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    Hello sisters! It’s your friendly neighborhood manager again, in for some updates!

    First off, if you are new, I want to welcome you to the best crossdressing site in the solar system (no, I can’t prove that, and I don’t want any facts to infringe on my opinion).

    I wanted to tell y’all about a few issues that have come across my desk recently, and explain a bit of what’s going on.

    As y’all know, I’m a chat girl, and I think I have an excellent read on trends there, but not so much on forums, and I rely on the forums staff to keep me updated on what’s going on.

    One disturbing trend we’re seeing is kind of interesting… someone makes a post on an issue. The issue may be somewhat controversial, as many are here, but the original post is judged to be okay by the moderators… the problems come when the replies aren’t on topic, and go wonky compared to our guidelines. When this goes awry, the OP (which was okay by itself) ends up having to be removed because the replies make it to be something it’s not.

    None of the moderators want to discourage creative ideas or dodge topics, on the contrary, we want to encourage sharing. I think some people (not making any accusations) feel like they can say anything with impunity. This hurts the entire community, and in many cases violates the policies of the site.

    We are not a “free speech” site. We are a moderated site with a mission, to be accepting and helpful to each other, and bashing of other members’ opinions is hurtful to that end.

    Remember, when you post, that there is a real person reading it. (shocker coming) This isn’t Facebook. We’re all here to share and learn from each other, but putting people down for a differing opinion doesn’t accomplish that.

    Now, this may seem odd to hear me say, but don’t be “fake”. I see it all the time… one day a member is a newbie, dipping their toes in the water, and within a week they are posting professional images and speaking of their implants and surgeries. We all know that doesn’t happen overnight. Every one of us portrays something different than was on our original birth certificates, but share what’s really going on, not a made up fantasy. There are fiction sites for that.

    I love y’all and enjoy spending time with you, here, and in many cases, meeting in person, and it pains me when we have to take action against a member for violating our policies.

    And, one more thing… remember that EVERYTHING posted in public is searchable from the Internet…


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      Thank you for posting this Billie.  As you stated, it is not so much the original post that is at issue so much as the responses of some who take offense and become belligerent.  No one member- regardless of length of time here, or amount of activity and posting – is any more valuable than another member.  Thinking ones opinion is more valuable than anothers simply based on their posting and interacting is childish, silly and petty.


      And to those who do, please, do not  post topics you KNOW to be verboten.   As a reminder to those who need it, the big three are sex, religion, and… politics!  Dont act surprised or offended when they are deleted.   Someone went to a great deal of trouble, and blood, sweat, and tears to create this site for us.  Let’s respect her wishes and vision.

      The Forums are the never ending history book of CDH, let’s remember that and not write bad chapters in it!


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