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    Grace Scarlett
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    Okay ladies…

    Yesterday in England, shops, pubs and hairdressers opened….plus a few other things…oh dear!!

    I say oh dear, because, maybe I was expecting too much, but….oh dear.

    I spent the afternoon walking round town, trying every barber….all booked or queues of stupid length…okay it’s to be expected, but…oh dear.

    In the evening, every pub was just the same…only allowed to serve drinks outside. Queues or all booked… horrendous queue’s.

    I finally managed to get in…and ended up having to sit in a freezing garden, stuck to a certain table, served by a masked waiter….that’s not a pub, in fact, it’s more appealing sitting in my lounge….and bloody warmer!!!.

    There was no interaction ( understandable because of the way the law is at the moment), I saw people I know, but couldn’t talk to, so no conversation, no music, no games. no fun…….and no atmosphere…..basically, no point.

    Having a pint of beer is nice, but it’s not THAT nice….

    That’s me done….until we are all vaccinated and back to a more normal life….oh dear!!!!

    Deflated grace ❤️💐❤️

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      Grace so sorry to hear it was such a bust.

      The SO and I are both fully vaccinated and the last was over two weeks ago. So with the slight easing of lockdown here we went to our favorite Greek restaurant and actually got to sit inside. It was strange usually the place is packed, but while we were there there was only one other couple. Since neither of us drink so the bars opening is a big deal, though I am looking forward to the drag clubs opening (secret guilty desire). But I really am looking forward to getting my hair styled. Actually it is getting long enough and wavy enough that with a little work it would look pretty good. But I like the guy who styles my hair and could use the time talking with him (another secret guilty pleasure).

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        Grace Scarlett
        Baroness - Annual
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        We all need pleasure in our lives…but aren’t guilty ones the best!!!!???

        Grace x

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Grace,

      So sorry to hear your pub outing was such a disappointment.


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      Sarah Du Hessisse
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      Grace that sounded like a test of endurance, I share your view on the pub I will wait until we can get a drink in comfort. I am lucky my wife cuts my hair or though I was hoping she would put it in rollers.

      Cheers Sarah xxx

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      Mandy Wife
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      The hairdresser’s up in Scotlandshire are all booked up for months as well – so Penny had to help give me (another) haircut at the weekend 😁

      Pubs and restaurants not open until the 26th April here, but we are allowed to travel within Scotland from Friday provided we can get back home without an overnight stay, and meet up in 6 people from 6 households outside as well so that will be fab for getting out on the bikes again and meeting up with friends over a flask of tea!

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      Good Morning Princess Grace, my goodness, your partial lockdown easing sounds a lot like our partial lockdown that just went into effect a few days ago.  But we have establishments that are refusing to go back to partial lockdown and quite a few members of our ruling Conservative party are bucking the leader’s decision.  And despite all the vaccinations, our active cases are increasing by leaps and bounds due to the variants (and probably the Easter holidays).  Makes for interesting times and keeps the Royal Canadian Mounted Police very busy when Provincial Health Services asks them to intervene (which luckily is not as often as it could be).

      In dealing with this, I’ve been keeping my expectations really low.  That way, I’m not disappointed when it fails.  Now fortunately, my wife and I are not really into going out to pubs and restaurants (if you recall we stopped going out a couple of years ago because I kept getting called Ma’am and my SO hates it that I’m frequently misgendered for female).  As long as I keep buying her chocolate and yogurt she’s happy.  Last evening, I’m BBQd a steak for her and she was very happy (I had to shovel snow off of my back deck to get to the BBQ – it is supposed to get very warm by the end of the week). I digress as usual.

      Despite the letdown, things are getting better.  It will still be awhile yet but hang in there girl.  Lots of Hugs, Krista.

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        Grace Scarlett
        Baroness - Annual
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        Once again, your tales involving snow have made me smile, thank you xx

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      Queues… nope… not my thing.

      Gen ❤

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      Dawn Wyvern
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      You  can’t rush a good job – so give it time and we’ll get there



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      Ginny Gee
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      Well as much as I hate queing I decided to queue up for a hair cut for over an hour simply because my natural grey was getting a bit too long to be fully concealed by Ginny’s blonde bob.

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      Polly Stewart
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      Oh, Grace… you poor thing! Here’s something to lift your spirits! I had sneaky peek at your pics and…
      Wow! What a gorgeous woman you are! I am in love with you already though my wife says “hang on a bit darling Polly”!

