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    Darcy Grigsby
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    I have been wearing a 40B bra comfortably with 800g teardrop forms. These forms don’t quite fill the bra cup completely but they appear good and everything fits well. Should I have gone with 1000g forms instead?

    Then a second question, many of the prettier bras are not available in the 40B size but are offered in 40C. If I were to go up to a 40C what size forms would be recommended?

    And finally what advantage is there with triangle shaped forms vs. teardrop?


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      Brielle Ross
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      I’ve used both teardrop and triangle, and much prefer triangle. They sit on my chest more naturally. Teardrop for me pushed my breasts too much up and out, and didn’t do well for some low-cut tops and dresses.

      Just my two-cents worth, anyway!



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      If you want to buy forms you need to decide what size breast you want to end up with. Most legitimate sellers have charts to help you decide. Me,  I have worn bras for some time, using water balloons as forms so I had a good idea where I wanted to be cup size. I looked on line and bought what I felt would fit my existing bras and hit it pretty darned close.

      I just bought Vollence triangle forms from Amazon. if anything, at least in my opinion their charts are about once size small, but bra sizes vary too.

      I bought forms to fit a 38C, their XL or D forms, and 38DDD their 6XL or  GG forms.

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      Victoria Femme
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      I know this post is a couple years old, but wanted to share things I think might be helpful to anyone reading this in the future.

      OP asked some great questions. I’ll start by saying cross dressers should get the triangle shaped breast forms. Simply because it’s the most realistic shape. That’s not to say other shapes are bad, but they’re not going to look or feel as real. Plus women’s clothes will fit better with correctly shapes breasts.

      I have 1000g silicone breast forms. The manufacturer said they were both C and D sizes. That didn’t initially make any sense to me. What I came to realize is if someone has a wider chest, the breast forms will spread out more. The result being they don’t protrude out as much. I have a 40” bra band, and my triangle shaped 1000g breast forms are C sized. If my torso was more narrow, they would be D sized.

      A cheaper alternative to buying new breast forms is “silicone bra inserts” or a NuBra. I personally like the bra inserts, because I don’t shave my chest. If I shaved my chest I would get a NuBra. Keep in mind that size varies by manufacturer for both of these options. So make sure you don’t get something too thin. Read the reviews and scrutinize the pics.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Darcy As a larger girl i have natural b cup breasts and size 46 band as wife measured for me and it does fit well so i bought c forms put in my c cup bra and with the forms they fit really nice .. As wife says the girls look real when dressed up he he ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Eileen Bach
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      Oh my goodness, Wendy! you really need to buy the right size bra! A 42 C is no way near a 48 DD. The band size is your chest size, cups are your form size.

      Dear Darcy,

      While I’m not familiar with the difference between 800-1000g forms, not filling the cup is better than risking spill out. Since you have forms already and they are less expensive than bras, find bras that fit and you like. Pretty bras are available in every size, even 40 B. What you need are bras that hold your girls in place over flimsy lacy types.

      As for teardrop over triangle shapes, that depends on your chest size and forms size. Triangle offers more side filling, teardrop more upper chest. For your B or C cup size, triangle might be best. Just a guess on my part though.

      Hugs, Eileen

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        Wendy Swift
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        Eileen, you don’t have to tell me twice about the right bra size.   At the start of my dressing journey, I based my bra size on (women’s) one piece swimsuit size, which was a size 38 chest.  I couldn’t be more way off.

        Due to the recent purchase of the new breastforms, I have to save up for a proper pocketed sized bra.


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          Lacy Satin
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          I know the feeling. When I first started buying bras I just bought bras that I thought were pretty. I then finally decided to purchase breast forms. Most of my bras were too small for the C cup breast forms I had. Had to go shopping for new bras. I still love a lot of those cute bras I have but can’t wear them with my forms.

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      Wendy Swift
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      This is based on my most recent breastforms purchase.

      I have 3 breastforms, 2 I bought based on breastform size and the latest set based on my chest size.

      The first set was a breast enhancer.  The 2nd set was from aliexpress, and it was supposed to be a C cup.

      I wore this set for the longest time, but on me it felt small.  If you look at a girl’s breasts, most of the time the breasts fill the chest area, with some of the breast overlapping into the armpit area.  The C cup i bought didn’t do that.  it felt like breasts were not completely full breasts and didn’t look quite right either.

      I finally sought and received professional advice on picking the right size breastforms.  Thebreastformstore had me measure my chest area and based on the chest size, look up on a chart on the breastform size depending on the cup size you want.   I picked a B cup, and I have to say it looks and feels way better than the c cup I bought from aliexpress.  It does look more like real breasts as it fills the chest area better.

      All this time I thought I was a 40 maybe 42 chest size.  Turns out I’m a 48.

      I had existing bras for breastforms, 46 DD/DDD.  I had to use a bra extender.  I thought the 46 bra at DDD would fit the B cup 48, but it barely squeezed in there.

      So if you buy a bigger cup size, the breastforms will definitely fit but since there is extra room, it may slide around.   I used the 46 bra for my smaller C up for years, and I had to look in the mirror to make sure the breastforms were symmtrical.


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