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      Rayna Carlian
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      A) go get a professional Pedi, watch them, takes notes.

      B) apply cuticle oil onto the skin at cuticles and around the edge of skin slightly beyond it.

      C) have a q-tip with acetone already on it ready to wipe away the overdraft.

      D) Keep the amount of liquid on the brush small for small nails. Use what’s left after painting the previous toe, don’t go back into the jar for pinky…

      E) Practice Practice Practice….




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      Small toe nails… same as finger nails… less (on the brush) is more.

      Gen ❤

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      Samantha Roarke
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      I just go have my nails done….

      So if you do happen to color outside of the lines, like others have said just a little nail polish remover, but I use an old angled makeup brush over a Q-tip as it is more precise in it’s actions for removing the nail polish.


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      (Precursor… I use Gel nail polish and a UV lamp.)

      Have you ever spray painted? You probably have sometime in your life… What happens when you put too much on at once? You get runs and a big mess… The best technique is to use several ‘light’ coats…

      Nail polish is no different… (like makeup… less is more) Start off with a very light coat (very little polish on the brush) and start off in the middle of your nail. When you reach the side of your nail, you will have enough polish to cover (lightly), but not enough to bleed onto your skin… then cure the polish with the UV lamp.

      Second coat… get a ‘bit’ more polish on your brush than you had for the first coat… start in the middle of your nail again and work outwards. Stopping just before your skin…. cure that coat. Put another coat on with the same amount of polish you used for the second coat. Again… start in the middle and work outwards and do not go all the way to the edge of the nail… Cure.

      I have found this technique very effective…

      The nail polish brush is not awkward if you learn how to use it correctly. Sorry… not meaning to be facetious… just say’n.

      Also… if you push the brush down on your nail, it will fan out, conforming to the shape of your nail… giving you greater control of where the polish is applied.

      Best of luck… Let us know how you make out…


      Gen ❤

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      Kathleen 60454
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      I wish I knew. I have Essential Tremors and when I put my two hands together my hands shake violently and the polish is all over my hands.

      Kathleen xxxxx 💋♥

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      Andi DuBois
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      As it happens, I have been sat here painting my finger nails as I read CDH.  They only get a base coat and top coat – my wife seems not to notice that but adding colour may be a different prospect!

      I agree with everything that has been said and like many things, the more you practice the better at it you will be.  I have an advantage in that I also get to practice by doing my wife’s nails every couple of weeks!

      We have found that there can be a lot of variability in how different brands of polish flow from the brush onto the nail and how well it covers.  I think we mostly use OPI and CND but find what works best for you. We (the wife) invested in a LED nail lamp so that we can use gel polish which seems to be more durable.


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      Pumped Forheels
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      Don’t try cover the whole nail, pull back from the edge slightly. Use a fairly wet brush, make two or three passes and move on to the next. Get what you missed on a second coat.

      I still screw up some and will carefully take a q-tip wetted with remover and rub it off, but you need to be careful or you will be doing the nail over again!

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