      You are such a fabulous image of a spunky woman!

      Pervy Polly

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        Grace Scarlett
        Baroness - Annual
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        Dear Pervy Polly……

        you HAVE lifted my spirits, what a simply gorgeous thing for you to say…I’m so happy I could queue up for a haircut….well, maybe I’m not that happy…but joking apart….

        thank you so very much xxxx.

        red faced, grace xx


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      Wendy Swift
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      I totally get what you are describing Grace.

      In early march our lockdown eased somewhat, slightly more capacity for restaurant eat in (only with people in your own bubble, so no eating with friends, … or anyone outside your bubble), gyms opening, higher capacity for stores, … then infection rates climbed and now back to lockdown.

      Restaurants are take out/delivery only, gyms closed, stores are open but at a much reduced capacity.

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      stephanie plumb
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      Grace!  I am so sorry you had a disappointing time.  😢

      Our experience was quite different.  My wife managed to go shopping in TKMAX and get her hair cut.  We had a table booked for 14:30 in one of our local village pubs.  It was in the shade and a little cool but we were “dressed appropriately” Lol.

      “How long do we have?” I asked the Landlord.   “Two and a half hours.” he said. I had been expecting a 60 – 90 minute slot.   “Oh we won’t need anywhere near that long.” I replied “We have only popped in for a couple.”

      The first pint “rats arse” or something, I didn’t quite catch the name.  “Shall we have another?” ( my wife was on Aspalls Cider). “Go on then” – a pint of Ridgeway…. something…  pint no 2.     I wondered whether You and Amanda were in a pub somewhere, and had a big swally for you twoos.

      There were lots of locals in – not much social distancing- coming and going.  We were okay, we had our own table. 2poos had run out of treats and settled down. The Sun moved round and it warmed up.  A friend of my wife (who seems to know everybody,) abandoned her group and joined us, together with the Landlady of the pub nearest where we live, who wasn’t allowed to open because there was not enough outdoor space available, and a gay woman who is a CSI for the MET.  Well, you have to be sociable, don’t you?    So pint number 3.

      A hand on my shoulder. “Remember, I said you had two and half hours?  But don’t worry if they turn up I will find you somewhere else.”   What!  No way! We can’t have been here that long!

      “Might as well have another” suggested my wife. Pint number 4. 2poos was asleep.

      We left the pub after yet another pint – number 5.  My wife needed some assistance getting home – it was about three quarters of a mile across a field and the local woodland park.  I got her home –  eventually – cider had made her legs wobbly – in one piece – and helped her too the sofa and threw a blanket over her.  2poos was really pleased to be home.

      So for us  it was a good experience.   She has a ciderheadache this morning. I can’t believe she had 5 pints of Aspalls!

      sadforyou, Steph 🤗               💐 💖

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      Grace. I’m so sorry it was a disappointment for you. I would have expected you to at least have taken advantage of increased shopping opportunities the bars were bound to be unable to cope under the circumstances. Scotland of course is delayed and opening up much slower that you. As I’ve said elsewhere “She who must be obeyed”has booked me in to the salon for a pedicure and massage when they open. As a result I’m really looking forward to opening up in Scotland and also slightly nervous about coming out to the girls at the salon.

      Treat yourself. Get on the phone and organise a pamper session for yourself and celebrate at least some freedoms returning.


      Lisa xxx

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      Rachel Hayes
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      To be honest, I assumed this was going to be the case and hence I didn’t even bother attempting to go anywhere or do anything.  I am being overly cautious anyway and had planned to continue just as I am until I’ve had my second jab which will obviously mean more people would have had their first.  With the announcement of the over 40’s coming up this week, hopefully the majority of my friends would be in a good position in the not-too-distant future.

      I think Boris was perhaps being a little over optimistic in his “Be Responsible” speech.  The exponential surge in cases last summer and autumn proved that was going to be a tall order.

      I am looking forward to going to a wine bar and enjoying some nice food with friends as much as the next, but I accept I’m probably a few months off that.

      Was looking forward to going back to the cinema, but read yesterday lots of films I was interested in have had yet another push back in release dates.

      So I’ll continue with my home cinema and the wine fridge in the kitchen.

      Love Rachel

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      Eva Kelly
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      I once worked with a guy who grew up in a rural area and down a dirt road was a bar made out of plywood. It was always open. I bet you could get a pint there and sit inside. Only thing is, you might be sitting next to a raccoon!

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