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      I don’t know where to begin, so here goes!

      I’m an older CD participant.  After 77 trips around the sun, I only regret not taking the ball and running with it some 45 years ago.  But let’s go back, way way back.  I was born in Colorado way back when.   I think my mother wanted a girl real bad.  I don’t think she ever dressed me as a girl, but with her older sister having come to live with us when I was two, she may have doted on her making me want to be in that crowd .  Who knows what else may have transpired.  I have been told that I treated the young sister badly, maybe out of jealousy.  In my early teens, I began to notice women’s clothing drying in the bathroom, or hanging in a closet right above our laundry hamper. I may have even tried some on.  I ended up going off the the military then returning home.  I know I discovered lingerie and dresses and the chance to do s little more than just try some on.  Almost got totally busted one day when mom came home early.  I was in full drag and I went into panic mode!!  I was saved by a neighbor lady who want to chat, giving me time to undress and put a lot of items back and get back into drab clothes.  Phew!!

      I tapered off for several years while I went back to college, worked, developed other friendships finally ending in marriage.  I enjoyed life and those occasional glimpses of fone feminine whilst, a glimpse of a garter and hose, or down a bent over blouse, all the while not realizing I was envious of the woman’s feeling of completeness.    I secretly wanted to also wear those fine clothes, and yes, tease the boys with an occasional glimpse!


      More soon, we’re just getting started!

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