Looking for ideas on storing all my stuff

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    Victoria the happiest girl in the world.
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    I’m in search for ideas to secretly store all of this awesome girly stuff!

    I have amassed quite the collection of clothes, shoes, makeup, fake nails, etc. Sadly they’re still in the boxes they shipped with, and crammed into a corner of my literal closet.

    I am a single dad, and closeted. I am keeping my clothes in my dresser. However, I’m not sure where to store the rest of my stuff without it being discovered by my kids who don’t have a second thought of going through my stuff. I need a fool proof plan before they start searching for Christmas presents and discover I spent all their inheritance on looking fabulous. My daughter is already suspicious of my new hairless body. Plus if I bring a lady over she’s going to wonder who the woman is that left a bunch of barely used size 16s in my closet. Albeit gorgeous size 16s, but that’s beside the point. Message me direct for any and all questions about my shoes. I don’t mind talking about them. I really don’t.  😉

    I’m sure there are some very creative solutions to this. Can’t wait to hear them!



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     Sandy Craig 
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    You might consider looking to rent a “Space” from a fellow and near you CD/Trans person.

    I rent a Closet from a women I met as Sandy. It is a perfect situation for me. We had known each other for a few years. She has a large home and has had other family or rented other rooms out. I use the Guest room closet but it is extremely rare someone is there especially as seldom as I go.

    I placed a post on craigslist  looking for a closet/tiny room and did get replies. I was very open with what I was looking for, $ willing to pay and what I was about.

    Another option I looked at was a small commercial office. I actually found a tiny one for $100.00 that would have been perfect but this was right when the place I’m at opened up. If I had one other person to share with the choices really opened up for small offices.


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     Caty Ryan 
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    80% of Caty’s “stuff”, (sans mostr of my lingerie that I keep at home)  is in a storage locker about a half hour drive from here. (Its also where most of my wine collection lives). But two separate areas. It about 12’x12′, so I have lots of room and have set it up as one big wardrobe for Caty. (Plus a desk and computer, for Caty work in private). It has power, lights and a window… Very “upmarket”

    Once that roller door comes down, I can do what I like in there.

    So if you can afford it, go for it.



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     Millicent Teasedale 
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    Lockable armoires and suitcases and other hiding places in the house can be fine, but you might want to consider a climate-controlled storage locker if your wardrobe is extensive. A bit of a nuisance since it’s not in your home, but far less likely to be stumbled upon by a curious child – or a guest who’s a little nosy.

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    Victoria… what a interesting article which many a CD can understand your dilemma… I am fortunate not to have nosy children snooping for Christmas gifts .. I have a closet whereby I hang my girly LBD and my other dresses among my suit and volunteer class A fireman uniform… I also place my clothes in a suitcase in my storage unit in the complex where I live … suitcase in the attic or shelf in the closet for you.. just a few suggestions… good luck…Leonara

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     Terri Anne 
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    Hi Victoria,

    Great topic. I wish I had your problem.Truly I do: no wife, no SO, no kids. Yet, lots of stuff,lol.

    If I needed to sequester my stuff, I might resort to the attic or crawl space or  up above the dropped ceiling. Of course all of those locations pose their own challenges.

    I wish you lots of great ideas from the fabulous ladies in CDH.

    -Terri Anne

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     rebekka moore 
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    Get an armoire that locks.

    This is somewhat a problem for me as well.  My (girl) jeans are pretty much out in the open, as are my girl boots, just no good or easy way to hide those.  I have to be sure to keep panties and other things well hidden.

    You might use under the bed storage boxes or if you have a garage or attic that is reasonably accessible, otherwise its difficult.

    Good Luck!

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