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      Lola Caprice

      I hesitate to post this because to most of you it probably seems like nothing but to me it was.  Today I received a new pair of espadrille wedges.  I couldn’t wait to try them on so I kicked off my male shoes and socks and put on some knee highs and my pretty new shoes with my drab clothes.  They are closed toe suede and my sweet SO commented that if I were to go out in the neighborhood in the evening, my jeans cover enough that at a glance they almost look like house shoes. So I did!  We have community mailboxes in our neighborhood, ours is about half a block from our house.  So I went to check the mail, at night, in my pretty new shoes.  It seems almost ridiculous to me to even be typing this because it’s such a small thing but I loved every second of it.  When I got back, mail in hand my SO grinned and said “So you did it?”.  Of course her encouragement made it even better.

      One reason this is such a big deal to me is we have lived in this neighborhood for over 20 years.  We raised our kids here, and we are friends with nearly everyone on the block.  If someone sees me out they will expect to have a conversation.  Also my boss lives right across the street.  It’s wonderful to be so close to your neighbors…unless you don’t want to get caught wearing feminine attire outside. LOL

      But I didn’t get caught, and it was wonderful, and I will do it again, and it just brings me one step closer to being Lola somewhere in public…outside the home neighborhood of course.

      Anyway, if you read this far, thank you for sharing in my tiny little victory!  Baby steps, literally.


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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      I call that a small win.  Not silly.

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        Lola Caprice

        Thanks Emily, that really means a lot.  Small victories lead to big ones.


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      Doesn’t sound silly but very scary.  How high are the heels on those wedges?  I have a pair with a three inch heel that are so comfy that I wear them a lot when I’m working around the house.  I can’t imagine though being brave enough to wear them out to the mailbox or to take out the trash.

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        Lola Caprice

        These are a bit tamer heel, only 2″.  My SO and I are ballroom dancers. My men’s latin shoes have a 1.5″ heel and I rumba and cha cha in those so 2″ is not much different.  I’m pretty good with a 3″, but 4″ needs some more practice.


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          Hi Lola,  My wife and I were both dancers once (she was in national competitions in her day).  So if anyone would said something  to you, just reply that you’re stretching your ankle with different heels for competition or novelties.  I won’t say break a leg but will say congratulations and have fun.   Marg

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      That is a win in my book, as for neighbors If you only knew what goes on behind those doors.

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        Lola Caprice

        Thanks Brandie.  I try to remember that as I move closer to presenting as Lola in public.  The amazing thing is, sometimes the people who have the most to hide are the most judgmental.  But mostly, I’m just not ready to have that conversation with any of them.

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      Lola –

      So happy for you to have had that experience.  A small win for you and how nice of your wife to encourage you.  I got a new pair of sandals once, my wife had me try them on and I wore them in the house.  There was something she needed help with on the porch and when I went to step out the door she asked what “what are you doing the neighbors might see”.

      I hope you get more opportunity to do that again.


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      Nothing silly about it Lola.  If you had an enjoyable femme experience, then there is nothing silly about it?  I sure with I could get my SO on board.  XO – Julia

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      AnnaBeth Black
      Duchess - Annual

      Hooray for the little victories! And so nice to have your SOs encouragement. Good for you.

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      Hi Lola I’m with the other girls on this it’s not silly, it’s just another victory for you, it’s fabulous that your Wife/So encouraged you to take the steps to go out,

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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      Nothing it silly or to small as we all go at our own pace hun. Glad you enjoyed your new shoes and walk.

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      Congratulations on taking a small step ( both figuratively and literally) in your neighborhood n your new heels.  I know that is a big step, because I haven’t been there yet.  Thank you for sharing, it’s not silly to share little victories.

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      Happy to hear you had fun at the mailbox. I recall those days, heart pounding, heels clicking, just the change in your stride. Lol

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      Gail Rich

      You have to walk before you can run!

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      Awesome Lola that is not silly and is a victory for sure small steps gaining confidence so happy for you.

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      “ That’s one small step for all us shy girls, one giant leap for Lola!”   “ To the moon Alice “

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      Enjoy those baby steps and your wife’s encouragement. Perhaps someday soon the two of you will venture out together!

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      The only thing “silly” about this is that we have to even give it a second thought.  What could be more natural than to enjoy new shoes.   Like one of the sisters said, this is the most normal thing going on in the neighborhood

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      That sounds a bit bigger than any baby steps I have taken. With your SO encouraging you to to go out in those new shoes, I’ll bet it was exciting!

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      Patty Phose

      Those little adventures at first seem like such a big deal and they are. That excitement, thrill and rush you feel is wonderful. Wish you many more wonderful adventures.

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      Lola, that is not at all silly but instead a fabulous win for you, one more box checked off your list and with the full support of your SO, that’s a double win.

      Hugs Sherri

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      Lola, first of all, congratulations and believe me, it isnt silly at all! Its a huge victory and a definate step forward. No matter how insignificant something may feel, it is far better to go forwards than backwards. Well done you!! I am really happy for you xx

      Fiona xx

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      Hi girlfriend Lola such a baby step girl congrats to you and the encouragement from your wife what a wonderful girlfriend/Wife she is .. Dont quit girlfriend each little trip makes the heart grow fonder of your girly side ..

      Little side note said before ha ha  was having breakfast with wife on a sunday morning and a neighbor drove in and she was in nightgown still so she took off for bedroom and i was dressed drab dangit ha ha anyway i walked out to greet him and chatted for a few minutes ..  Before he left i looked down and say my bedroom/House slippers on my feet which was a pair of bowtie black flats woops .. Dont know if he saw them but nothing was ever said .. Wife just laughed about it ..


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      Be proud of baby steps.

