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      Simple question… Is your mother still with us today to celebrate with? Hope so.

      If so I hope you honor her on this day for all the hard work she did first in birthing you then in bringing you up teaching you about the world and loving you no matter what you did. Oh, and also for turning a blind eye about wearing her things in secret (she probably knew).


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      My mom passed almost 30 years ago .. I have memories as a child Mesmerized watching her put “her face on”
      and when I was ten I found her girdle with garters.
      With nylons and a silk slip … I was forever hooked.
      I think she knew about her son’s feminine side but never mentioned it or did I…
      If your mom is with you this Mother’s Day give her a big hug…. Leonara

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      With 3 other siblings, even if Mom knew someone was going through her stuff it would be impossible to determine who it was.

      My Mom passed 5 years ago.  One of my brothers lived with her his whole life, and passed 2 1/2 years ago.  Myself and my other two siblings started cleaning out the apartment, and then COVID hit.  For a few months we left the apartment as it was.  It was in a huge building (like three towers of 150 apartments each with a connected lobby) in New York, a real hot zone at the beginning of the pandemic.  Not wanting to hold the apartment until COVID died down, we started going in individually.  The last two times I was there, I was fully dressed, and took a couple of items from my Mom that I knew would otherwise have ended up in the trash.  So you can say I’m still wearing her stuff.

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      Angela Booth

      My mother is still going well at over 90 years old. She was the first person I told about my dressing. Having dressed me up for fun then telling her I dressed in her clothes as a child she still swears she never had a clue! 

      She helped me to develop my wardrobe then go out and about dressed. I couldn’t have got a better Mother.

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        Nice. Your Mommy is my Daddy’s age, sister! It’s so comforting knowing she’s accepting and supportive like my Mommy was before she passed away. Thanks for sharing, and cherish everyday you have with your Mother.

        Hugs, Rev

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      Hi Michelle sadly mom passed about 12 years ago as she knew about Stephanie from a young age but had to keep it quiet as dad and older brother would have been a bad scene ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Cassie Jayson

      My mother passed away March 2021. I just got back from singing for my mother. Last year I went to the grave site (did the same today) and sang for her. Mother’s day is a extra special day concerning my mother since today would have been her 93rd birthday too.

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      Sadly my mother passed away in 2015, one month short of her 95th birthday. A long and interesting life, mostly good, some not so much, like the last year or so. Other hard times too. Attended elementary and high school during the Depression spending about 15c a day. Her family lost their house when she was about 11, moved in with relatives. Her husband, my father, was a WW2 vet, finished his degree, was on the way to big things but died accidently. She could have lost our house (for her 2nd time), but she returned to school, got her degree (and eventually Masters) and taught for 30 years, married again, raising 5 kids, (we’re all married, reasonably successful 4 of us with grandkids ),  outlived her 2nd husband.  I came out to her before she passed, but I’m not sure if she wanted to listen or didn’t fully understand and I didn’t push it. 4 of us split to different parts of the country, a sister staying back while I came in as much as I could to help in her final years. I loved her dearly.

      Hugs, ChloeC


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      My mom… I never knew my mother as she passed away when I was about 2yrs old. At the time it wasn’t a thing for a father to raise a child on his own so he left me with relatives and others and left for a better job in another state. I don’t have memories of him until about age 8. Mothers Day always makes me wonder how things could have been. I know some moms are better than others but I always have a blank page. Hug your mom if you still can.

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      Nope… she passed in the year 2000! Thankfully, she and I knew we loved one another and there were no secrets.
      No other words are necessary…

      Love you still 💕💕💕

      Ps: I think you would be proud of the person I’ve become

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      my mother passed away in 2013, but i do celebrate Mother’s Day with a fire and have a drink or 2 or 3 with her, plus i sign the guest book on weeks funeral home web site and also my dad’s on guest book. he past away 68 days later after his wife did. my mother in law passed away about 1 1/2 years ago from cancer and we sign the guest book and see her grave site on mothers day, birthday, Xmas.

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      My mother passed in 1989 just 12 years after I came clean and stepped out of the dark cold closet. I still think of her often and go to her gravesite where most of the time I find myself letting the tears roll down my cheeks (and ruining my eyeliner, mascara and over all makeup). I know that so much of my lifestyle hurt her badly knowing I would never give her a grandchild. But I do know she and I made our peace after my coming out. I think she mainly was concerned for my welfare knowing I would face many trials and tribulations by being who I am. I don’t think any mother wants to see her boy in a dress, heels and makeup especially an only boy. But I do believe any mother loves her son enough to accept they’re wishes, she may not have liked it much but her love for me never was a question! Happy Mothers Day.

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      Mama will be 94 in a few weeks. She is still living at home and taking care of herself. She tends to forget things, and get confused, but otherwise generally healthy.

      I have always been her “Little girl.” She tried to raise me to be just like my older sister, but I was always on the sissy side while Sally was bold and confident.  We always have a laugh when we remember our first shopping trip for boy clothes before I started school. Those funny briefs with the fly were just hillarious! Boy-panties we called them!

      Mama has always been a rock, she taught us life lessons about cooking, sewing, changing flat tires, running the farm. And boys!

      Later Sally taught me more intimate things about boys and how to keep them happy.

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      No. As some of you may know, my Mommy sadly passed away this year back on February 26, and it was the first Mother’s Day for my sibling sister and I without our Mommy. 😥

      My Mommy’s dying wish was for me to become closer with my sister, and I’m happy to admit that we are bonding more lately like our Mommy wanted. My sister is accepting and very supportive of me being a CD, and I’m helping her model with different outfits and wigs. We’re having so much fun together!

      Our Mommy would be proud of us. 🙂♥️


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      Kelly Lee
      Duchess - Annual

      Alive – yes, celebrate – no. She is in Sweden and there mothers day is celebrated on last sunday of may so May 29.


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      Both my parents are still alive and live for themselves in a small house on the countryside, with a barn and a rather large garden there they grow most of the vegetables, potatoes and fruit they need. Their land is situated along a public road and is part of a small peninsula with their own floating dock in a nearby lake there they go fishing.


      Dad is 83 and mom is 78 and they will celebrate their 60th anniversary Midsummer.  I hope we can  go and see them then. It is only 2 1/2 hours by car, but myself, my wife and also our three children have busy schedules.  Mother’s day is celebrated the last Sunday in May in Sweden and I sure will give her a call. I will also think of her mother Ellen who’s name l adopted as part of my own.

      P.s. l came out to my parents as transgender in early 2017 at age 51. They claimed they had never had an idea about me raiding my mother’s closets from the age of twelve, but some things they remembered about me suddenly made sence.


      Ellen Marianne Tornander

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