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    So, I went shopping this morning ( sadly in drab mode) at a local thrift store. I picked up a number of items that I really liked. One of which was a cute, gray, cowl neck sweater dress. It was the first thing I picked up and knew I had to have it. It’s a bit short, but some days you just wanna show off those legs, right? Anyway, I walk to the counter and the young lady starts ringing up my items. She gets to the sweater dress and says” oh, this is really cute. Not for you of course.” I badly wanted to say, why yes, it is for me. But, I just didn’t have the courage to say it, so I just chuckled. I kicked myself as I left the store for not being brave enough to admit all the items were mine. Perhaps the next time I get the opportunity, I will embrace it and be proud, not scared.

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      rebekka moore
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      Don’t feel bad.  Really no business of hers.  Or next time just say, “right, it’s for my dear friend Emily!”

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      Stephanie Green
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      Don’t worry about it, Emily.  You can’t relive the moment.  The sales lady caught you off guard with her comment.  With that experience, you are now better prepared to respond the next time you’re in a similar situation.  You bought a nice dress.  Enjoy it.

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      Patty Phose
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      I used to enjoy shopping dressed partially femme. I would be in my shiny sheer to waist pantyhose, short shorts, platform wedges and often a shirt that looked like a short dress. With my longish hair, I seemed to pass for a girl, at least from the rear.

      Considering what I was wearing and how I looked, there was times i thought it odd  if I got asked if the pantyhose or shoes I was buying was for me. The way I was dressed, I thought t would be pretty obvious. Maybe the just couldn’t see me below my waist.

      When online though, getting compliments on my shoes, getting told I had nice legs and getting asked if the pantyhose I was buying was what I was wearing, at first I found quite frightening, but after a few encounters I enjoyed it and looked forward to it happening again.

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      Peggy Sue Williams
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      Yes, that is correct, never be scared.  Enjoy!

      I went with my wife to her doctor’s appointment, and the check out lady gushed over my wife’s purse, how pretty it was.  I was in male mode, but I spoke up, saying it was originally my purse, but I traded with my wife for one of her purses that I wanted.  The look on the woman’s face was priceless, and she was speechless, so I got out my smart phone and proceeded to show her what I look like, when in female mode.  Sure enough, eventually the rest of the female staff came over and commented how I make such a pretty girl.

      Spread the love sisters!





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      Kelly Terry
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      I got similar questions/comments when I bought some high heels and my response was something like
      “That depends on who you refer to, the one wearing it or the one enjoying watching them?”


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      Samantha Roarke
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      Be strong! I would have been all over her! “Next time gadget….next time!”



      “Of course its not for me! I wear a 6 silly girl!”


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      Amanda Burton
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      Hi Emily, maybe next time sweetie.
      I went into a leading high street shoe retailer once, and was just browsing “in man mode” when I turned a corner and there bang in front of me was a pair of pink stilettos reduced in the sale.
      Well my eyes were popping and my heart was already in love with them, I had to have them, no ifs or buts, my size, favorite colour, stilettos. Quick as flash I picked up the shoes and did that long walk from the back of the shop to the counter, I knew everyone was looking, so I just keep a happy smile and stayed focused on the young lady cashier, and placed them on the counter in front of her.
      “oh theses are lovely sir, are they a gift”
      “Yes” I replied, “there a gift to myself.
      Well her eyes popped wide open and her mouth dropped open,before stuttering as she gave me my receipt” enjoy them sir “.
      ” oh I will thank you ” I replied, and yes I was shaking but that was due to the excitement of wanting to try them on. That happened as soon as I got into the car, I just couldn’t wait.

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      Awe Emily

      Never be scared. Heck with others. Live for the happiness of you hun.

      Today I had a yearly eye exam.

      It was so funny. My nails are longer than any ladies who work at the Drs office.

      They all stared at my nails..😊



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