      Each one accumulates and builds confidence.
      Knowing your neighbors, or more importantly, their knowing you is constraining.
      Some may not care, but how do you find out if personal disaster is a po

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      Be proud of baby steps.

      Each one accumulates and builds confidence.
      Knowing your neighbors, or more importantly, their knowing you is constraining.
      Some may not care, but how do you find out if personal disaster is a possible out come?

      I have a similar situation as I live in a small community/county.
      I’m close to a larger community and do my baby steps there. I have seen folks who know me, but as far as I know none has id’d me.

      I have several encouraging GG’s I’ve told only recently.
      They keep suggesting things I might do.
      I’ve gone from “OMG! I can’t do THAT!” to “Hmm, how could I do that?”

      Just ’cause you can’t do everything doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.

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        If I could figure out how to delete a post you wouldn’t be seeing it twice

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      Only a CD can understand how much of a thrill that was for you and its not silly at all.

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      Thank you for sharing! And it’s not silly nor little of an accomplishment at all! Each step (literally in this case) is a step towards that amazing feeling of just being… free. Regardless of whether it has anything to do with crossdressing or not, feeling free and unburdened by societal opinion is where everybody really wants to be.

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        J J

        This is so, so true. As long as we are moving forward in life by accomplishing our little goals and scoring little triumphs we are growing as a person. I much prefer scoring a bunch of little victories rather then occasional big ones…I get to celebrate much more often.

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      Audrey W

      Hi Lola, I have a pair of 4 inch stiletto booties I just adore and in the evenings just after it gets dark, my wife will routinely say, hey put on your booties and a pair of your straight leg Kuts and lets go to the park for a walk.  Its lighted but not very brightly and is in a very safe nice part of town but not very crowded in the evenings.   For me it doesn’t get much better than this.

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      Nothing silly about shoes. They are one of the funniest part of women’s clothes to me. So many options and styles. I would have countless pairs if my wife would let me. 10 is about the most I can get away with. Be proud that your wife supported and encouraged you. That’s the big win I’m seeing.

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      Hi Lola,

      Congratulations on your victory!


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      I agree that it is not silly at all. I understand how you feel, I am in a area that will not let me go out fully dressed. I also will do the daring run outside when dressed to take out the trash or run to the mailbox. The feeling of freedom and being out in the open is very much exciting. Take all the baby steps you can and that you need to. Best of luck to you.

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      Lola Caprice

      I am over the moon about how many of you took the time to leave an encouraging comment and remind me that no matter how small, every step is important.  I fully expected encouragement but the sheer number of responses is so touching.  Thanks and hugs to all!


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      Hi Lola,

      Congratulation on going out in your new shoes! The next step is to put on a pair of black pantyhose with shorts or jeans and go out wearing those beautiful shoes so that everyone can see that you are wearing girl’s shoes. After all, women wear men’s shoes and other clothing all of the time. Do not be worried about who sees you wearing girl shoes. The feeling that you will feel will be so exhilarating and so liberating. It is a feeling of bliss like nothing you ever felt. All that you have to do is own it! Even major airlines are letting their pilots and flight attendants mix and match articles of clothing from male and female uniforms. You can even wear your girl shoes to work! What I am describing is exactly how women won their fashion freedom They just put on men articles of clothing and did not worry about it! If you follow my advice, after a while you will be wearing pumps to work without even thinking about it.

      May the Pink Fog be with You Now and Forever.

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        Lola Caprice

        Thanks Jamie!  I do have a nice pair of black skinny jeans that would show my shoes nicely.  That might be my next step.


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        you are so right about real women wearing men clothing is what society calls them and think nothing of it. so we can wear female clothing like a skirt or heels and nylons and dress and get away with it, even a pierced ear. there is nothing wrong with that why not get both ears pierced then have one stone for mom and 1 for dad, it’s just clothing nay ways but with a little more sex appeal looks, stain or silk, flowery design. so what go for it. my wife knows i dress up and really does not like my fem side too much but getting better at me dressed up for i get dressed up every morning like a real female would then go about my business at home when no one is here except wife. I wear dresses, skirts nylons, bra’s panties, with pad and perfume, earrings necklace boob enhancers. and feel great and look pretty i also put on eye shadow and for get i had it on

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      I’ve done exactly the same thing and I can tell you it isn’t a small thing at all. There’s a regular route I do near where I live and whilst I’ve often worn female attire under my male clothes, I’d never put on a pair of feminine shoes until recently (mainly because I could never find any that fit my massive feet).

      Recently, I did find some black sandal-type shoes (with a t-bar) and tried my walk wearing some grey tights under my jeans. Whilst the jeans were normal length, there was still enough of a gap around the ankle and through the sandals to make someone look twice if they were properly gazing at my feet.

      I did go past a few people, but no one seemed to notice, however it was an incredibly exhilarating experience.


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      Lola, hello welcome its nice that you can dress up with neighbors around and boss and can ot see you that is a big thing. but dressing up and not showing the world you look pretty as a female or just dressing up to talk to someone that will understand your dressing up and deal with it is hard. my wife knows but does not like the other side of me. bit she lets me dress up, when our 24 year old is at work and she tells me i can do what i like to do or when she comes home and our son is at work she would say i thought you would be dressed up. but i was dressed up i see her coming in so i put on my male cloths over my female cloths real fast WHY no clue she knows that i dress up, so know i dont put on my male cloths over my my female cloths to hide it i just stay dressed up and let her see me dressed up all pretty with amke up on and perfume, ear rings. she has seen me with eye shadow on that i forgot to take off. oops.  oh well i love dressing up in female cloths that is what society calls them it feels more comfortable to wear and fits right. have agreat day love your post. Lucinda

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