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    Holly Goodrich
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    Happy Sunday girls. Instead of being smartass this time, I really need some moral support.

    As you most likely know, I am scheduled for replacement knee surgery in 3 days.

    The doc wanted me to quit smoking a week early to a week after. He says it’ll eliminate some tisk of infection. There’s the problem. I started to smoke well over 40 years ago.

    I knew it was gonna be tough, but this is ridiculous. Told Doc, I’d do my best, but it’s not good enough. Best i have done is go from a pack to half pack daily.

    Then, when I start on the hormones, I still gotta quit so there’s no adverse effects on me, like increased risk of heart attack.

    Any tips or well wishes will be very appreciated. I don’t want to die before fulfilling my goal.

    Thanks and hugz, Holly

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      My SO has had both knees replace, about two years apart and the surgery has improved a great deal in just that time. She was up and doing limited walk the same day as the surgery. And two days later she was able to do the three fights of stairs up to our condo. She had two weeks of at home PT sessions and then four weeks of out patient PT with exercises to do at home between sessions. Not a piece of cake to go through but much better than the pain she was having. Hope this information helps. Hope you have similar or better results!

      As far as the smoking goes I can’t give any personal input (the only vice I never picked up). But I am sure you can do it. The best suggestion I have seen is just get rid of the cigarettes don’t have them around. I know it is rough to do it “cold turkey” but you can get through it. I don’t think vaping is a good idea, it is the nicotine they want to get as much as possible out of your system. As a sugar addict I know how hard it is to kick such a bad habit. AGAIN YOU CAN DO IT GIRL, YOU ARE A STRONG PERSON OR YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE!

      keep us informed as to when the big day is and how it goes. Rooting for you!!


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      Trisha Lilly Hibbert
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      Hi honey, many years ago my mum used hypothesis to quit. Apparently it stopped 80% of the cravings. Good look with the operation. Hope it all goes well.

      Love Trish

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      Paula Here
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      Good luck with surgery,  and hang in on the smoking.  Cognitive behavior therapy have had great success with quitting smoking.



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      Caroline OBrien
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      I used the patch about 20 years ago. Worked pretty well, haven’t had one since.


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      Eona Oh
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      I know you can do it! My mom started smoking when she was ten and quit when she was 70. I figured if she could quit after 60 years of smoking so could I. That was 13 years ago. You can, and will quit. Keep calling yourself a non-smoker. Don’t buy any or carry any with you. Don’t give yourself a choice. You are going to do this!

      Stay strong and believe in yourself!


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      Michaela Jane
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      As a lifelong non-smoker, I cannot offer any advice because I don’t know nicotine addiction.

      I can, however, recommend following the physical therapists advice to the letter post-op. Do exactly what they say and also do the home exercises. Keep your ankles flexing also, that moves your calf muscles which helps to pump blood up and down your legs to minimise any risk of blood clots.  You will be walking normally within a few weeks. I have had both my knees replaced.

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      Hi Holly,
      Sorry, have never smoked. But my wishes are with you for your surgery.
      Mikala xx.

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      I quit about 25 years ago, you can too. I reached a point where it became less important in my life than other things. Surely a surgery is less important than a cigarette. You can do this! Use gum, or vapor temporarily if you need to. We belive in you!


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      Kimberly Bee
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      I stopped after about 35 of smoking. My wife would get on to me about smoking because of the smell. I totally ignored her because I enjoyed a smoke, maybe 20 a day. I’d tried to stop many times but to no avail & then 1 day I decided that I’d had enough of smoking. I put my tobacco & papers in the garage & I guarantee I’ve never touched 1 since the 4th September 2009. It’s nice not to smell like an old ashtray anymore.

      Something you can do is sniff the back of your hand (sounds kinky) then lick the back of your hand & that’s what you’re breath will smell like after a cigarette. I’ll say no more.

      Good luck to anyone who decides to stop smoking

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Hi Holly.

      Have you tried patches….you put one over each eye and then you can’t find you’re cigarettes!!!!

      Seriously, I have never smoked, but several of my friends have tried vaping to good effect. You can choose the strength that you can ” get away with”.

      Best wishes with your surgery, I hope it all goes well for you.

      Grace x

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      Pumped Forheels
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      Stop buying them!

      Seriously, don’t have any around. Fight the urge to buy them. You will go slightly insane for a few days, but you will get through it!

      Many years ago five of my friends decided to quit.  I was the only one that made it although some of them quit years later.

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      I’ve never been a smoker, so I can’t offer any advice.  I wish you all the best, Holly.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Holly good luck on the surgery  and about the smoking  many moons ago i quit just because wife didnt like the smell on my clothes so missed alarm and got up late for work my own pet peave to run late made it on time but didnt have time to stop for my smokes .. Was at that time three packs a day pretty bad so finished pack put lighter in empty pack and never looked back that was about 35 years ago had a will to quit and did it good luck girl you can do it .. Think about the alternative quit smoking and keep leg a no brainer im thinking ..good luck..


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      Regi Kelly
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      Hi Holly.
      I smoked for 48 years and I managed to quit, using the nicotine gum, coupled with vaping. It has been over 2 years now, I still vape but with a lower dose nicotine(12 mgs), and dont even crave a smoke anymore
      Hugs, Regi👸💕

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      Laura Lovett
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      Vaping got me off the ciggies.

      I can’t recommend it strongly enough as a way to stop smoking.

      Love Laura

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      Amanda Burton
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      Good luck with the surgery, as for the smoking, we’ll it’s advisable to stop, but I look at it like this, if you were involved in a serious accident that requires immediate surgery the question of smoking probably wouldn’t arise. The risk is entirely yours.

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      Sandy Jayson
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      Holly good luck on your surgery, can offer you no help on the smoking ( I never did it). On the surgery though I had knee replacement on Jan 26 and went back to work on April 4. I listened to the physical therapist and pushed myself, my goal was to get back to work. I am a letter carrier and walk 2 to 3 hours every day and was allowed to work up to that gradually and worked well for me.
      Once again good luck!! Sandy

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      Holly Goodrich
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      Tthanks for the input Natasha. I have tried the patch wih no success. Next, I’ll try lozenges.
      Ive tried cold turkey, but I got so sick, I was stuck in bed for days. Maybe I should have ridden it out, I dunno.

      Hugz, Holly

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      Natasha Taylor
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      i gave up after 35 years because my surgeon said the worst that could happen during the surgery is I would lose a leg. I’f I don’t do the surgery and I won’t unless you give up smoking you will lose both.
      I used patches and an inhalator over 6 weeks I stopped i have had 7 smoke free years.

      the big thing is you have to want to do it. Every time I wanted a smoke I made the choose  not to have it. Then do something else.

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