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      Hibi Love

      Hello! This is my first time posting here but I’ve spent a lot of time lurking over the years. I realize there have been a lot of interesting crossdressing moments in my life, particularly before I was 12 and quite often involving my sister. I wanted to share some of them as I love reminiscing and don’t often get to share these with anybody lol. I did tell this on another forum recently but wanted to share here as well.

      Like I said, I have a sister who’s 4 years older than me and we were basically the same size until I was about 15. Of course I would occasionally “borrow” whatever clothing I could get my hands on and admire myself in the mirror. It may seem a bit creepy with hindsight, and I was caught at least once, but I want to talk more about specific events where things got a bit more involved. I must’ve been 6 (maybe 5,) and my sister and I were watching the movie Bring It On on cable. She did cheerleading at the time, so she had this idea to dress me up in her outfit as we continued the movie. I didn’t really understand it, but I was na?ve and went along. I don’t remember anything about the color or wearing any other articles of clothing, but it was a one piece uniform (as it was for kids.) We continued watching the movie, and we would dance around and try to match their routines. My mom eventually discovered us – she wasn’t mad but she did make me change. I always had an affinity for my sister’s cheer outfits after that.

      One of the next big moments happened about a year later. My grandparents’ house has a pool and we would often go over to swim. We’d usually keep our swimsuits over there since their house was the only place we’d go swimming, but for some reason mine couldn’t be found. Maybe we brought it home and forgot to bring it with us, or it got misplaced in my grandparents’ laundry. My mom definitely wasn’t going to let me swim in my jeans, that was for sure. While my brothers jumped in the water, my mom, sister, and I looked around for them. After the two of them talked a bit, my mom asked if I wanted to try on some of my sister’s bikini bottoms since she had at least 4 or 5 swimsuits at the house. By this point I knew the magnitude of what wearing them meant as a boy, and I tried to feign reluctance – but you bet I really wanted to. My sister took me into the bathroom and presented me with 3 different bottoms. It was a little weird that she was in there with me, but I tried on the first 2 and they were just a little too big and would surely slip off in the water. But that 3rd one was a Goldilocks moment: it fit just right. I don’t remember those first 2 bottoms, but that 3rd one is etched into my brain. It was a light blue with red cherries all over, and there were ruffles along the top – definitely the most feminine pair. I was as red as a tomato through all this, and my sister could tell I was flustered a bit and laughed a lot. But that was settled and I spent that day swimming in those bottoms. I definitely wished I could have worn the top, but I knew that was an impossibility. Unfortunately, by the next time we went over we had found my swim trunks 

      Last thing I want to talk about happened when I was 11, and specifically on Halloween. Again, we had gone to my grandparents’ neighborhood as it was more affluent and it showed in our candy hauls. It was a school night, so we started trick or treating earlier than usually, and by the time we got through every house it was still relatively early and plenty of people were knocking on doors. My sister joked to me that we should swap costumes and trick the houses into thinking we’re new kids and get a double haul. We both laughed at it and made a couple of jokes, but as we walked toward our grandparents’ we kind of decided to actually do it. We told our mom and brothers that we were gonna go to my sister’s friend’s house in the neighborhood and swap candy. So in the spare bedroom my sister and I swapped costumes. Mine was homemade: I was going as a skipper from the Jaws ride at the Universal theme park, so it was a sailors cap, blue shirt, name tag, blue jeans, and sneakers. Hers was store bought and was a pretty generic fairy princess. It comprised of the main piece, which was this pink ruffled strapless leotard with a corset and frilly skirt that went down to my knees. She had some tights as well which I put on, and some ballet shoes that were just a hair too tight but I toughed it out and wore them anyways. She offered to give me her bra to help fill out the costume and prevent the top from slipping, but I was hesitant. She put on what little makeup she could on me – some lipstick, blush – and we snuck out the back. We didn’t start till we got around the bend, but we then went house to house and got some more candy. We only did about 70% percent of the neighborhood before we called it a night. We did end up going to my sister’s friend’s house to swap costumes and try to remove my makeup. While her friend and her friend’s mom laughed at our shenanigans, they snapped a picture of us two. I wish I could find it, but it’s been MIA for more than a decade now.

