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    Jennifer Michelle Larue
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    I really have a love affair with purses. My collection of over a dozen includes a variety of sizes, styles & colors. All are shoulder bags which appealed to me from the moment I laid eyes on them. My wife teases me about having so many, When we go to Kohl’s, Target or other department store, I often let her go her way & “window shop” in the purse section until she’s ready to go.

    There is no way I can carry a purse every day around town, but will occasionally carry one when feeling “special”. I have little hesitation in dressing in women’s jeans, low-key blouses/shirts/ sweatshirts, loafers or flats. Only a few times have folks ever noticed my attire but, boy…when carrying a purse it’s much different. I can report that the worst I’ve ever received is no notice at all. If people saw me they just passed on by. Often, however, people have noticed & in favorable manner. A checkout lady at Walmart teased me once abut my purse & said it wasn’t really my color. I smiled & told her it matched my shoes & was on sale. She smiled understandingly. In another instance, while at a Kohl’s, a lady about 20 feet from me, smiled, pointed to my purse, & gave a thumbs up. Yet another lady, a bit on the older side, remarked that she had one exactly like mine & went on to tell me how much she liked it. Another time, I held my my wife’s purse while she visited a doctor. I walked around the office a little looking for magazines & then stepped outside to stretch my legs. Her purse was on my shoulder the whole time & I thought nothing of it. When I came back in, the receptionist smiled, motioned me over, & in a soft voice told me I carried the purse very nicely. This caught me off guard at first but I returned her smile, thanked her & told her I had had much practice over the years. We had a nice little conversation for a couple of minutes about purses. Never once have I been subjected to disapproval or frowns about my purses.

    When we travel out of town, I ALWAYS wear a purse and usually in attire a bit more openly feminine. My wife sometimes tells me I am too flaming but never once has she criticized my purses.

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      Clara Cross
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      Yes. The purse. I recently enjoyed stepping out a bit on a recent road trip. My first time obviously en femme in public. (Yay for Clara!) Admittedly very modest. A silky blouse under a white wrap sweater, navy ladies slacks, modest navy heels and a little strappy purse. Even though I had my guy head (no wig or makeup), it was obvious to anyone paying attention that I was dressing pretty.
      But what made it all feel and look especially feminine was that little purse. Stephanie is absolutely on point about the effect of feminizing “clues”. Purses, shoes, posture. It’s those little things that say subtly but clearly, even from a distance, “pretty woman”.

      I’ll need to work a bit to amass a collection like yours, Jennifer.
      Thanks for posting.
      Best, Clara

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      Polly Stewart
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      I have four really good ones…

      A small Chanel black, patent, quilted bag. A pink YSL number sent to me from a friend in the industry. A green/khaki number from Marithé + François Girbaud… also from an aquaintance. Finally a clutch from none other than Pierre Cardin! All I need except for grocery shopping… all my bags (recyclable) are tagged by our own beautiful New Zealand designer, Trelise Cooper! Love that girl…

      xxx Polly

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        Jennifer Michelle Larue
        Registered On: December 5, 2020
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        Very nice collection indeed. Am sure you enjoy them as much as I do mine.

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      I have collected lots over the years to go with different outfits but prefer larger shoulder bags with a long skirt which use to be the hippie look but so practical for everything I carry which is way too much. Will don a leather purse though with an outfit like a secretary girl. The purse has to fit the outfit and match the colors you are wearing. A big straw purse in the summer months especially at the beach communities. I dont like clutch purses that have to be carried and only carry a wallet.

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      Samantha Peders
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      I like purses but they just seem to sit around.  I like feminine ones, with a lot of fringe so they only go out on rare occasions.  A male friend has started carrying a bag because of all of the things that he has to carry, but it is basic. No fringe or adornment. His wife  calls it a man purse. I told him it was a satchel.  John Wayne had one.  He liked that. (Rumor has it that the Duke was a crossdresser too)

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      stephanie plumb
      Baroness - Annual
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      A purse – UK equivalent is a shoulder bag – is an essential “feminising”  and distracting item to indicate that you are female.   They call attention to you and help you “hide in plain sight.”

      I wear a cross-body, bright burgundy-red one, that can easily be seen at several hundred yards and immediately says “woman.”

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Hello Jennifer

      so jealous of your wonderful collection…

      Here in England, a purse is usually small and just used for carrying cash, credit cards and maybe keys…

      which we put into a handbag…..much bigger, usually with a shoulder strap, because it carries everything a girl needs when out, plus a load of stuff she doesn’t!!!…including the kitchen sink.

      Huggs, grace xx


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      Bettylou Cox
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      Hi Jennifer,

      And thank you for posting such an interesting story. All of my “guy” clothes are actually ladies’ items, and I’m feeling the urge to present as Bettylou full-time. I will probably never succeed, but you have shown me a way to get that much closer to my desire.


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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      Well, you’ll always have the right one for the outfit! I’ve only got a couple, but one is black and so goes with lots of outfits.

      Bridgette vS

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      rebekka moore
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      Love this!
      I have a few purses, a couple of “clutch” style purses. I’ve always hated carrying anything in my pockets, so having a shoulder bag or other style purse is great! I’ve had a few odd looks, they are obvious and as you said, really call attention to one.

      When out with my SO we were at a second hand store and I found a beautiful brown leather clutch. I loved it and wanted to buy it but SO said “no”. It was too feminine so she thought.
      I couldn’t help myself. I went back later and bought it!

      (she has not, probably will not, see it though!)

      Love and hugs,

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for the great story!  Isn’t it great when you can find exactly what you want and it’s on sale?


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      Samantha Roarke
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      WOW! Yeah, I only have two purses, but they are super nice. That is great you have so many to choose from!


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