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    Hi Sisters
    Just needed to share the events of the last two days. Yesterday I went to have my nails re-gelle. Lilly who had done the first treatment just over three weeks ago was on hand to do a repeat job. She is charming and we chatted about all sorts so the time taken for applications and UV zapping passed quickly. We also talked with another assistant and her client about the virtues of BBC iPlayer – all sorts of great programmes not available on ‘live’ BBC TV. As I got up to leave the other client said that she really liked my outfit – dark blue tunic dress with elaborate embroidery on the front, maroon red stockings to match some of the embroidery and knee high, high-heeled boots. I gave them a twirl and was rewarded with applause. That’s not happened before. Lilly had done the re-gelling really well and I was pleased with the result. Today I went to the opticians to get new spectacles; first time dressed as HildaRuth. After an initial confusion both the optician and the sales assistant were happy to change my name to HildaRuth on their records and I can look forward to collecting new femme specs in a couple of weeks. Whilst at the opticians I received a text from Parcel Force indicating that they would be delivering the furniture I’d ordered within the next hour. Oh F**k! Would I get back to my flat in time? As it was, they were two hours late in delivering so I needn’t have worried. Three large parcels were delivered. I unpacked the largest first – a folding gate leg table with two flaps. When I’d ordered this it wasn’t mentioned that self-assembly was required. The first note on the instructions read, “This is best assembled by two persons.” Well, just had to do it on my own. It was getting hot so the long sleeved roll neck had to come off and the sleepless vest had to go on. Hair had to be tucked back behind my ears and with the heat any make up I’d put on in the morning was long since gone. So this was very much HR in the raw. Once I’d fully unpacked the large parcel and checked the contents it wasn’t too difficult to work out what needed to be done and by using some of the packaging for support I was able to tackle the assembly successfully. But I was worried about the effect of screw threads, small spanners and Allen keys on the gel. As it turned out I needn’t have worried – Lilly’s work survived the DIY. Had just finished the assembly when there was a ring at the door. I answered, hair a complete mess and more that an little sweaty to find Priscilla at the door. Priscilla is a wonderful elderly GG (88 years old) and just the right side of batty who was trying to visit her friend Ken who lives on the top floor of the block, wasn’t answering his phone and whose flat number she couldn’t remember and I didn’t know. Well the only thing to do was to ask her in for a cup of tea which she accepted. She then asked if she could use the loo. Of course I said, “Yes” and we joked about having to plan our trips out in terms of availability of public toilets. I made us tea and she accepted a chocolate biscuit and she told me a lot about her life as a young woman, going to art school in London and being hauled back to her family home in the West Indies whenever she got entangled with ‘unsuitable’ young men! We shared our enthusiasm for buying clothes as charity shops and the Church of England and she wrote a note for her friend, Ken, which I promised to deliver tomorrow once I’d found out his flat number. After she left I had the task of putting all the packaging into the recycling bin which is outside the block on the main road into town. It took five trips, my hair was a mess, the vest was tight and I could feel my tits bouncing up and down as I made the trips, striding out as I wanted to get this done quickly in order to deal with rearranging the furniture to accommodate my new table and chairs. I’ve never felt so empowered as HildaRuth as I did this afternoon. As I finished taking packaging to the bin several of the residents in the block were gathered in the entrance hall and we had a chat about what was happening locally, the difficulties of DIY, and the plans for the block’s new garden. Then back into the flat and rearranging the furniture in time for me to get my tea. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a great day as HildaRuth.

    Hope your days are just as fulfilling

    Love and hugs

    HildaRuth xx

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