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    The girls on Transcendent are so lucky to have each other to confide in, lean on, laugh with, and cry with.

    For many of us gurls, we only have the online gurls we meet in forums, posts, and chat rooms like on CDH. I can only imagine what it would be like to be able to meet up with gurl-friends to go shopping while dressed, chat about gurl adventures over coffee, laugh about life while strolling in heels.

    I get along well with genetic guys, and really well with gentic girls. Yet, the topic of crossdressing and my secret life is so hard to find a way to share.

    I hope one day to have enough courage to make true gurl-friends who know, see, and accept the real me like great friends do!


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     Sarah Daniels (SC) 
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    I shared with a friend and even dressed at her house once for a cup of tea (did some work on her house so she shouted me afternoon tea).   I was so scared that I almost didnt do it but when I walked out dressed as Sarah she looked and then commented on my shoes and wanted to try them on…I was gob smacked.   We had a normal cuppa and chatted like there was nothing unusual.   It was great to be accepted as just me and my outer layers were irrelevant.   This gave me the courage to tell a few other female friends and a couple of male friends too.   They all just said okay so what and we moved on.   I wont ever dress around them but I felt the time was right to tell so I did.


    I later told my sisters and mum about it.   I did it in case things got nasty with the then separated wife (She said she would never ever do anything like that, but i couldnt take the risk) and she dumped it on Face book (would probably cost me my job too).   I wanted them to hear it from me and not from face book.   They pretty much took it well (well I mean they know and it isnt discussed again), but I do compare toe nail polish colours with one of my sisters.


    But having an online community that understands is great.   Why is it the first question I get asked is “am I going to become a woman” and the next one is “am I gay”?   Im not and Im not.   Im happy being me but I like to dress differently.

    Never take yourself too seriously.

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    There is nothing Lea like being out to lunch with bunch of genetic girls now and no one cares or knows I am a gurl. Being in that mindset is such a thrill.

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     Cookie JessicaLynn (Irish) 
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    Being one that is out in the open, I am blessed to go shopping, Love getting another opinion on a dress or a skirt, a blouse, shoes……. even Lingerie. Whether I am out with a lady like us, or a genetic female, the insight they give is tremendous. Probably my favourite thng to do is hit the shoppes with another lass. Afterwords, there is always time for tea and biscuits, maybe a light supper or lunch depending on the time of day.

    As far as breaching the subject of you being a CD, not sure where you are on your travels, step lightly, your heart and mind will let you know when it’s time. Bringing up a famous Trangendered person and reading the ractions is a good way to sense wether they will be receptive. Also, this is a sprise for them also….tread lightly hun….


    Cookie   😉

    Smile and the world smiles with you! Live, Love, Laugh! 🙂

     Patty Phose 
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    It is great meeting and socializing with other girls.  You could do a search and see if there is any CD/TG meetup or support groups near you, or search here at CDH and see if there is others near you.

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