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    Patsy Jennusaith
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    On my profile I put that dresses are among my favorite cross-dressing clothing styles. Here’s the thing. Technically the 1st 2 times I cross-dressed I was indeed wearing a dress. When I was 7 my sisters had me get dressed up in my older sister’s princess costume, and somewhere from a couple days to a few weeks later my older sister had me get dressed up in her pioneer dress. Ever since then I haven’t worn any dresses. I started cross dressing again when I was a teenager but by then it wasn’t a goofy thing anymore, and I had to do it stealthily. There were 2 time periods during my teenage years, and 1 during my very early 20s where I did this. During each of those 3 time periods I wanted to wear a dress. Especially my sisters’ prom dresses. Even though I always made sure to eliminate all of the evidence at least 10 minutes before anyone else got home way early I always had to be prepared for what would happen if they were to pull into the garage while I’m still in 1 of my sisters’ rooms wearing their clothes. The problem is that the dresses were either hanging in the closet, or folded up on a foot-bed. Even though them hanging in the closet sounds simple they always had these plastic protective things over them. I was always worried about how much more time that would take. Several seconds is a big deal when my family is pulling into the driveway. With the ones folded I would have to be exact with the folding which would be too time consuming.

    After the 3rd cross-dressing time period (which is the one that occurred during my very early 20s) I returned to college. When the next cross-dressing era started I ordered a complete outfit from underwear to outerwear except no wig, and no shoes. Have mostly been ordering skirts since then but last week I ordered my very 1st dress (along with a wig). The wig hasn’t come yet, but my dress came yesterday.

    Today I tried it on. This means that for the 1st time in 17 years I was able to wear a dress! Unlike last time where my sisters and I were just being goofy this was a thrill. I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time. It was more joyful than I thought it would be. I felt a sense of thrill, energy, and peace. It made me want to go to the Rocky Mountains into the wilderness, and run around in the dress but the sun would’ve been setting by the time I got there. Still it’s the 1st time in a very long time that I’ve worn a dress, and the 1st dress that I’ve ever owned!

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    All this talk about a first dress combined with such a great group….many of you are in the same space I am, sort in the closet with spouse who doesn’t really approve….I bravely clicked on “Buy it Now” on eBay.  I bought my first skirt.  I know, not a dress, but it’s a SKIRT and I think I’ll look cute in it.  …sort of a mini kilt that I think will look good with either flats or heels.  I’m very excited about it arriving.

    I wear panties and a bra every day and feel incomplete unless I have them on  …and oddly, my wife is okay with that!  My jeans are delightful low rise Calvin’s.  I wear these most every day as well….the fit is perfect and every step reminds me of how sexy these pants are.  I have been out to a local bar dressed in jeans, a cami an open shirt with a nice pair of low heels.  It felt terrifying and fulfilling at the same time.

     Patty Phose 
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    I began wearing pantyhose when I was 4. I usually wore them with an oversize shirt that looked like a short dress. I would “borrow” my mother’s heels from time and go prancing around showing off my pretty lady legs in nylons.

    A shirt and pantyhose pretty much became what I dressed in most of the time when at home. The first time I dressed fully fem and wore a short dress, it felt very comfortable and natural, like my shirts, but better.

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    I have found out that the more you wear a dress the more comfortable you feel in it. And when going out in public I try to dress like the girls my age are dressing. My meaning is I like to blend in with everyone instead of standing out in a dress. I can wear the silkiest lingerie under a pair of slacks and and a cotton to with some ankle boots and I will feel extra feminine and sexy for my boy friends.

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     Sandy D 
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    Love your story Patsy.  Brought back memories of the first dress I bought and the thrill when I first put it on, a moment I will never forget.  Thanks for helping bring back te memories.


     Jenna Good 
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    Hi Dana,

    Sweetie, I’ve been looking for your pic in the new dress, but haven’t seen it yet.  If that’s it in your Avatar it look pretty good on you.   Does it fit the way you wanted it to?  Did you buy a nice silk slip to go under it?

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    There is nothing like the experience of wearing \”that first dress\” . Thank you for sharing your story , an inspiration for all of us…

     Dana Gerhart 
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    Patsy, it was so gratifying to read your story.  I have just recently started crossdressing myself.  Last week I bought my very first dress ever.  When I put it on and saw myself in the mirror, it took my breath away.  I couldn’t believe what I saw, but I loved it.  I guess you can say I am now officially hooked.

    I have posted a few photos of me in the dress here on this site.  Feel free to take a look if you like.



     Patsy Jennusaith 
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    The Rocky Mountains I were referring to are in Utah.

     Lady Veronica Graunwolf 
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    Patsy…..what a great story. I remember my 1st dress and the joy and exhileration I experienced. I am happy for you.  Where about in the Rockies were you you going to dance the dance of sheer joy.

    I am an old hand with the Rockies from Glacier Park up to Banff and Jasper in Alberta and British Columbia. It is Heaven on Earth to me. Look forward to hearing more about you.

    Lady Veronica

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