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      Amanda Burton
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      Oh I am definitely more open with my emotions as Amanda. It’s a condition that men are strong and don’t cry, it’s something taught at an early age. Women are soft and weak therefore it’s acceptable to cry. I just think that now my feminine side is out more, my true identity and responses are more relaxed, and my compassionate side is allowed to express its self, rather than trying  to contain and mask it to prove my masculinity. Do  I cry, hell yes, and I am no longer afraid to admit it either.

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      Polly Stewart
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      Hi Rachel,

      I’ve always been emotional in that I cry (or at least have to wipe an eye) on occasion. Always been there and hasn’t changed with my dressing full time.
      I can also be cold and very calculating and wildly optimistic at times but I have always been aware of my emotions.
      This despite the fact that men in my society shouldn’t show emotions, shouldn’t cry… What BS we are fed in our formative years. The first time I scored a ‘try’ I was wildly celebrating when one of the nuns gave me an almighty kick up the backside and told me to act like a man! I was six…
      Emotions are fine… experience them, embrace them because they are what makes us women (and men too).

      Hugs Polly

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      Amber Scott
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      More emotional? Yes and No. I’ve been an angry man my whole life. But when I started dressing the anger went away, for the most part. People at work noticed. But I also cry easier. My therapist says being Amber has allowed me to express emotions and all these repressed feelings are bubbling to the top.

      Love and Peace,


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      Holly Tygressa
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      I have been told my whole life that I am very cold and have no emotions. But lately I have noticed that I have been choking up during movies and the other day I was alone watching one and actually cried. I find when I am Holly I am way more emotional then when I am not.



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      Regine Rich
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      Hi Rachel
      I have always been told I wear my heart on my sleeve, But now, since Regi became my life, the sleeve does seem to be directly connected to my tear ducts, or im in a lot of dust storms? lol
      But simply, yes I am much more emotional than I have ever been.
      Hugs, Regi

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      patty williams
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      H Rachel,

      as with some of the other girls I think that is one of my feminine gifts I am very sensitive and emotional even in drab mode.

      However being feminine makes it easier to shed the stereotype that us guys have to be tough and always shake it off.

      I do feel it makes me more caring and sensitive to others needs and not afraid to show that.


      great question

      Hugs Patty

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      Yes I found that I cried more since I started dressing. And since I’ve been on a testosterone blocked it has been happening more often. Of course I always did cry at emotional movies.

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      Registered On: February 20, 2020
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      Yes yes and yes. I think it’s always been there I was just programmed not to feel it..and now that I do I’m sure thankful it’s there.

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      Araminta Purdy
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      One element of the gestalt of femininity is the ability to express emotions as well as the difficulty restraining emotions. Don’t think of it as a ‘female’ thing as such but as a part of the (wholly human) femininity that is a part of your real nature and actual being. It is probably just that, as a woman, you are suddenly ‘permitted’ to express your emotions but they likely were always there, imprisoned by your ‘duty’ to be masculine. You may find yourself less ‘cranky’ as well.

      People in transition, during Hormone Replacement Therapy, report a sudden, frightening and overwhelming flood of emotions and emotional outbreaks as their testosterone levels lower the estrogen takes effect. These emotions and their reactions likely were always there but restrained by masculine obstinateness.

      To me the ability to express emotion in a rational manner is not only a feminine trait but a good thing.


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      Absolutely. So, as I have more and more accepted who and what I am, I have also accepted that I get way overly emotional at even the littlest of things.  Mostly I have lots of empathy pains, which means when someone relates a heart wrenching story here (or other places, too) I have a very hard time reading them all the way through as well as reading the responses because it’s like I can almost feel the inward pain and distress of the speaker, and it just tears (both definitions and pronunciations) me up no end, that someone had to go through that.

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      i remember going to watch films in drab…

      looking away to hide a tear….big men don’t cry!!

      Grace has changed all that, standard equipment when I watch a film at home now is wine, popcorn and a box of tissues

      I love a good cry, think nothing of it and feel better afterwards …what the hell is the point of making something we watch sad…..if we can’t cry….

      girls will be girls !!!

      Love grace xx


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        I’m with you on this one… In fact all of my daughters laugh at how easily I cry at movies.    Sometimes I get shocked at their lack of response, especially when they’re happy tears. (I consider happy tears a sign of a really good movie)

        – Molly.

