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    Rachel Cox
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    Hi ladies,

    I had a funny thing happen to me yesterday.  I went to the mall to buy a new suit for a friends wedding and went to use the restroom first before shopping at Macy’s. Well I walked right into the women’s room and I realized I was dressed as a man.. ooops! That’s the restroom I was so used to using since I shop there a bunch and it was like second nature to head to the women’s room. So I almost had a major blunder but luckily no one saw it happen. Has this ever happened to any of you girls?


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      Alison Anderson
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      There have been times I had to think about which rest room to use, but I haven’t made that mistake.

      However, there was a time where I ended up in the men’s room en femme.

      I was driving home en femme after dropping my daughter at college (an all day drive).  The last rest stop actually on the highway was about 2 hours from home, and I needed to go badly (as well as a last stretch before the final push).  I walked into the building, and found the signs for the women’s room.  While sitting and doing my business, it occurred to me, Isn’t this the men’s room?  I had been in the rest stop before, and the location of the rest room seemed familiar to me.  While walking back to the sink, I noticed the urinals.

      When exiting the rest room, I realized what was going on.  There was a single male attendant there to clean the bathrooms.  So at some time before I got there, he made sure the ladies room was empty, and put up signs to temporarily switch the men’s and ladies room.  This way he could go in and service the ladies (now temporary men’s) room.  The men’s room became a temporary ladies room.  So although I was in the men’s room, it was legit. because it was a temporary ladies room.

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      rebekka moore
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      That’s so funny!


      Glad it worked out for you!

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      If nobody saw it, it DIDN’T happen!   LOL
      As a musician, that’s my position on mistakes. “If nobody heard it, it didn’t happen!”.  🙂

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      Philma Bierstein
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      The last time I was out and dressed en femme, I walked two steps into the men’s room before realizing I was in the wrong place.  QUICKLY got out and crossed the hallway to the ladies room just in time for the door to open from a lady exiting the restroom.  That was a quick recovery and I just missed getting caught.  I had a good laugh to myself.

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      Amy Myers
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      I did exactly the same thing early last December. The day before I had most of a day to be Amy, it was wonderful, and I was still feeling the glow the following morning when my wife suggested we go and do some Christmas shopping. All went well, and I enjoyed looking at the all the lovely party clothes for the women.

      Naturally I had to use the facilities, and went to the location, looked at the signage, saw “Women’s”, and calmly walked in. Two things happened at almost the same time. I realized there weren’t any urinals, and a woman was washing her hands. I immediately turned around and made it out before I was noticed!

      We call it the Pink Fog, and I suppose you were as deep in it as I was that day!


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      Debbie J
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      I wasn’t dressed, but once I was working onsite at a client’s location and II REALLY had to use the bathroom. I walked into a building, turned right, and there was a ladies’ room. I kept going around the square building, and on the next side there was another ladies’ room. One more side,ladies’ room.

      When I got to the fourth side I said “This has got to be a men’s room” and I couldn’t hold it any more anyway. I went in, did my business (during which time I heard two people enter, do their business and leave), and then I finished. I washed my hands, and as I walked out there was a girl going in. She flashed me a dirty look, and I turned around to see that it was yet another ladies’ room.

      I later figured out that that building had ladies’ rooms on the first floor and men’s rooms on the second floor. Go figure 🙂

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      Something similar happened to me at work a month or two before COVID-19 shut us down.   My company had chartered a bus to take about 40 of us to a trade show down in Chicago, about 6-hour bus ride in a very comfortable coach.  I was wearing ‘male’ attire with panty and cami set underneath.  I didn’t want to leave my coffee thermos at my desk over the weekend without rinsing it out, so I decided to rinse it out in the janitor closet where there was a nice deep sink.  Being in a hurry because I didn’t want to hold up the bus, I accidentally went into the woman’s room because the men’s room, women’s room and janitor closet doors were right next to one another.  Luckily there were no women in there.  I thought if I left, someone might see me exit.  I also thought that if I stayed in there,  a woman would eventually come in and then yell RAPE before I had a chance to explain to her what happened.  I knew I had to leave immediately.  In a panic, I bolted for the door.  When I left there was someone in the hallway, but they were looking at their phone while texting somebody.  Whew!  My lucky day.

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      Stephanie Flowers
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      Oh how routines are hard to break. Certainly a giggle but embarrassing.. next time your at the mall in fem and nature calls I’m sure it will but a smile on your face  lol…🌷

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      Jin Crocker
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      Not nearly as embarrassing as the other way, being in the Men’s while dressed fem!

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      Patty Phose
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      For me, my first experience with which reastroom to use came about several years ago. I was dressed and shopping with other girls in a dress store when nature called. it was suggested I use the women’s room. I was not dressed appropriately for the men’s room.

      I waited outside until i thought the room was empty or near empty. I went in and headed directly to a stall. I didn’t look around to see if anyone was still in there. I took care of businhess, then waited until i thought the room was empty. I walked out and left.

      I knew there was some women in the rest room. I was nervous about doing this. I just didn’t make a big deal over it. I did what I needed to do and left.

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