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    Abby Gurlx
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    I hope I’m posting this in the right place. I have been cross dressing (m2f) on and off since I was a teenager. I would cd  about once a year and then purge. I really just want accept and embrace it. I really feel the urge and can’t deny it any more. I want to take it more seriously. I also am attracted to men when I’m dressed and really luv the feeling of it. I feel I just need to “do it”. I would appreciate any advice.  Thanks, Abby

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      Michelle Newman
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      Welcome Abby!

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      Amanda Burton
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      Hi Abby, welcome to CDH. Lovely to me you.
      Good question sweetie, there is no real answer. Simple learning to accept that you like this activity and you are not ashamed to do it is a start.
      The confidence you build will relax you, the worst thing I found in my early years was Trying to force myself to stop, it affected me greatly.
      Best advice I can give is if you feel the need to dress, and want to dress, then simply go a head an dress. As you can see by all the girls on here it’s an extremely popular lifestyle for many of us. Brace it and enjoy it sweetie in what ever way that you draw pleasure from it.

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      Hello Abby

      Welcome to CDH….


      Natasha 💋

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      Welcome to CDH Abby,  you can call me Sam and if you need any help with the site just send me a pm.  As to your question about letting go and accepting… for me, it happened the day I realized I’d been fighting it for about 25 year with no real success…clearly this is something I’m not gonna be able to get rid of, so instead let’s explore it and see where it goes.  You’ll meet friends here who’ll help you with stuff like this.  Enjoy your journey hon, thanks for joining us 🙂

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      Diane Crow
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      Hi Abby, the girls are right about this being a loving and welcoming place. We are all on different places on our journey so we have experiences and thoughts about those experiences that can be of great help.

      I am new to CDing well not exactly new but really going full out is just a year in the making. So I have not purged ever. I dont plan on it. I am not ashamed of my CDing. I am just embracing all that is me and I really love me. I can tell you with absolute resolve that accepting you as you are is such a fantastic place to be. Ask me anything and dont be a stranger.

      Big welcoming hugs


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      Hi Abby, welcome to cdh.

      Regarding your question about how to go about accepting yourself, I don’t know if there’s one specific or general answer.  We each seem to come to our acceptance in different ways.  I’ve purged several times, but I was always drawn back in by my desires.  For years I felt like society abhorred or detested people like me, so I tried my best to live the life my outer body seemed designed for and keep my dressing and desires as private as possible.  I did start reading a lot about all the issues involved as well as the differences in the whole transgender community.  I found an online place some years ago, and just started asking questions, and reading other questions and answers and sharing like I do here.

      I slowly began to realize and accept that I wasn’t some kind of ‘sicko’ and that there were lots of others like me and they were as well-adjusted to life as anyone else. I read up on as much literature as possible on transitioning, thought about it a lot, looked at where my life was and what was important to me, and decided against it, and decided to just enjoy the moments when I could dress and let my thoughts wander.

      There’s lots of information around this site, lots of different stories, lots of questions being answered, and experiences being shared.  They’re all here to help each and everyone of us learn more about what it all means and how we fit in, and how we do learn to accept ourselves. And the nice thing is you can set your own pace.

      Hope this helps a little.

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      Sandy Jayson
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      Hi Abby, you have found the best Cd site’.  Everyone here is so great to help out on any cd question.  I spend so much time reading everyone’s experiences and advice.  We will all be happy to share any advice with you.


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      Heather Harrison
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      Hi Abby!

      Welcome to the family. The girls here are more than willing to share advice, and be super supportive.

      Just let us know what advice you’re looking for!


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        Abby Gurlx
        Registered On: September 30, 2020
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        Thank you for inquiring. I want to know how others just let go and accepted cross dressing?

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      Abby Gurlx
      Registered On: September 30, 2020
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      Hi doll.

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Abby,

      Welcome to CDH.


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