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    Erica Grent
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    My relationships with boyfriends were bad at first.My ex boyfriends were jerks and idiots to me also wanting to treat me as a sex object.They were nice to me and things changed with them during the relationship.I did tell them I am transgender before starting dating.I had two of them that raped me.I told them no and didn’t accept my answer getting violent.Good thing is they are both doing time in prison for what they did  to me.Then a year ago,I met my current boyfriend Ryan and he has been good to me.Our relationship has been great,he knows I am transgender and loves me for who I am.Plus he knows no means no.He has good experience dating transgender women,did his research on this before starting 10 years ago.I see myself spending the rest of my life with Ryan.Ryan has a great family that has accepted me in and they also know I am transgender.

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      Rei Durden
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      Your past relationship experiences sound horrific, and my words do little to express my feelings.

      I’m thrilled that your new relationship has been such an amazing one!

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      Erin Noga
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      Thanks for displaying the courage to share. This is my first thread comment as a member. I identify as a cross dresser that desires total womanhood. I id as a straight woman. This has been a huge struggle as I have never had a relationship with a man.

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      Danielle Anaya
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      My heart goes out to you for the pain and suffering you have been through. I know first hand the physical and psychological pain and anguish of being sexually abused by men and the scars left behind. I know the anger and frustration of dating thinking someone was really interested in the person you are then finding out they only wanted to experience a sexual novelty. Like you, I have also discovered someone who has proven himself to be a kind, caring partner in life. I wish you much happiness.

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      I was raped repeatedly over a period of 3 years by a “friend’ of my daddy. I couldn’t tell daddy, because I knew he would have shot him, & I didn’t want my daddy going to prison.
      I never did tell him, & he’s very old & frail now, & telling him might kill him, so I will take this to the grave with me. I ended up turning it into a positive, as I developed many of my “bedroom skills” on that monster. I turned out amazingly well for someone having gone through that. Erica, I’m sorry that happened to you.

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      Jess Secret
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      Thank you for sharing your story Erica, sorry you had to go through that horrible situations with former bfs. Glad to hear you’re in a good place in your life now and have a healthy relationship. I also have a boyfriend, it’s wonderful to be with a guy.

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      Erica Grent
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      Ryan and I,we are seen as a great couple.He was taught well to respect people and treat them right.I see myself becoming his wife one day.The rapes,took me a year each to recover from them and did see a therapist on this

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      Alicia Sunrise
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      Thanks for sharing such private details about your life. I have fears about some of the same things that happened to you. Really hoping all is bright in your future.


      Hugs, Alicia

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      Angela Booth
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      Let’s hope that you have found the happiness you deserve. Thank you for sharing.

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      Roberta Broussard
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      Hi Erica, welcome to CDH.

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      Fredrika Jones
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      What a story! I rejoice with you regarding your triumph, and wish you and Ryan all the best!


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