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      This is a strange but true story. When it happened I was a bit freaked out but not much has ever came from it. About 12 years ago my wife let it slip to her mom that I had a dress that I liked to wear. I don’t remember the full conversation they had but essentially my wife was in our closet and my dress had come off the hanger and was in the floor. She was on the phone with her mom and without thinking said my male name’s dress is in the floor as she hung it back up. Her mom of course had more than a few questions.  My wife told her that it’s just something I do sometimes and I enjoy wearing a dress. She didn’t tell her I had wigs and heels and all sorts of girl stuff just the one dress. After this happened she told me what happened.  I had tons of questions and was not looking forward to seeing her mom anytime soon. And of course the next day I had to pick up my daughter from her house after work by myself.  Her mother never said anything to me about it. To this day the subject has never been mentioned. But my wife has told me everytime we have moved since then that her mom will ask if she can see my dress when she is helping us pack or unpack. Luckily I have always packed my girl stuff in advance of her coming to help. My wife did tell her that I got rid of the dress the last time she asked. Which was true. She just didn’t mention that I replaced it with a few new ones.

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      My mother in law stopped by once and decided to help by folding some laundry.  It was a load of all my clothes and my panties.  When I got home I found that she had neatly folded and out my panties in my dresser drawer.i was so embarrassed, but she has never said anything to me about it.

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      Great stories, I enjoy reading these responses.  It is interesting though that even people close to us that love us will respect our privacy even when they know, they won’t force you to talk about it.  Those are really good people to keep really close and cherish having them in your lives.

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      This happened 12 years ago? Seems that Mom is curious and likely accepting. Start opening up about ‘Gabby’, you might have two accepting women in your life.

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        Dawn Judson

        When I read your story, Gabby, I thought like Eileen does.

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        I’m pretty sure in the future the subject will be revisited. She will end up living with us one day.

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      Peta Mari

      I think many crossdressers enjoy their privacy. We are not interested in escaping the confines of our homes and family.

      My wife knows about my ‘hobby.’ My clothes openly share the closet. But I don’t openly dress with her. (Apart from ear studs, a little makeup and nail polish. )

      I don’t need/ or want to discuss my ‘hobbies’ with other family members.

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      My wife also told my mother in law about my dressing. My wife and I had discussed her telling her but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I over heard my wife on the phone with her and heard them talking but wasn’t aware that my wife had told her. After she got off the phone my wife told me that she had told her mom. I asked what did she say and my wife said nothing, she didn’t even flinch at me telling her. I have talked to my mother in law many times since then and it has never come up. I think she had an idea anyways because she found my bikini bottoms when she was visiting once and I know she has seen me lounging around the house in my leggins when we visit.

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        I’m just waiting for my mother in law to say something. My sister in law notices my legs being shaved and my chest and armpits. She never asked why.

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      Gabby, my wife has known since the dating stage. Then a few years later she told my most fashionable sister-in-law. What happens sometimes is that my sisters-in-law will occasionally exchange outfits and ship them to the house. Well, since I saw the box and who it was from, I couldn’t help myself but open it and see the goods. That was a pink fog day for sure, but I forgot to place the box back by the door on the inside. My sister-in-law called my wife and asked if she got it and tried the outfits. She responded “oh I know where it most likely is”, and that I’d tried the stash on. Move forward a few months and we were visiting said sister-in-law and I was helping prep for Thanksgiving. I went outside to get some fresh rosemary (California) for the turkey. She was outside just taking laundry off from drying. She holds up a dress and giggles “hey want to try it on?”. I said “nah not right now”. My brother-in-law doesn’t know… or even if he does, all my in-laws live in the L.A. area, so they’re used to being exposed to alternative lifestyles. I’m in Denver, Colorado area which is pretty much the same. No issues from other in-law  family members. My family, however, I keep it under a tight lid. Let’s just say as far back as we have family photos everyone on the male side was in uniform. Almost whatever war, someone was part of it. I’m the first to not be in some sort of military branch, but I’m also the first to have an MBA and another Master’s degree. Ah family dynamics with pink fog on the horizon…



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        I have experienced the sister in law hand me downs. . My wife never even looks at the clothes her sister gives her. She hands them to me to have a look . Her sister doesn’t know yet. I would rather she know than their mom.

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          Gabby, my MIL does know. I didn’t spell that out in my initial reply, but chooses not to say anything about it. It’s through the sisters-in-law and my wife, once I opened that box. There was not any change in her behavior when I’m around just because of that. Again, it’s my side of the family that doesn’t need to know.


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      J J

      My wife jas not told anybody, at least that I know of, but we have discussed. We both figure it is a need to know type issue. My wife needs to know, so I told her. If she felt she needed to tell someone she knows she can, but as of now nobody, including are kids need to know.

