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      J J
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      I live in southern CA, so it is always spring/summer here…well most years this year we actually had a little bit of winter. I wear shorts year round and habe had shaved legs for 30+ years, and never an issue. Just wear what you want to wear. If I go out it is usually in a skirt or a light summer dress. My only real issue is my shoulders are a real give away, so I tend to wear a light cover of some sort.

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      Danielle Anaya
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      Hi Michelle. I live in South Florida so I am really used to the warm weather. I tend to dress a little too skimpy but as time goes by that seems to be harder to do. Sundresses, short shorts, mini skirts, tank tops, halter tops and crop tops are my go to wardrobe choices. I wear a lot of sandals and wedges. Swimwear is whatever you feel comfortable in. It’s getting harder for me to get by with the bikinis but I have several sexy one piece swimwear choices I can go with. I guess whatever you feel comfortable in is yours to explore. I recommend a smooth well shaved body. The best choices seem to be what do women your age and with your body type wear in the same conditions. I don’t mind standing out but if you don’t want that just blend in. If you are not able to soak up the sun think about self tanners to get that summer glow. And remember, sunscreen is vital. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Make up should be the bare minimum or your face will melt. When it’s hot, I use a little mascara, maybe some eyeliner, lip gloss and some tinted moisturizer and that’s about it.

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      Alison Anderson
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      I’ve been waxing most of the visible areas for years (I shave my armpits instead of waxing them). I thought people would notice, but if anyone did, they never said anything. Now the hair is quite thin on most of my body (where I go I have to wear boxer briefs so I’d have to shave under there). I do have two problem areas, my knees and the back of my forearms, where hair either doesn’t get waxed out as efficiently (trapped under the skin) or just grows faster. But these have been not noticed.

      In spring, I’ll change out of tights into pantyhose. But as the temperatures rise, I’ll go bare legged, and probably low cut socks.  As summer changes into fall and the temperatures fall, I’ll go back into pantyhose until it becomes tights season again.

      If I’m going to wear something short (such as a bathing suit), I’ll use Nair to remove stubble from where I don’t get waxed. I put Vasoline on my sensitive parts so I don’t get chemical burns there before applying the Nair. I may still have to shave patches where the Nair leaves hair.

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      I shave all the time, no body hair but in terms of clothes, I break out all my capri length pants!  Just love them and can’t wait to start wearing them!

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      Micki Finn
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      Hello Michelle,

      I have used an epilator on my hands for many years and it now grows out very thin and almost transparent. Last year I started doing it on my arms and legs as well, but it will take a couple of years most likely before I see a noticeable change.

      In the meantime, I use an electric barber style trimmer with a snap on length attachment. The 1/4-inch attachment leaves enough hair on my arms and legs to avoid anyone’s curiosity. I still wear long sleeves all summer like lace jackets with a sleeveless top underneath. The lace pattern makes it impossible to notice any hair underneath. The hair on my legs is thinning naturally now at my age and what is there after trimming is hard to see. When I wear hosiery the only place that you can see is when I sit, and my knees are prominent, so I shave them completely. I’m betting if people notice the lack hair on the knee it would be attributed to wear especially when they can confirm hair on the leg albeit short.

      You can also wear two pairs of pantyhose which helps.

      I should note that I have gray and light brown hair so if you have dark hair your results will be different.

      Good Luck,

      Micki Finn


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      Michelle Trott
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      Every one has different goals when out. Spring and Summer mean dresses and more dresses for me. And I wear suntan panty hose all the time because these legs don’t seem to tan. I can’t wait.

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      Bianca Everdene
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      Hi Michelle

      For me it’s about starting to get the bod ready.

      Regular body shaving,

      Tinted body moisturiser for  a healthy glow,

      Make up/moisturiser with a good SPF reduces wrinkling and chances of skin Cancer

      And don’t even get me started on hats, sunnies, sandals, floaty Summer dresses, vests, strawberry daiquiris


      B x

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      Hello Michelle, Thanks for asking about the coming better weather, Spring & Summer. You do not have to wear clothes that do not cover less, just clothes that are thinner/cooler to wear, you can still cover yourself up. You can wear a longer skirt with a thin blouse or a long dress, take off your tights just wear a bra & knickers underneath. You do not need to change your style of dressing just cooler materials will do, love Helenmarie

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      Nikki Just Nikki
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      I’ve only been going out en femme since October, so while I’m used to my sweater/tights/skirt looks, I’m still finding my style. I look forward to spring and summer fashions and expanding my repertoire, but I’ll probably still be wearing short skirts. I’ll swap tights for stockings and garters, add some light flowy tops and a midi sundress. Oh! And short shorts if I can get the tuck right. I know a lot of us girls dress to blend in, to pass, etc. That’s not me. I’m not going to pass, but I’m not hung up on it. I dress to express myself, and while I don’t dress like a streetwalker, I’m not at all shy about wearing a miniskirt. Like I tell my wife (who really likes my style, btw), I didn’t go to all the trouble of coming out so I could dress like an old woman! I’m already transgressing social norms, so fuck it; I dress for me.

      Looking forward to all the fashions of the new season!

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