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    Hello everyone,

    So recently my therapist told me that she thinks it would be beneficial to me to go out one day and get a manicure done, maybe even a pedicure as well. So I was thinking about what colors would be the prettiest to go with for my first manicure. I am currently leaning towards either red, light pink, turquoise, or lavender, in no particular order. Any suggestions? Also, just a note for those who haven’t read my other posts, my job is perfectly ok with me coming to work with painted nails, so that won’t be an issue. I plan to keep my nails painted both when I’m in boy mode and of course when I am en femme.

    – Angelica

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      Rayna (was Dala) Carlian
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      Here’s link to my IG post of my very favorite nail job from a salon.

      Getting a nice mani/pedi makes for a wonderful day!

      This was a Gel polish job and didn’t chip ever… getting it off is a pain, let the salon do it.

      But it was GREAT!!!!



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      Millicent Teasedale
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      A mani-pedi is a wonderful experience! I strongly recommend you go for it…just for the fun of it all.


      When I’m trying to be subtle I recommend pale pinks that almost match the color of the skin under my nails.

      Otherwise I like bright traditional reds…especially on my toes.

      But as others recommend, match your outfits, or maybe even the season…I see lots of folks with glittery gold and silver and multicolor nails around the winter holidays.

      Most of all, have fun!


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      Jennifer Lynn
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      I tend to go mostly with pinks and other pale colors. I do enjoy wearing brighter and darker colors sometimes, it all depends on the clothing I am wearing. During football season I will wear Vikings purple.



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      Light pink might be the best choice for your first time.  It is more subtle than the other colors.  After that, go with one of the more bold colors.

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      Diane Rakers
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      Angelica, it really depends on your skin color. My nails, and hands, look best with a bright red.

      Have fun!

      Lee Ann

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        Sally Drinkwater
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        Hi Angel, I try to wear colours that match my outfit, I try to wear a colour that matches my lips, but you can’t go wrong with shiny black. It matches everything.

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      Regine Rich
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      Hi Angelica,
      Myself, I love my reds and pinks, I have so many varying shades and brands of each, it’s obsessive, lol, but it really is a personal thing, you must pick what you feel.
      Hugs, Regi

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      Grace Scarlett
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      This is such a personal thing, choosing colours maybe to match an outfit, or just colours you like??.

      Myself, i think you can’t go wrong with reds or pinks, especially if they are ok to be seen….

      Good luck…grace x

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