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      curious on single bra bought in life time what the most spent on a single one


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      I agree $50 is the most i will spend for a bra unless the bra has alot of lace then i might spent more


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      been few times spend 100 for few.

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      Most expensive for me was $39.00 When i first looked at price I hung it back up only to come back and  pick it up again. Just had to have it.


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      Managing Ambassador

      one time I bought three $54 bras, but they were buy two, get one free

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      Victoria secrete bra spent 80 one one one of the best I ever bought

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      Ok just out did myself spent 150 for a brand from  Agent Provocateur  actually was half price off ebay

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        Oh my Donna! Lucky you! Bet it’s just sexy and lush!

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          by the looks in the picture from ebay very  plush Was looking on their web site and wow some very fine looking bra’s

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      It was so pretty with pink and white lace….some sparkles…and to die for…and the pink fog just made me giddy and oh my!…so I just had to have it…you know how that is…giggle

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      Hi Donna the most expensive bra I’ve ever bought must have been about 34 pounds, i got it from Marks and Spencer, it was so sexy and feminine that i just had to buy it and it came with matching panties so the set must have cost me around 60 pounds,

      Hugs Roz xxxxx

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      The most I have spent is $65 CAD, but it was sooo pretty
      Hug, Regi👩💕

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      The top end that I can remember spending was about $85 or so, and that was 1980’s dollars.  So there is no telling what it would cost today.  I don’t even remember the brand, but thought it was very sexy and very comfortable, and it was an A cup which fit just almost perfect.


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      Caty Ryan

      This one in both Cappuchino

      and and another pink one which the colour name was exactly my beloved’s two christian names

      Works out at about Oz $100.

      The first one was bought at “The Bay” in Vancouver as a “trip souvenir” back in 2016, matching panty too!!

      Both ever so comfy especially when I’m wearing my “full cup” breast forms.





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        Caty Ryan

        UPDATE 2023

        A$130.00 for the Simone Perele black full Cup “Comete” bra I bought when I went for my in store personalised en femme  bra fitting in mid 2022 . Every time I attach my forms and put this one on it takes me back to the fitting room and how “womanly” I felt when I first tried it on and the others that did not fit as well, which I did not buy. I wrote an article about the aboveand it can be found in my profile here on CDH

        Of course I had to buy the matching “SP” brief as well.

        We have two Simone Perele outlet stores here in Melbourne and I have also posted how my credit card starts “shaking in my wallet”, whenever I get anywhere near either of them .

        EG Just before Christmas I met a CD from interstate who was staying close by the one in Melbourne’s CBD.

        SIGH. Another bra for the collection… $40.00 down from $120.00!!!!

        Happy (expensive bra) dressing



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      Hello Donna.

      The most I pay is around £30…I find I can get just what I want for that amount…Bra’s can be fiendishly expensive, but isn’t that why God invented sale rails…I have bought more expensive bra’s, but they are usually reduced in sales…..

      Grace, the bounty bargain hunter xx

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        Me too I love hunting for a bargain usually on ebay or amazon so I wouldn’t pay more than £20 for anything really 😅

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      Summer 2020 I spent 68(USD) on a Wacoal black strap/strapless convert. underwire bra. I bought it from my local high end intimates boutique. I needed it for a special occasion.

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      K Swim

      I rarely wear a bra but have bought a couple before. Didn’t spend more than $20 though.

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      I love my bras, the only ones that I now buy are from Simone Pèrèle, when ever I go in there dressed in drab or in femm the ladies are just awesome and always make sure that i get the correct fit, so I don’t mind paying a little more, and with that I get rewards from them with large discounts

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        Those are really nice wonder if they do US orders they do US orders too sweet.

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      38 dollars from torrid

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        Loves Torrid too their 360 lightly lined no wire t-shirt


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      I used to buy Playtex 18 Hour soft cup wireless bras. On sale they would be in the $16USD to $17USD range. While they felt fine, the fit wasn’t correct as the center section didn’t sit on my sternum. For the past few years I have bought Goddess underwire bras as they come in larger cup sizes. The ones that I like usually retail in the $48USD to $54USD range, but I try to wait for periodic sales at when they get down around $35USD…

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        I forgot:

        In between those 2 brands I tried Glamorise. I have 3 or 4, I think. Not a good experience. The construction felt cheap and not robust, but you couldn’t tell that by the price. By contrast the Playtex and Goddess products felt much more sturdy. For those, clipping in the first set of hooks provides a nice snug fit. By contrast, even on the 2nd hook, the Glamorise didn’t feel as snug. They also had this odd support panel. It was attached to the bra along the bottom edge of the cups, but the upper edge was free floating. When inserting a form, it should be between the support panel and and your chest. However, I usually wound up with the form between the support panel and the outer material of the cup. It was hard to do otherwise. What I ended up doing was stapling the support panel to the outer material of the bra.The helped, but it wasn’t a perfect solution. Needless to say, Glamorise is not on my Buy Again list…

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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      I’ve bought several bras from Prima Donna and Simone Perele that cost over $100 US.  I also have a few bras from Chantelle that cost $60-80.

      Most European brands are pricey.  But they’re sexy as hell, comfortable, well made, and they last a long time.

      Sure, I could buy more affordable bras.  The way I look at it, I’m single and don’t have many expenses.  It’s pretty easy to justify spoiling myself!  You only live once!


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        Well said Emily way I feel about it single and wanting something lux fits good and will last awhile. Plus just love the styles they sell.

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      I have bought some expensive bras an eBay, but never paid close to what they would normally sell for. About $20 is my limit.

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      I don’t normally spend this much on a bra even though I have a huge bra fetish but recently I bought a Honey Birdette bra for $120.00 and I love it! I’m also looking at some Ditta Von Teese bras too.

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      Don’t usually buy bras separately, always buy matching bra and panties especially floral print ones, I prefer padded bras that are very soft to feel, most I have spent on a set is about £40,

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      Teri Ray

      I am a bra junkie.  Once I found the quality, feel and outright sexy look of a high end quality bras its hard to go back to mid quality bras.  Sadly they cost more but in the end they are worth it for the quality, fit and feel.  I wear a bra all the time.  So I might as well feel good about what I wear and I do.

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      I chose the 31-50 option. I spent that range recently on my Elila bra which I just received today. I also spent that on my Bali Flowers awhile ago

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      Just adore Triumph, Playtex and Gossard bras – got to pay the money for them though.

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      My brand new Anita pocket bra that was bought after trying on half a dozen other bras for my Amoena silicon breast forms. $80 was the final price for the bra, no tax because it is considered a medical necessity with our government medical plan. It is so comfortable, easily the best bra I have ever worn.

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      Victoria’s Secret bras and corset tops are over 50 euros and I love FLL for Victoria’s Secret and they are from 110 euros.

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      J J

      Well over 100 euros for an Aubade bra (and matching thong).  Li nerie shopping in Europe can be quite different then here in the US. Many more single brand boutiques, especially the higher end brands.  There are other options as well, but the boutiques are fun to shop in.

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        Yes quality and style is expensive. Aubade is also quality brand. Hunkemöller is one of those cheaper brands, but quality still excellent.

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      Under $40,  retired, on a budget.

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      check out amazon or VS have plenty

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      anywhere from 20 dollars and up on bras most of time panties anywhere from few dollars and up will keep those prices after everything is said and done.  Might see some that cost 50 and up and will say got to have it specially can find the whole matching set panties bra garter and silk robe.

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