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          So true Molly. Feel good moments just bring out the tears so much in me. Love having a good cry at these moments

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      Bettylou Cox
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      I have always been an emotional person, long before I realized that I’m really a girl; but I used to make the effort to suppress it. Now, I express my feelings, and feel good about it.


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      Laura Jane Moore
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      I have found myself tearing up more easily watching movies…. am watching a lot of chick flicks and enjoy relating to the female leads…. love the romance and female empowerment. Most recently I couldn’t stop the  tears  at the end of the heartwarming Julia Roberts movie, Mona Lisa Smile. It’s a wonderful period piece,  where she plays  an art history professor at Wellesley College in the 50’s. It co-starred Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles, and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The story was great and aside from the story and the acting,  I loved the the 50’s fashion.

      I give it 4 hankies.

      So the answer is …. YES


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      Rachel Hayes
      Registered On: January 20, 2021
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      I’ve just read a story about a dog in Turkey who waited outside a hospital for several days while her owner was being treated.

      Soo adorable!  Instantly welled up…

      God, I love being a woman.

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      Bianca Everdene
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      It’s a definite side effect of letting your wonderful feminine out to play.

      Out from under a lifetime of learned masculinity, (stiff upper lip, man up, don’t be a woose!).

      Stifling emotions, bottling things up is seldom a good thing, and can increase the chances of a blowout, or a meltdown, as I am sure we have all witnessed!

      Let the tears flow, express your emotions, be your true self, 😝to who you are supposed to be, be yourself😢😭😂😅



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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Have always been emotional too but do admit its much more when dressed. It can be a wonderful experience now and learn to enjoy it. I am always crying in a good movie and not embarassed by it nor should you hon

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      Stevie Steiner
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      Hi Rachel, oh my yes.  Like many others I have always been emotional – far too much so that it brought me grief.  Having to hide that as a guy really sucked, and I just couldn’t do it – which probably explains the ending of some of my relationships….

      Now?  It’s worse, and I havent had any HRT! .  Pretty much daily I will see or hear something that starts me crying.   I do remember hearing as a 10 year old ” Stop crying, what are you a girl? “.  Hah, if they thought it was bad then, they should see me now.  LOL.  Examples:

      I watched Pretty Woman two  nights ago.  Even though I’ve seen it many times, I’m still bawling.

      I saw a video about homeless cats.  Yup, started bawling.

      …… someone help me.  😅



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      Managing Ambassador
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      Yea absolutely Rachel…I’ve always been an emotional person (hello pisces here lol), I cant ignore it or turn it off but only temper it with rationale…it was a pain to deal with as a guy but over the past couple years I’ve come to understand how this is a gift, it’s my guide & I feel a lot better about turning it loose 😊

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      Lee Ann Rakers
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      I am so absolutely overjoyed to be a woman that I am so often on the verge of crying.

      Lee Ann

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        Rachel Hayes
        Registered On: January 20, 2021
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        I think you’re right.

        I love being a woman and I love doing girly things.  It makes me so happy!


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          Lee Ann Rakers
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          Being a woman is beyond awesome. I don’t even know the right words to use to convey how I feel.

          Lee Ann



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            Rachel Hayes
            Registered On: January 20, 2021
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            It really is awesome isn’t it!

            I’ve just managed to get dressed for today (had some tradespeople early morning) and now got a lovely bra and matching panties on with a black strappy top and leather leggings.  I feel so so great and I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear.  I think I might also cry with happiness lol.

            Need to get out of these 2 inch ‘training’ heels though and into some 4+ 🙂

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            Paula F
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            Since I began dressing very young, dropping some tears has just been normal to me and I have cried without shame for most of my life.  As a pre-teen and an early teenager, being even a little emotional like that caused my fair share of harrassment and physical confrontation.   I never hid it though because to do so would be to lie to myself.

            One of the most emotional films I have seen in many years was “Marley And Me”.  I’m just glad I have watched only at home as I was bawling like a baby at the end.  But it really does feel good after letting things go and giving in to the emotions like that.


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      Registered On: July 28, 2020
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      Have been very emotional all my life Rachel… but even more so since my dressing has escalated in the last few years.

      Gen… ❤

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