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    J J
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    I am traveling in Europe and currently, my wife and I are visiting with our student exchange daughter who is now married with a can’t of her own.  We are stating a few days at a resort lake with her mother-in-law, and it was time to do some laundry. My wife just took.my things, including several.pairs.of panties and washed them with everybody else things. Being Europe fewer people use dryers, so things go on a rack out in the sun.  I was a little surprised that my wife just spread lit my panties with all the rest. Since all she had were thongs, the panties were obviously mine.

    Nobody said a word about them. It turns out a pair of my black bikini panties were left in the washing machine, the MIL just gave them to.me saying they were left in the washer, so there was no doubt they were mine. I suppose it is possible she thinks they are just men’s bikini briefs, but she fairly plain, they are obviously women’s panties. Oh well!

    Nobody cares, but I was a little surprised my wife was so casual about it all…which is a good thing.

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      Cece X
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      That is cute story, JJ. My day will come. My brother and I went halves on a washing machine, which is at his apartment, so once a month I visit him and do my laundry. The day he finds evidence may be the day I tell him I am a crossdresser.

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      DeeAnn Hopings
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      For folks who are trying to maintain secrecy, this is another example of how easily your secret can be exposed.

      Consider it a data point…

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      Veronica Smart
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      Hi all

      A slightly different take on the stray panties in the wash thread occurred to me in my student days. I was washing and drying my clothes in a launderette (remember those?) and as was my habit I just bundled the dry clothes into a bag at the end to sort out when I got back to the flat. As I was sorting through the clothes I discovered a tiny lace thong which had obviously been left in the dryer before I used it. As I was sharing a tiny flat with two other blokes I didn’t have any women’s underwear of my own so this lace thong became my hidden delight until I graduated at the end of the academic year. I felt a bit sorry for whoever’s thong it was but if only she’d known what pleasure I got from that little bit of black lace.

      Veronica xxx

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      Rachael Wanttobe
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      I accidentally left panties in the wash with some of my other clothes. Thank god I was able to get wife to leave the washer alone and I was able to retrieve. She would’ve flipped- especially if she realized they were a pair she thought she’d thrown away months prior!

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        Lynda Jones
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        Sometimes when I take my panties off I will stuff then in the pocket of my shorts or pants, planning to take out later. Well as you can guess I left a pair of black Lace (could not have been plain black Microfiber which look a lot like mens) had to be lace, I must have washed my shorts and placed every thing in the dryer. Next morning a pr of Black Lace Panties are hanging off my sink faucet.

        PS my Wife knows I crossdress, but does not care to see me in lacy panties, Microfiber are ok.

        All I can say there are those of us who have been caught and there are those who will be caught.
        How I got caught is for another day.

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      Alison Anderson
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      I think many people will look at something, and if they see a man wearing it, will assume it to be men’s wear unless it is insanely obvious otherwise (like lace or a pink bow). I’ve worn women’s tee shirts, some of which have a deeper V neck than a man’s shirt would, or is split at the seam and longer in the back, or a black shirt which if you look real close you would see a dart at the bustline. Maybe the color is a bit more vibrant than you might see for a man. But I have never been questioned on it.

      I think the “good thing” was that your MiL was so casual about it.

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      Jill Edina
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      How exciting it would be to have my wife display my panties for all to see drying in the sun and breeze. The lace and small bow on the front of my panties would definitely not pass as male bikini underwear.

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