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    Mika V
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    Good morning all. My wife and i are very new to the site and were wondering for those with spouses on here what were things you found that were both fun for you and your spouse to do ? what were things that didn’t go well? and what were things that went shockingly well that you didn’t expect? Thank you for your time.

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      Welcome to the best CD site there is!

      The best advice I can give is to listen to what she says, always be open, and respect her boundaries. My wife is my best friend, my everything, and I absolutely won’t do anything knowingly that she doesn’t like.

      She needed me to go slow at first, so I did. When she said we could go further, we did. When she said “no, not that” i won’t do that again. Now, we’ve gone shopping, too munch, to dinner, to the bar, and we’re good with that stuff. Just always listen.


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      patty williams
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      HI Mika,

      I dont know your situation but just proceed cautiously.

      My wife was also supportive at first.

      she bought me my first black high heel pumps.

      However after trying on a dress in goodwill with her there to zip it and acting feminine it really turned her off.

      Also we had a spontaneous romantic moment once and I had panties on,It totally turned her off.

      So I would keep it out of the bedroom until you know what she is ok with.

      mainly try to overcome the pink fog and listen to her needs.

      Its hard and I didn’t do as well as I would have liked.

      I wish you well my friend

      Hugs Patty

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Mika,

      Welcome to CDH.


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      Stephanie Scott
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      My wife long ago withdrew her support, acceptance, and encouragement, but even before she did, we didn’t do things together when I was en femme. However, we DID do some shopping together with me in drab, and it was kind of a fun game — acting like we were buying for her when she was really trying to find things for me. It led to a lot of laughter and a fun husband-wife “secret” that was just for us.

      God bless,

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      Vecca Senn
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      I’ll answer your question with a question. Have you asked her if maybe she wants you all to herself? Not to hide you, but to be greedy about her newly acquired girlfriend? If so, maybe some romcom Netflix and chill nights, play dress up a few times, ice cream chats….

      Then maybe later do some ventures.

      Or you may find out she wants to go show you off! If that’s the case go have fun doing things she enjoys. Let her take the lead.


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        Mika V
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        We have talked about seeing me and for now she s ok with seeing me in skirts and tights with my normal shirt on , taking it very slow which also i appreciate.

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      be open and honest about how you both are feeling and top what level of comfort you each have with your dressing up.  Ask her how comfortable or how much you can dress up and if she would like to participate.  Things will ebb and flow as you both figure out your happy place with dressing up

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      Didi Phox
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      Shopping. Although I’m still in drab (for now) going out and choosing outfits, makeup, accessories etc together, has really helped cement the connection we both have to Didi.



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      Tonya Leren
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      My spouse is still getting used to the idea of me dressing so we haven’t had a chance to do much except shop while I’m in drab… hopefully one day soon she will be open to the idea of going shopping or to dinner or anything while I’m in Tonya mode

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