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    in my continuing series of issues the moderators are talking about to me, this one pops up frequently.

    First off, the staff is here to do three things: 1. to help our members to navigate and get through the site. 2. keep people out of the site that are unsavory or make other members uncomfortable. 3. mediate disputes between members

    we have rules in order to maintain our “mission” of serving the crossdressing/transgendered community.

    *NEWS FLASH* this is not a “freedom of speech” site where you can say anything you want and not face the consequences. it is a moderated site, and the moderators are the ones who apply the rules and our mission. if you feel that a moderator has done something wrong, please feel free to send me a private message and I will look into the situation. my record is probably 99.9% in favor of the staff member. now, if you wish to call this censorship, I beg to differ, you signed the Terms of Service which pretty much laid it out. you can go elsewhere for that other stuff.

    Links: be very careful about posting links on the site. there are a few “approved” links, such as CrossRoads, and any content on this site or TGH. other chat and forum sites are out of bounds, including facebook, instagram, etc. you MAY share them only in private messages and private chats, but not in public messages, forums, chat, etc.

    this includes links to your own images in a Reddit, Imgur, or other image sharing style.

    Zoom video chats, skype, etc, are included in this. we do NOT discuss them in the public spaces, there are many reasons for this.

    youtube is a kind of similar situation… you should not share videos here unless they are approved. you MAY, however, share a song, as long as it is family friendly (I have shared “hit me with your best shot” many times in reference to removing a troll from the site). a video of a sexy lady walking down the street is a nonononono…

    shopping links: if you’re talking about fashion, and you share a link from JC Penneys’ catalogue, that’s okay. be careful about amazon links, they sell some stuff we don’t want mentioned here.

    sharing phone numbers: do NOT do this unless you know this person well (see the story at the end of the post)

    now, this seems very dramatic and mean, but it’s not. having been a manager for some time, I have bad experiences and I hear horror stories. everything “public” on the site is searchable from the internet. your public images, your forum posts, items in public chat, and YOUR wall are all visible from the internet. they attact people who come here for less than savory reasons.

    Now, a horror story that really happened on our sister site, TGH. there was a new member that kindled a friendship with an established member. they shared phone numbers, and the newer member ended up being a spammer. first there were unsavory messages and then hundreds of spam texts. the established member then reported it to the site… the spammer had already been banned, and that’s all the site can do. the established member then contacted the local police and reported the site as the problem, but the police were only able to take a report because the member had willingly given the spammer their phone number. it ended up being a bad situation, and it was all because the member trusted someone they shouldn’t have.

    please be safe out there on the internet, and I hope I’ve shared a piece of “my world” to help you understand what the staff tries to do  here.

    Yappy Hew Near from me, and the staff,


    Managing Ambassador

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      Thank you BillieJay!
      The formula for how things are here on CDH have proven to be quite successful in providing a safe haven for our membership.  It takes a lot of work by the moderators to make it happen.  We have an incredibly diverse population in our membership and like any large groups personalities do arise and sometimes challenge that environment.  As a reminder to everyone…

      The D in CDH is not for “drama”

      Keep it that way and we can all enjoy this slice of Heaven together.

      Cloe Webb
      TGH Managing Ambassador

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      I don’t care if you’re talking about US Presidential candidates, Brexit, or the local council in Montevideo, keep it off this site!

      the same with religion… I don’t care what religion you are, and it’s none of your business what mine is.

      Covid: stop that crap! vax is a personal decision and we will NOT say if you should or should not on this site.

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