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      Wow, he looks amazing in his skirts and heels. I would love if this was to become a genuine option for guys in the workplace. You can definitely tell in the photos how confident he and not really caring too much about what anyone else might think about his attire.

      I like the ‘green hair’ quote too. Probably a lot of truth in that.

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      Wendy Swift
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      I’ve seen him on another site; regular contributor on the other site.

      Good for him !

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      Britney Summers
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      He totally rocks it in all of those outfits.

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      Patty Phose
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      Back when I was 17, I began wearing pantyhose out with guy shorts. Then I went to short girl’s shorts and added platform wedges. It was scary but very exciting going out like that. Then I began wearing long shirts over my very short shorts. It looked like I was wearing a short dress. My hair was also kind of long so I took on a somewhat feminine appearance.

      My ultimate goal was to wear this attire to a store to shop for and buy pantyhose. It took a long time to get the nerve and courage to do this. It was incredibly scary and amazingly exciting. With the way I was dressed and how I looked, I sometimes was mistaken for a girl. This was my androgynous but femme like attire.

      When I went fully en femme, I tried to look like a girls as much as possible. If I was going to wear a dress with stilettos and pantyhose and go out, I would always put on my bra, makeup and wig. I may have looked like it at times but I wasn’t trying to look like a guy in a dress. If I didn’t care about looking like a guy wearing some femme clothes he liked, I would go with my androgynous look.

      The dress meant I was going fully en femme. Funny how this guy doesn’t go all the way to femme. He also made the papers. How many of us were scared when going out that someone might notice us and we would become a news story? I was. It was one of my fears. Anyway, kudos to him for standing out and getting more acceptance for those of us who love to dress like him.

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      DeeAnn Hopings
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      I don’t have a problem with it. Personally, I don’t like intentionally creating confusion, but that’s just me…

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      Sazza Symons
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      Good he’s happy. But personally I can’t see the point in wearing a skirt and heels if you’re looking like a guy,  bald headed, no make up.  The whole point of wearing women’s clothes for me is the complete feminine look.


      Make up


      Good realistic wig.


      Nice clothes







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      patty williams
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      Hi Kelly I saw this on a website about a week ago.

      I found him to be very. Courageous

      I too hope in a few years it will. Be common place for men.

      Maybe make up too.😁

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      Kelly Terry
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      Got a comment from my daughter that I feel I need to share
      “I think within this generation, it will become very normal, as it already is. Normal in the sense that it would go so unmarked that these kinds of articles wouldn’t exist. In the same way that nobody write about “married wife of 3 wears suit pants and shoes to work because ‘she can'” because it is so normal now.”


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      Grace Scarlett
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      I love his attitude, and his bravery…that could be any one of us……

      but for me the hair definitely needs work, and I just couldn’t do it without a smudge of lippy!!

      Grace 💋💋

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      Amy Belle
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      Wow! I would *love* for that to become a thing. That guy is my new hero.

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      Bianca Everdene
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      Thanks Kelly

      Another giant leap for mankind

      He looks great in those skirts and dresses.


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