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    Mallory Harris
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    First all, i want to say thank you for letting me share my feelings and gain information here as well. I have only dressed behind closed doors other than panties, undershirts, & pantyhose. I have worn dresses around the house, and outside the house when doing some light things, but never worn a dress out anywhere until Friday.

    I have a girlfriend that supports me in doing this, she loves for me to dress how I want, in whatever i want. Working on the events leading up to Friday, she has helped me learn how to do makeup, find a wig, and even painted my fingernails.

    She came to the house on Friday morning to pick me up, and i must say that I was very nervous, I have never let anyone see me dressed, but i got over that soon. We drove to a shopping center, I was very very nervous to get out and go inside, but I did it, we walked around the store and looked at some things, got some stares and looks. It didn’t really bother me that people looked, I just walked around the store and looked at ladies clothes.

    That was my very first time dressed as a lady outside my house, and must say that I loved every second of it wearing my dress, makeup, & etc.

    I guess the more get dressed and go out the more comfortable it will feel.

    Beyond excited.


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     Shreya Jain 
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    It’s good that you can now crossdress in public and even your partner know about it and support you.

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     Annie Potts 
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    My entire story is in an article here under Advise and Encouragement.   My coming out at age 61

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     Keelee Kincaid 
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    Thanks for sharing Mallory. I’m still working up to going out in public. I have stopped at a couple convince stores in yoga pants and s cami or in a dress and pantyhose. It is a rush for sure.

    Please keep us up to date on future outings.


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     Aisleyne Stardust 
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    thats brilliant, I hope you continue to enjoy it. Glad you have the support of your girlfriend too.

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     Patty Phose 
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    I’m always very nervous, even frightened when I go out dressed. The excitement, thrill and rush of it though makes it worth it.

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    Congratulations, that is a step I have yet to muster up the courage to achieve.  Good for you!

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     Autumn Valiant 
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    Mallory that is wonderful !

    I am very happy for you !



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     patty williams 
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    Hi Mallory,

    you are so courageous.

    You Rock.

    I am glad you had fun, sounds wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing I hope to get there someday.

    You have a really cool girlfriend too.

    you need to do something very special for that lady.

    XOXO Patty

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     Cynthia Hughes 
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    That’s awesome,  sounds like you had a great time and a great GF.

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     Patty Phose 
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    Reading your story, you sound a lot like me. I do applaud you though for getting dressed and going out to a store. I started a little at a time with just pantyhose and guy shorts and clothes. Then little by little I built up to fully fem. That took like two years.

    Every time I added another item of clothing and wore it out I was nervous, but each time I loved it more. It may have been better to just go out all fem the first time but I had to do it on my own time frame I guess.

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     Olivia Livin 
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    Congrats on your big day out and a big thank you to yet another supportive SO. I’m glad to hear you had a great day and can now look forward to more of them. Yes, you’ll get less nervous which makes it easier, as you do more.


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     Laura Lovett 
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    Hi Mallory,

    Wow, what a fantastic first time out experience, especially with a supportive SO.

    I hope you enjoy many more such outings – and don’t forget to tell us about them, with plenty of detail!

    Love Laura

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     Tiff Any 
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    Hi Mallory , a wonderful experience to get out & about , especially with a supportive girlfriend , big smiles around , enjoy the high & the build up to the next excursion 😊😊

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