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    Philippa Parker
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    With apologies to Paul McCartney but his song title is on my mind as a metaphor for the way I way I feel about myself.
    Let me explain, I have been a transvestite / cross dresser all my life up until 2 years ago enjoying my dual male / female identity. But, then I retired which gave me free time & released me from social conformity for reasons of career.
    I started to grow my hair which is now below shoulder length and going out and about frequently as Philippa.
    The more I did this the more I needed to present as a woman, to the point that I have spent up to four days away from home femme 24/7.
    With all of this a deep feeling started to well up inside that yes I am genetically male, but every fibre of my inner self is female. In short I started to consider myself to be a woman.
    These feelings have now overwhelmed me in this total transformation that has bought me to the realisation that I am transgender. In two weeks’ time I start the process of electrolysis to rid myself of my much hated facial hair and are planning to go to see my doctor to discuss what I now recognise to be my dysphoria with the objective of being put on hormones. In addition I have recently come out to neighbours, family and friends so are no longer in stealth mode (so liberating).
    And yes I am amazed as a 67 year old that all of this has happened in the last two years.
    Have any of the other girls here experienced this late in life transformation?
    Love Philippa

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      Tara Jeane
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      Philipa, YES!  I’m 57 and have spent the last 18 months having the same feelings!  I’m still working through things with my wife and going slow, but my intent is to eventually transition and go through HRT.  So, as the other gals have said, YES, it does also happen late in life!

      tara 🙂

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      I remember trying on my mother’s bra at some point when I was young, was not impressed, can’t say I cross-dressed any time since. In 2017 asked the wife how she felt about getting my toe nails polished, next day we went and had them done. It has progressed to fingers and toes, kilts, skirts, thigh highs, panties, pierced ears and lots of earrings, growing my hair out and have 6 purses. I am public, I have informed my friends and relatives.

      What started it was a co-worker that was 3-4 years younger than I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I had a thought it was “now or never” to explore this side of me. I looked at my polished toes for weeks and explored how they made me feel, what they said about me both internally and to those who saw them.

      When I bought my first kilt I wanted people to look at my Ass! One of my thoughts has been I will not hide, live in the shadows, feel or be shamed or feel guilty.

      I will admit to some anxiety when I first started in public, but that has subsided as most people don’t notice and if they do usually just go on about their day.

      I turned 69 in June, if somebody had told me 10 years ago I would be dressed publicly as I do I would have told them that had been smoking too much wacky weed!


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        Fiona Black
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        “it was now or never” – I had that exact same thought, went out, bought some clothes and Fiona was out in public very soon after. And I’ve never looked back or second guessed myself. It was indeed the right thing to do.

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      Fiona Black
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      I was a closet cross dresser my entire life until blossoming into Fiona earlier this year. I am out in public on a regular basis and out to a select few people. And I am a few years older than you.


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      Rochelle Winters
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      Ok girls, this is bringing up some issues for me. Just when I thought I may make another effort at putting Rochelle in the background and potentially purging again, this comes up. Thank you Philippa and the rest of you lovely ladies for reminding me what I already knew – and then some! It brings into focus for me the fact that the hiding ( to whatever degree) for a lifetime culminates at our later ages. It’s like a bit of anger and frustration builds up to; THATS ENOUGH! I can’t and won’t hide anymore. One of Lauren,s comments is so true. Just Crossdressing isn’t enough. And Angela,s comment about living a covert life really hits home for us doesn’t it? Thinking more deeply about this brings tears to my eyes.


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      Lauren Mugnaia
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      Hi Philippa,
      Yes, it is amazing! Most of us grew up crossdressing and had no idea what the future might hold. But for many of us, the increasing urge to be even more feminine grew and we developed what is referred to as Gender Dysphoria. The truth is many of us, at least myself and others I can speak for, always knew that we were supposed to be women. So simple crossdressing wasn’t enough to satisfy, we want to experience actually being and living as real women. It is, as you say, interesting how many of us fall into the same age group, late 60’s early 70’s, this is very common.
      I wrestled with the same thing you are going through, I knew that I had a history of crossdressing and my spouses, current and late, also knew. But the realization that I was actually a transgender woman had become so powerful that I knew things had to change. I “came out” in January of this year, told my wife, and it was announced to the world. My wife and I are now separated, her choice not mine, and I share a condo with another person, the mother of a lady I work with who knows I am transgender. I have transitioned and now live and work as a woman 24/7.
      Yes, life can get very interesting when you are being thoroughly pulled into the world of femininity, it is quite the ride, so hang on and enjoy!!

      Love and hugs,

      Lauren M

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      Cassie Jayson
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      Interesting question Philippa,I will be 68 in 6 weeks and for the last 3 and half years have been struggling more and more with gender identity. I have dressed off and on for most of my life, but really came into my fem self big time recently. So much so I have gone out as Cassie multiple times now and days at a time twice. I have partially come out at work and fully come out to some there. In fact you can read my adventure at my HS class reunion in an article coming out here in a few days. Seems that I am nearing the point where I will go 24/7 in fem. I am both scared and excited to see where all this is leading to.

      . Cassie

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      Olivia Livin
      Duchess - Annual
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      Quite simply, yes

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      Roberta Broussard
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      It seems this story is often repeated. I don’t know if it’s the age or if it’s the extra time and freedom in retirement. Happened to me as well.

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        Michelle Trott
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        I think your right. I always had the desire to dress but frankly never had the time for anything else in my life. Plus as I aged I stoped caring if others approved of me or not. As long as I approved of myself.

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      Diane Marie Rakers
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      I am very happy for you, Philippa.

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      Angela Booth
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      I too am amazed Phillipa. I have been a lifelong dresser and of a similar age to you so can know that back in the day we could never announce ourselves as such living a covert life. I had those aspirations to want to come out but it never happened until I was about thirty. It was a slow process but I started to get out and come out more to family friends and neighbours. I was in a good career and could quite have easily come out to my employers and worked as a woman but chose not to.

      Then, like you, retirement came along and my liberation began. It was almost seamless as I started work as Angela, so many people knew so it wasn’t an issue with any one. We live in more enlightened times and can live our lives as the true self.

      Enjoy your time and thank you for sharing.

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