      Those are just some of the many memories I have crossdressing and loving it as a kid. I’m 23 now and she’s almost 28, so I definitely don’t get into anymore hijinks with her. There are plenty more stories, and of course my high school years were even more prominent AND public! But those are stories for another day lol. Thank you for indulging me, and I’d love to hear some of your youthful stories! <3

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Hello Hibi,

      Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories! That Halloween sure sounds like it was a blast for you both!


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      Hi Hibi,

      Welcome to CDH.  Thanks for sharing your memories. Sounds like you and your sister had lots of fun.


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      Connie Wittnee
      Baroness - Annual

      Hibi! Such wonderful stories. Your high school years experiences were many and public! I look forward to reading your recollections. Welcome and thank you🌹. Connie

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      HI Hibi!  It sounds like we have very similar histories in regard to cross dressing.  My sister, who is 2 1/2 years older than I, was taking tap dance and ballet lessons when were were very young.  I always felt a compulsion to try on the outfits she wore for her recitals.  She would also play dress up and coax me to join in, but mom must have thought something was wrong with that because she abruptly stopped when I was 7 or 8.

      I would have been about 11 the first time I saw my sister wearing a grown woman’s dress with nylon stockings.  I was driven to try it all on once I was home alone.  Similar episodes of dressing went on until I moved out of the house several years later.

      We are quite a bit older now, I am 70 and my sister is 72.  We never spoke about me trying on her clothes, but she had to have figured it out somewhere along the way.

      Welcome to the site,  I just noticed that our early lives were pretty similar.  I have met a lot of great people here and enjoy the stories I read.  I am envious of the large number of ladies who can pass in public.  XO – Julia

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      Angela Booth

      Having sisters opens up at a lot of opportunities for a young crossdresser, I had many similar experiences too. Welcome to the forums.

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      Reading your story (sounded like you two had so much fun) started me remembering my younger sister, she passed away a while ago and I feel she would have been the only one I would have been able to talk to about this part of my life……..

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      Very well written and great memories!

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      Wonderful story and memories.

      I had 2 older sisters but I don’t think they dressed me up or tried makeup on me. Well not that I can remember.

      Since you had that relationship with her before about her dressing you up and all the fun times, have you ever thought of bringing up the topic again with her? I know that it is pretty scary but it sounds like to me that she would be the most open person to open up to about dressing.

      Your thoughts? Anyone else’s thoughts?

      Hugs 🤗🤗🤗 and Kisses 💋 💋 💋,
      Michelle  ❤❤❤
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        Hibi Love

        Thank you for reading! We’ve discussed that Halloween a few times since, and then she helped me out again in high school for senior switch day and a couple of film projects where I regularly volunteered to play the women. These days I don’t get to dress up often, and both of us are busy enough with work and our personal lives that dress up just doesn’t involve her. However, where I live big nerd conventions occur all throughout the year and you bet I try to go as some sort of geeky female character when I have the chance – and yes, my sister has definitely seen the pics from that!

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        AnnaBeth Black
        Duchess - Annual

        I shared my moment . It’s amazing the memories that come back when you start thinking about it.

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      AnnaBeth Black
      Duchess - Annual

      I  recall a time when my sister got a new wig and my two sisters thought they should try it on me to see what I would have looked like as a girl. I wish I could have enjoyed the moment more but I was a little embarrassed at the time.

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      Kirra W

      Hi Hibi,

      Looks like you had some good memories with your sister, even some great unintentional introductions to the crossdressing.
      Your Halloween story is so cool. 🎃 I’m sure you both had a lot of fun!


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      Hello ,sounds like you had some amazing adventures, growing up. Nicely written , by the way. I enjoyedcand related to mostbof your stories. I have a younger brother and sister,who never dressed me up, but I did borrow her clothes from tine to time. Thank you for sharing .

      I appreciate you Mimi

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