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      I was just curious if any of you girls wear longline bras? Do you find them comfortable to wear?

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      yes, have one which gives a super shape and “tucks” in the small “sparetyre” around my waist. Just a pitty not sufficent choice (bandwidth and cup sizes available)

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      Yes, I have one! Agree with Helene about smoothing the shape.

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      Hi Brienna…..hoping your having a great Christmas season!  As with corsets and waist trainers, if you have a spare tire, it gets squeezed into shape alright but when you bend over, you can hardly breath and your head can feel like it will explode!  Sitting correctly and standing is a-ok. Never wonder why you don’t see Victorians/Edwardians and southern belles never sit in the movies and get the “vapours”?  I love the way they look and feel and they are great for shaping and posture, but are beggars to put on. LOL

      Lady Veronica

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      Very nice, I am looking for a longline bra at the moment, but am strugling to find one in my band size.


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        What size are you, hun?

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          not 100% sure I wear a size 46 bra but find I have a lot of underarm bulge and am thinking i probably need to go up to a size 48 or 50, but I also have to take into account my belly and am very overweight, my coreselette is a 52 and is perfect.

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            Tummies can certainly be a problem unless you’re wear a good girdle with it. Have you tried on a 48 bra, especially one with taller sides. That might be a good starting point.

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            I have a rago 6109  girdle, I haven’t tried going up to a size 48 bra yet, but I certainly will do.  Thank you for the advice.  I have found some longline bras in 48 & 50 on ebay.


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      Caty Ryan

      I had one with straps, but did not wear it all that often. So I donated it to a local CD group. If I need to :lose a few inches” I have a strapped /strapless bustier, which I remove the straps when I wear my blue  off the shoulder ball gown,.

      Tho of course in the photo above I’m wearing s shawl

      Sadly my days of being able to wear it to a suitable occasion are over, but the good news in I tried it on a week or so back and it fitted WITHOUT!!!  (YAY!) without the bustier

      And here’s me thinking I’d put on too much “pud” for that to happen

      Happy dressing


      PS I also have an under bust corset that will really “do the job” and I used to love being “tightly corseted”, especially with one of my period ball gowns over the top…. But I’ve gone “off” wearing it these days.




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      Peggy Sue Williams
      Duchess - Annual

      I have two of them, and I find them very comfortable to wear.  I love the way they give me a hourglass figure.  Negative points are they are not good when I want to show some cleavage or when I am wearing a top or dress that exposes a large area of my chest.  At least these are the two negative points for the two longline bras I own.

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      A longline was my first purchase when I went to college decades ago. I am now shopping for one.

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      One of the first bras I ever purchased was a Playtex longline. Over the years I had several more, but currently don’t have any.  Although I’m not currently looking for another, I would certainly purchase and wear the right one if I found it.

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      I have a few actually and yes I don’t mind then at all except for one that may be a touch small and wants to ride up even with the straps adjusted out.

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        God girls thank you, got Nicola stepped into her Doreen Triumph long line she got for £13 off Ebay along with so fitting M&S forms, remembering to hook them up first before stepping in. Not a simple casual hook up of around your back of two … So gorgeously clasping…

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      Hi Brienna

      Certain styles with a corset like design be a bit uncomfortable if you are sitting or leaning forward/slouching.
      But they look great and I guess they help promote a good posture.

      B x

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      Yes, I like them and have a couple.  The problem I run into is it exaggerates the roll at the bottom of the longline part.  I find it necessary to hide that with a waist cincher.   The whole getup can be uncomfortable over an extended period but I like the smoothing as long as I use the cincher mentioned above.  One nice feature of the ones I have is the front closure which makes them very easy to put on.  I have found that the size does not always cross over just right.  I am a 42C and sometimes the cups seem larger on a longline.  I have a similar problem with body briefers but that’s a bit of a different topic.



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        Are they the same brand across the various styles that you mention? At the least, there is variance between brands…

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          I usually end up with Rago but I have a Courtland intimates also, which I think came from JC Penny. The quality of Rage stuff always seems better to me.


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      I have a few longlines and liked to wear them. To me they always created such a grand feeling to wear them! However, 7 years ago I had a mild stroke, became fairly sedentary and I gained about 30 pounds. As a result they no longer fit over my midsection even though the band size didn’t change. When I do get back so that they fit again, I would have to buy new ones as I’m using larger forms these days…

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      I have several long lines.
      They have a fabulous slimming effect except for the stomach, which pops out like a muffin top.
      So, I use a waste cincher when I wear a long line bra.
      Often, I will wear an open bottom full girdle and then the long line bra and then the corset.
      So its like wearing two bras, but that’s the best effect.
      If you look at my profile picture that is me with the girdle and corset with long line bra.
      Its a lot more work but the effect is marvellous.

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        Cece X

        Kristine, many years ago i had a longline bra for one day, maybe even for just a few hours, for exactly tbe reason you stated. I put it on and saw what my stomach looked like below the end of the bra, and took it right off.It also looked a bit too granny. I might be open to trying again, even though my midriff is even bigger now.

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      I have a couple of longline bras and they are very nice to wear.

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      I have one long line bra and I love it.  I like to wear it with my Rago open bottom girdle and thigh highs.  I’ve always love traditional and vintage lingerie.  I also love the shape that the pair give me.

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        I love the way you roll, girl! I very much love the traditional lingerie and vintage bras. Alas, I can no longer put on a longline without assistance.

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        I’ve one, a Triumph Doreen, I scored off Ebay t’other year. Love knowing it’s there.

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      I like a long line bra over a waist cincher for a smooth look.

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        I did something similar when I started wearing my mother’s clothes. I always loved the body briefers i would see in the Sears Catalog, but none were available to me. I improvised by wearing a longline bra with a girdle and holding the two pieces together with a couple of safety pins.

        Today, I have a few longline bralettes.

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        Tried a corselette, love how they shape and tag – 3 straps each leg for that control over something long, and nylon

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      I have just got my first Longline Bra, a Triumph Doreen. Looking forwarding to trying it on over the weekend while I have some alone with my wife, son and mum who lives next door going to be out.

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      I have  five long line bras and I love them,love the support and the very feminine feeling when wearing them. Sincerely Michelle.

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        Don’t you just love the clasp of them, especially when a perfect fit, like the Naturana Nicola got recently.  So love the lace detailing at the bust, so very femme…

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