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    My Backstory : Being Stacy Danvers.

    Like many others on here I’m not sure where to start, other than mentioning that from the age of 10, my first encounter dressing up in girls clothes and what developed my love for Leather wear, led me to my first fling/kiss/sexual touch with a friend of mine, we both
    both knew what we wanted and when I dressed up I just let my friend kiss me, play with me, and let him have his wicked way with me, it was the joyous moment of my young life and it lasted a good number of months – we lost contact when I left high school, fast forward to 2017, I’m now married with a new son so being Stacey is as they say, is like being trapped in a dungeon with no light coming through, I feel like I’m being made to suffer for something that my wife couldn’t accept in the end. Allow me to explain further, in 2017 we married and in 2018 I eventually told my wife then I had a thing for wearing women’s clothes(leather wear etc) and dressing up and during our web cam chats she seemed fine with it, and because she was, I had decided to let myself on this site I used to go previously but it was under a different name, anyways I uploaded all my sexy pictures and poses in my apartment dressed in anything leather, so from skirts/dresses/coats/boots always making sure I was fully shaven from face down to the feet to give my audiences back then a look into how sexy and slutty I could be and coupled with sometimes wearing a spike neck collar, a nice long black straight hair wig, gold ear ring hoops, necklace and secretary glasses I was able to pull off the perfect femme look for my Audience, at one point after uploading 30 pics I got 200+ approvals and comments based on my sexy looks and it was driving them wild, and I felt so powerful that this new person could command and control so many that when the time came I didn’t wanna let myself go to transfer back to my normal life, I even went to bed in a nightie and knickers because it was so comfortable to be me, each day as I went to work I was sad to leave myself behind whilst I kinda masqueraded into my other self to earn a living. It most importantly I have a wife now and the shock came when she accidentally stumbled upon this site I was on in 2019, when she saw all the pictures of me and all the comments from my audiences about they wanted to do dirty things to me in my leather skirt and top etc , the reaction would cause anyone to go into a meltdown, for the first time I saw the pain and hurt and resentment in my wives eyes, she felt that she had lost someone in me and wasn’t the person she married and that me, Stacey was in danger of taking over my other self based on how popular I was becoming on this web site, and reading the comments too made her feel worthless to me as if she could no longer satisfy me sexually, coming from a country that accepts this kind of thing I expected her to have some sort of understanding especially what we went through on the cam chats but it was as if she complete slammed the door shut ! And that if I wanted to continue to be the real me, then our marriage would be over, I was now stood between the closet and my alter self, knowing that I had to make the biggest decision of my life, to surrender myself to allow my alter person to live on, it was a sacrifice that came very hesitatingly to me, but for the sake of my marriage and knowing we were having a child on the way too, outweighed the reason to continue my life as Stacey, now it’s 2020, our child is now 3 months old and me and my wife have already begun to build bridges of trust again, but at the price of sacrifice for the real me. Deep down when I think about it I know the craving is there Stacey is always inside me itching to get back out, in a time where I can no longer tell when or if I will ever come out again, psychologically I know I would do anything to dress up again in privacy but after what happened the first time I can not put my wife through that pain again, especially with our child here now, I am so thankful and grateful that as me, Stacey I can express my femme side here, I’m sorry to you all that I can’t upload any photos of me, you would have loved my pics in my previous site profile, so for now my girl friends on here, I’m posting these messages from my dungeon whilst my other self is above ground, maybe one day you will get to see Stacey Danvers. Xx thank you for reading and I am happy to talk about any aspect of my life no matter how intimate the question I will answer anything, after all, I have plenty of time to kill here.

    Thank you for all who reads this and I look forward to chatting to you about anything you wanna ask me,

    Yours always
    Stacey xx 💋

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      Hi Stacey

      A tough and painful story, although I am not in the position you find yourself in, I do understand to some extent the pain and turmoil you must be going through every day. I know just how difficult the simplest of things can be when we can’t express our feminine side. But you are here, there is plenty of support here and lots of lovely people to chat to. Not the same, I know but better than nothing. It is important that you express your feminine side somehow, even if it’s only a chat. If you want to chat to me then feel free to PM me and discuss anything who want to………….

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      Samantha Aviadd
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      thanks for share your history. Enjoy your baby and the time you have with your wife. But be honest with yourself some feelings we have will come out any time sooner than you think, you are here cause you need express who you really are. Your family and you deserve honesty, be yourself and they will decide what is the best for them.

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      Tiff Any
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      Honest & painful story Stacey 🌹🌹

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      Rei Durden
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      That’s a heckuva tale Stacy, thank you for sharing that.

      My heart goes out to you and I can only hope that as time passes and trust is rebuilt, Stacy may again emerge, albeit in a manner where the both of you feel a decent compromise has been reached.

      Best wishes, Rei

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      Jill Sweet
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      Hi Stacey

      thanks so much for sharing and  being so honest. I can feel your pain and the choice you faced and still face is so difficult. There is often such a steep price to pay. I share some of the aspects of your story as hiding Jill away for the sake of my daughter. I still haven’t told her and she is 27. So sorry Stacey is trapped in a dungeon with no light. Talking is wonderful but I can imagine how much you miss feeling the feminine joy of that part of yourself. I struggle with the sexual aspects of Jill that are strange and different. I am glad you shared, thank you. Always happy to chat in friendship



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