that so many times lately. A cart full of dream wear! My main reason is not so much my SO will find out as I am single but I don’t have the money to buy all the pretty things I want. I must pace myself… and keep dreaming.

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      Samantha Roarke
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      Ah, love the pink fog!

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      Patty Phose
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      I began wearing stockings, pantyhose, heels and bra at 4. I wanted all the pretty clothes so much but they were not available to me. I would see women and want to wear what they were wearing. I wanted so much, pantyhose and heels in my size, matching bras and panties and pretty dresses, but I had to settle for a shirt that looked like a short dress with bra, pantyhose and heels that were way too big for me.

      Then when I began to grow, those things became too small. I began buying my own pantyhose at 13 and wanted to buy and wear everything but I was told that could cause big trouble at home.

      So when I was 18 and got my own place, I went nuts buying everything. I was excited beyond words with my matching bras and panties. I even bought bras and panties that didn’t match just because I loved them and had to have them. Worn with stiletto heels, short dresses and wonderful pretty hair wigs, it thriiled me beyond belief.

      Then I began going out and had some incredibly scary moments but so many dreams and fantasies fulfilled and so many wonderful and exciting adventures.

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      Jane Borden
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      I love lingerie shopping. It feels so edgy in case the sales assistant suspects and then an epic scenario will play out in my mind. (I’d hate it were it to happen, though) I do love the sexual frisson that builds up as you pick up and examine lingerie. Probably no one cares, even if they do suspect and, in my experience, most lingerie shops are used to men buying lingerie for themselves.

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      Regine Rich
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      I did the same, Rachel, and as you may know, I recently came out to my wife, I didnt think it would go well, either, but to my surprise and elation, it changed my life. Maybe try just having small meaningless(to her) conversations on the subject, but nothing that would reveal.
      But as for the shopping, I still fill and dump the cart, lol
      Hugs, Regine

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      Rachel Lace
      Registered On: November 10, 2020
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      You are so right, I’ve been in this “pink fog” for the last 2 months which led me to this site. Which has been amazing so far but, now I just want to dress up even more, lol.
      I might have to resist filling up my cart for a while like you suggested.

      My plan is to wait until it my wife goes on vacation with my MIL (usually once a year) and have the sexiest week EVER.


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      stephanie plumb
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      You are in the “pink fog” – which carries with it the risk of making rash decisions – such as hitting that purchase button whilst in its euphoric embrace.

      So you need to plan for it.  Ideally you need a way for paying that will  not arouse suspicion, and a secret email account. You can set up accounts on, say,  amazon, and use their pick up location delivery options.  Use your imagination to find a secure hiding place.

      You might get away with the occasional one off purchase, but once the gates are opened will you be able to stop yourself?

      I am going to assume some of this is already in place as you get as far as loading up your cart? I assume that you also use Google’s “incognito window” option so your browsing history is not kept.

      It can’t be doing your mental health a lot of good, so you need to resolve this soon. If you stop your browsing the “pink fog” will recede – but it can take some time.


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      Julie Carson
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      My first online order was for a tube of lipstick and i had it shippped to julie. I was out to get the mail one day and the mailman pulled up looked at the mail and asked does Julie live here now? I said oh yes she moved in a few months ago and is here to stay. I lookoed at the package with my name on it and it was just so reaffirming that I am a woman. ❤️

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Hi Lovelies

      I count myself so so lucky, because when I get to the checkout…..i buy the items.

      I used to take that for granted, but since joining CDH, I realise now how many of you girls cannot just ” checkout”.

      Keep smiling lovely ladies, because one day…..your time WILL come!!

      wishing and hoping, grace 💋

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      Joe Sanderson
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      Kinda do the same thing, but I go to amazon and pick out some shoes, leggings, and dresses. I end up just closing out of the page after I built my dream wardrobe. Dreaming never killed anyone though!

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      Rachel Cross
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      a girl can dream and dreams dont cost a cent.

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