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    Malody Singrite
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    JUST TO CLARIFY FOR SOME WHO ARE UNCERTAIN OF THIS ONE: Some don’t think games (computer games, mobile games, console games, tabletop games, etc) are a form of art. But if you think of it, someone had to draw/paint/color/etc all those words, numbers, and pictures. Someone had to create the music and background audio for the digital games. And art is more than just visuals and audibles. So in short: games ARE a form of art.

    Now that that’s been cleared up, now for the topic at hand: gaming preferences. Some listen to music while gaming. Some watch videos while gaming. Some prefer total silence while gaming. I personally enjoy listening to music while I play games. I play an entire playlist in the background during “family game night” moments. I also prefer to play music based on what I’m playing when it comes to digital games (PC, mobile, etc).

    So my question is: What is/are YOUR preferences of music while playing games? Doesn’t have to be digital games. Can be for while playing physical games as well.

    I mostly play digital games. So this list is more related to the moments during a digital game…
    BASIC PUZZLES & “ESCAPE THE ROOM” GAMES: I tend to use calmer music. So I’d say something like “Be Somebody” by TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch)
    DURING FIGHT SCENES OF GAMES: Normally the much more hyped-up kind of music like “Hail To The King” by Avenged Sevenfold
    EPIC RACING GAMES: The much more speedy kind of music like “Toxicity” or “BYOB” by SOAD (System Of A Down)
    DURING SNEAKING MOMENTS IN GAMES: I normally don’t listen to much especially when you have to pay attention to the sounds within games. But if there’s no audio to pay attention to in games, then I’d say something more quiet like “When The Night Feels My Song” by Bedouin Soundclash
    SPORTS/LEISURE GAMES (GOLF GAMES, BOWLING GAMES, BILLIARD GAMES, DART GAMES, ETC): Normally these games have music in them by default so I normally just let them play
    HORROR GAMES & JUMPSCARE GAMES: I love to play some NIVIRO music (which is normally all copyright-free too which is a bonus for me). So I tend to play some of their songs like “Guardian Of Angels” and “The Return” and “The Ghost”

    That’s just a list of a few. I could list more but I’d be here all day and night listing everything then. LOL

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      J .
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      I tend to usually half listen to fairly long videos when I’m playing games, the triple jump worst games videos are what I’ve been listening to recently. If I’m playing online though I usually just listen to the game (mainly because streaming would absolutely kill my connection)

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        Malody Singrite
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        Fair enough. Not all games require people to use their own (sometimes added in) music. Some are more entertaining with just game audio alone.

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      Emily Alt
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      It depends.  If I like the music that came with game (indie, emo, house, electronica, shoegaze) I’ll listen to that.  Otherwise I’ve got the radio tuned to a fave station.

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      Wendy Swift
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      I setup a playlist for American Truck Simulator, consisting of mostly Taylor Swift’s songs. I found that I was grooving to the music so much that I wound up crashing my truck or sped incessantly that I lost control of the truck and crashed.


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      Jenny Jones
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      I’m partially tonedeaf so I usually don’t listen to any music and most of the time when I do it is cause I associate the music with the game. I like the Phoenix Wright OST and the World Ends with You OST not because I think the music is great (although I have been told both are killer), but because I really like those games and listening to the music reminds me of the games.

      For the most part I will pop on an audiobook or a stream (sometimes of someone playing the same game I am playing, but a bit behind to avoid spoilers) and just listen to that.

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      Val’sheril Starsong
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      So at the risk of painting myself a super-geek, I often listen to D&D or other tabletop streams while gaming (assuming I’m replaying content and have no other reason to be tuning in to game audio).

      For deep immersion situations I often cut the music entirely (as a musician myself and spending most of my work life immersing myself in good music in every genre from jazz to folk-rock to emocore, sometimes such things can be more of a distraction than an enhancement of the game experience).

      Though I do like a good instrumental soundtrack for tabletop games.

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        Malody Singrite
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        Nice to see I’m not the only tabletop RPGer here. I haven’t played any tabletop RPGs myself in over a decade now. But I did stream and host a more digital one a couple years ago. Sadly it only got on hold due to scheduling issues within the online group. But it was pretty fun. It was more toon based so it let us a chance to be creative… even myself as the “animator” (the game’s version of a GM). And now that the pandemic is nearly entirely over with now, hopefully we’ll resume once again.

        As for the music… nice to see I’m also not the only musically skilled one. Though my own music skills are more related to writing lyrics & singing. Never played an actual instrument or read any sheet music. And I can agree to the distraction part too. Though in my case I think it’s more related to my ADD. lol

        Not much of an instrumental-only based music mysefl. But as I like to say: nothing’s for everyone. Right? Though there have been good ones in the dubstep, remix, and nightcore genres… and copyright-free too (which nowadays seems to be mostly 1, a mixture of 2, or a mixture of all 3 genres I just mentioned)

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      Foxy Femme
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      When I was younger I used to listen to The Killers on repeat while playing Morrowind. This is so ingrained in me that I can’t help but think about Morrowind if Mr. Brightside plays on the radio, even 17 years later.

      Mostly, I just listen to the in-game music or silence.

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