      We have a few close friends that someday may discover our secret, and we will deal with it as necessary. I have no objection to others knowing, I.am. comfortable in myself, but why tell anybody?  That said a friend found my.ski tights and a red VS panty I left in a bathroom on a ski trip. He just gave them to my wife and I and said these were left in the bathroom. Whether he thought they were my wife’s or mine, I don’t know, but I highly suspect he knows they were mine, but left it ambiguouss.

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      My wife told my Mother. I had mentioned this in another post. It wasn’t to be mean or anything. She just felt my mother should know. Nothing was ever said about it. Even with all the close calls of sneaking her things she never knew. I think she is fairly open minded. I don’t think my wife would have ever told her own mother.

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        My mother is definitely a person I have considered telling but I haven’t gotten the courage yet.

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      I have told my wife that I don’t want anyone else to know about my hobby. She has suggested that I let our kids know, they are very open minded.  I would tell them but I’m afraid that they might say something to their friends, since it’s no big deal to them. Some of their friends are my friends children and I don’t want it going that far.

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      J J

      The best part about coming to an acceptance of my dressing is that I don’t really care if somebody finds out. What I (we) am doing is perfectly reasonable thing to do. Sure it is not common, although I do think a lot more men dress, or at least tired it at some point, but is just a benign hobby that some indulge in more then others.

      I prefer to keep it on the low down because I just don’t want to deal with some peoples reaction, but since I got out in public I am obviously not hiding the fact I wear dresses. I enjoy being out in my backyard dressed, and it is a pretty open view, so no doubt I have been seen, and so what? Life goes on and is too short to overly worry about such things, that when you think about it is truly trivial.

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      I outed myself to my MIL. She was coming round to see our newly decorated bedroom. I had a skirt hanging up and my wife said I should put it away as her mum was coming. I said she knows, to which my wife seemed surprised. After the visit my wife came down and said she didn’t know, but she does now as the skirt was discussed. Turns out I dreamt my wife had told her mum, as she said she would never of told her unless I wanted her to. It’s better now anyway as it’s not a secret with mother and daughter.

      In fact a few weeks ago we were packing to go on holiday and I had a few dresses hung up waiting to go in the suit carrrier and MIL came round to say goodbye, she said she had the same strappy dress to which I said it’s mine and we had a nice conversation about adding a t-shirt under it. Afterwards I did say that I’m sure MIL looks better in it than I did.


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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      My MIL was a great woman and I would have not minded at all if she was told. I don’t think she would have had an issue with it but I don’t think she would talk much about it either, let alone,  offer any advice on what to wear. I’m sure that her take on it would have been, if it made me feel good then that would make her happy.

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      Eddy Ames

      My MIL lived with us the last 4 years of her life. She never new about my dressing but I dough it would have mattered too her. She was without a dough the most kind and loving person I have ever know. I truly miss her.

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      My wife told her mother, with my permission. We discussed it beforehand and both decided that we wanted to expand the circle. My wife and her mom are very close, talk everyday, and share their lives very openly with each other. I love my mother in law, and feel emotionally safe with her, and knowing her as I do I felt comfortable with her knowing. My wife was really struggling with not being able to share and talk to her mother about Nikki’s presence in our lives. My MIL has made it clear that she loves all of me, that I am welcome to be all I am around her. I’ve never regretted being out to her, and it’s hard to describe how powerful that bit of acceptance has been for me. I can’t tell my own mother, for too many reasons to go into here, but the acceptance I get from my MIL almost makes up for it. She’s an amazing human being, and I’m glad that she knows.

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      When my wife and I had “the talk” my wife was extremely  upset. We had only been married a few months and it seemed to her our short marriage was over. (bad that I didn’t tell her before marriage, I know) My wife declared she had to talk this over with her mom. I never considered this as a possibility or I never would have opened the subject! Anyway, she drove to her parents and talked to her mom about me being a CD. In the end her mom said “Well, if that’s the worst he does…” It was never brought up by my MIL but I assume she told her husband about it. That was 27 years ago. They’re  both gone now and it’s  been essentially 27 years of DADT. I guess it could be worse.

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        It’s a lot harder to pick up women wearing panties. Meaning it’s harder to cheat! Thats probably what your MIL meant when she said that to her!

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      Thanks for posting 🙂

      Your poor mother-in-law…how embarrassed she must have felt….there’s no plausible way to ask a son-in-law about his dress 🙂 The best she could do would be to have her suspicions.

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        My wife and her mom have had a few conversations on why I wear a dress and when. My wife hasn’t shared too much but she has hit the high points. Like I like women and I like how dresses feel.

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          I wonder what I may end up hearing about my SIL or DIL if I end up as a FIL someday, and how that challenges my acceptance of them. There truly are so many worse things than being a CD.

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