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    We have been away camping for a few days. We were staying about a 30 minute drive away from where our friends live. When they found out we were nearby, they decided to pop along for the evening.
    We have been friends with this couple for 15 years or more. They are lovely, but are quite right wing, and not always as welcoming to those that differ from them…. Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely people, but have been brought up by right wing parents in a staunch Conservative area.
    Anyhoo, whilst I have told other friends and have had no issues, this couple were on my “might not react well”.
    I discussed telling them with my wife. She was worried, but said it was my choice.
    Our friends arrived, and we had a great evening. A few drinks and various topics of conversation went from the impending rail strikes and our friend that has just moved in to a new home with her girlfriend…. The conversation kept going back to these girls and how happy they are…. We talked about prejudice, and how wrong it was that people get hassle for being gay, or bi, or any other “derivative” of life…. I decided that it was time to tell them my secret…
    I showed them a photo. I told them I wasn’t transgender, and that I just liked dressing as a woman. I told them that I had no desire to change sex. The first question was to my wife “How are you with this?” My wife explained that whilst it does cause problems, generally she is Ok, happy, and supportive. The next question was “How long?”, to which I answered since I was a teenager. Then the wife of the couple said “I thought something was going on when you had your ears pierced”….. Basically, they care not a jot. They are happy that I am happy. I explained that my crossdressing really helped me though my depression, and helps keep it at bay.

    So another couple ticked off the list. These were the least worrying on my “Might not react well” list…. The next people might not take it well at all…. Time will tell.


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      Stephanie Aston
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      Hi Cerys

      Your post resonates so much with a similar coming out experience I had on Wednesday.  Over the last couple of months I have been coming out to my close family and a few friends, up until Wednesday I had told everyone except my brother in law (my sister passed away three years ago) everyone I have told so far have been very accepting and supportive but I really wasn’t sure about him, he’s a good guy but is a true Yorkshire Man and doesn’t mince his words. The dilemma I had was that this weekend we have a family Wedding and because everyone else in the family knows about Stephanie I really felt he should know especially as his three daughters also don’t know but their cousins do! Anyway I thought of other was to tell him and I even thought of asking one of his daughters about how he would take the news but in the end I decided that I owed it to him to be open and honest and tell him directly about Stephanie and that’s what I did, I called him up and after a few pleasantries told him that on occasions I like to present myself as Stephanie and have been a Crossdresser on and off for the last fifty years.

      we’ll just like everyone else he took the news really well he was just pleased that I had told him and even praised me for my courage in doing so.  He has already told his three daughters and I’m quite looking forward to the Wedding as it will be the first time in ages everyone has got together but I’ll be intrigued to find out if anyone mentions this news. I’m actually quite excited.

      sorry it’s such a long reply

      Stephanie ❤️


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      Cassie Jayson
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      Sometimes I start to get a little ‘bothered’ when my fellow crossdressers are so fearful of those ‘conservative fundamentalists’ and acceptance from them. i myself consider myself very conservative and somewhat fundamentalist. My views on the lgbtq+ community has lightened MUCH over the last 3 years. At least one of my more liberal kids is at least somewhat unaccepting, more DADT. Each person is different whether conservative or liberal.


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      Mary Jane
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      One of the interesting things I have discovered is that “conservative Christians” tend to be far less judgemental in person than they are stereotyped to be.

      Glad it went well for you.

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      Angela Booth
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      It is strange that those that you think won’t react well do the opposite. They clearly value you as friends and I liked the first question they asked as it shows a considerate nature. I am happy it went well for you.

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      Jane Mansfield
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      Goodmorning Cerys, another good outcome, and this illustrates that most people dont care. Honest, upfront. A supportive wife, you are in a good space.
      Happy holidays.
      Best Wishes

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