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      I’ve now had a proper, professional makeover done – and the lovely Tracey took some photos of me that I’ve now posted on CDH.  It’s made me wonder though:  I doubt that even my siblings would be able to recognise me from that photoshoot – does anyone else find that (especially when in front of the camera) they are unrecognisable compared to when they are not en femme?  Just curious…  Holly XXX

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      Liara Wolfe

      I think no one would recognize me.

      Hugs, Liara

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        Recognised or not – you still look beautiful…  Holly XXX

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      Hi, ladies. A few years ago I went for a professional make over and femme clothing (three changes), including a corset to get rid of my tummy. When I showed my wife the photos (a selection from 100) without comment she said “who is that?” I said look closely but she still did not get it. After a while I told her it was me. She still found it hard to believe. So you can be made unrecognizable even to those who know you very well.

      Sadly the studio closed because of Covid and has never reopened. Would have loved to go again. Best, Marlene.

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      I’m really not sure, I’d love to think not! I’ve never had a professional make over done either.

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        Have to give it a go with a professional at least once it is amazing.

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      Yes yes yes

      Ive realised Holly that when I show off my Bianca in public it’s like my beautiful disguise.

      A couple of times people who know the male me have passed Bianca by in the mall with no sign of recognition.

      So I’m getting braver, I know I would no longer do a U turn or find something fascinating in the nearest shop window if somebody who only knows the male me is approaching.

      I think I look, and I certainly feel so much better when out in full on Bianca, and getting more confident each time. It makes such a difference to my persona when I can relax when out en femme.

      B x

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      Hi Holly I’ve never had a professional makeover yet, but i hope that when i do i don’t look like my male self in a dress, I’m hoping that i resemble a woman instead of a man, I’m not really bothered if I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world just that i could pass at a distance to looking like a woman, I’m always working on how to walk like a woman but i need to work on how to speak like a woman,

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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        You will be surprised when you have a professional do your makeup. You look completely different it is amazing you have to give it a go Roz!

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          Hi April i hope to sometime this year, I’ll have to look online to see where the nearest place to me is, I don’t want to travel to the other side of the country,

          I’ll upload some photos if i get to have my makeover done so everyone can see the result X

          Hugs Rozalyn X

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      I can’t imagine that anybody could recognize Jennifer in male mode.  I’m completely private, and the first time I realized this, was the first time that I posted a public photo.  I think that from the comments here, everyone else thinks that I look like a real woman too.  Of course the critical part of me, still sees the male me coming through, but we are our own worst enemy when looking at our photos.

      It is interesting though, because with some of the very beautiful women on CDH, I actually have to zoom in on the face and actually stare to see any male traits at all.  In fact some are so realistic, that there is nobody outside of here that would or could ever guess.  Maybe we should run a contest with pictures of GGs along side of some of us, and see who can pick the crossdresser.  It might be fun.  I’d like to try.

      By the way, your makeover photos look fabulous.  I’ll guarantee no one would recognize your male self, because there is nothing male left in those photos.

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      Hi Holly
      Just had a look at your lovely makeover you look fabulous hun, I don’t think your siblings would recognise you… WOW
      Sarah xx

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      It is truly remarkable! You really do almost become a different person. I have been many places both as Mandi and myself and unless there is a direct requirement of legal identification, I have never been seen as being the same person. And, yes, it is a ‘rush’ and I don’t know if that’s good or bad LOL!

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual


      A few months ago, I was in Nordstrom’s and walked past a couple I’ve known for 25 years and they didn’t have a clue who I was. In fact I walked past them twice.

      BYW, you look so attractive in your photos. Very nice looking lady!


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      Well just recently when I went out dressed I sent pics to my wife and sister in law and they both said that they would walk right by me and not recognize it was me. I took it as a huge compliment.

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      Angela Booth

      Lovely pictures Holly and I would say that no one you knew would immediately recognise you as they are images of a very sultry woman. As others have said that once in female mode any one that knew you passing by would keep going.  On close scrutiny someone you knew well would see the male you if they stopped and had a good look and , of course, you will always see the you and can be a bit of an Achilles heel for those who are trying to take steps forward.

      I once went to a themed fancy dress party at a colleagues house where a lot of my team were going. I dressed as a wild west showgirl and really did a job on the outfit and look. I arrived and rang the doorbell which was soon opened by one of my male colleagues. He said Hi and that the hostess was in the kitchen and he wandered off, not a blink of recognition and the same happened as I wandered in to the party. I stood there a bit miffed as I did get glances but still no recognition. I saw the hostess and walked up to her, she turned and looked and it was only when I said ‘Hi’ there was an almighty’Oh my god it’s you’! And so it went and all were amazed at my transformation and not one recognised me in that outfit. I wasn’t out to them at that time and said that my sister had done me up, all taken as read and no one made any inferences on the night or after.

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      You look amazing, feminine, and definitely in the photos like a woman, I don’t think your siblings would recognize you in those photos, and if your alone in public in passing from a short distance if your not walking in your natural man gate and dressed way out of what should or would be expected to be worn and they are not stopping to get a close up and talk to you. They would not you would be another woman. For some of us maybe a guy dressed like a woman or be viewed as a trans woman.

      I went to informal Divas in 2020 and met a crossdresser who told me story of panic for them she was dressed and in a casino in Las Vegas was in line to cash her ticket in the atm/ticket exchange machine and turned around in line and saw her niece in line behind her no one in her family knows she dresses except her wife who is DADT. She said she turned back around her heart cane up to her throat she got really hot cashed her ticket and walked away without turning around. Nothing ever came of it she blended and or passed and that was after seeing her niece twice the previous month. She is normally 5’8 as a guy so was not way to far out dressed as a woman.

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      J J

      Very lovely photo shoot, you look great.

      It doesn’t take much to not be recognized. With a hat and sunglasses A-list celebrates can go out in pubic. When we out on a wig and a bit of make up we are pretty much incognito. I still worry about being recognized, but I am going out more and more near home and am pretty comfortable these days.

      As for a professional make over and photo shoot, yes, ever lady should do one. I did it in London and it is posted in my gallery. I hope to do it again soon. I talked my reluctant wife into doing a boudoir session, which she did with some reluctance. She had the time of her life, and the results were stunning to say the least. She was so proud of her album that she should quite a few people. One of her employees upon seeing it just said “Wow, Dr F, you’re hot”.  She even let me hang a 30×40 portrait in our bedroom for all to see (it was a modest pose, naked, but covered by a sheet with just the curve of her bottom showing.)

      So be bold and enjoy your femininity, and record it for posterity.

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      I havent had the fear of being recognized for a very long time

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