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      I’ve been saving up for a while for these, and finally, The Breast Form Store had a sale and I purchased a pair of Divine Aphrodite self adhesive forms, size large. They came yesterday and I finally got to try them on.

      O. M. G. ! ! !

      What a feeling! They fit very well on my chest and the size is appropriate to my frame. I use a 44 D bra with them and they feel just wonderful!

      I wore them for about two hours, and they stayed on quite well, and came off without too much fuss. The pair came with cleaner for the forms and skin cleaner as well.

      Only issue is that my skin is very pale and even though I bought the lightest color forms they still are darker than my regular skin.

      Looking forward to wearing them at Keystone!

      BTW, if anyone wants a pair of Transform Premier Triangle forms, size 6 or size 8, PM me and we can discuss it. I can bring them to Keystone.

      Eight weeks to go!


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      Very nice.  I am a bit jealous.  I really need to upgrade my forms. Enjoy them.

      See you at Keystone



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      Congrats Leah having the girls where they belong feels quite nice and look pretty good also .. Looking forward to seeing you again at Keystone ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      I see. I tried the glue option with regular breasts but my hairy chest did not work with them so I quit gluing them on for specific cosplay scenarios. Now a days I prefer the regular kind. But having real breasts 1 day will be even better girlfriend.

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      Hi girls,

      The BreastForm Store just had a $200 off sale for the Divine Collection Hera forms, they’re “less than perfect” which means there’s a slight cosmetic flaw. I ordered a pair of size 8’s and they’re supposed to be here in a few days, I will definitely let you all know what I think after wearing them for a whole day at work. Am I just a little excited???

      Hugs girls,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      Good choice Leah. Look forward to seeing you and the new “girls” at Keystone.


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      Update on the Aphrodites:

      Got all dressed today to go to a grocery store in the next town. Put the “girls” on with a nice lacy bra, and got all ready. Went to the store and all was well. Felt nice; good movement and all. I did notice that several times when I bent over to get something off a lower shelf it felt like they shifted a bit.

      Got home and put away everything, then had to de-girl-ify. When I took off my bra I noticed that I’d placed the left form slightly above and on top of the right form! Talk about being off kilter!

      So I guess I need some more practice to get these things on in the right place!

      I washed them and let them air dry according to the instructions, and the adhesive side feels nice and tacky for next time!

      Still, I’m enjoying them tremendously.


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        They also recommend use the medical adhesive from the breast form store if going to wear for a long time or go braless or with a strapless bra. Otherwise they are sticky tacky and hold unless your bending over a lot or jumping up and down. I have worn mine twice both for about 8 hours with the medical adhesive but don’t do often as shaving my chest creates bad bad bumps. But I liked being able to wear lingerie with the Aphrodite on felt much more feminine.

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        Patty Phose

        I have silicone and foam breast forms. I love the silicone. Worn in my bra they make me feel so wonderful and femme. But I have noticed when I’m out and moving around or bend down, I notice the silicone forms sometimes move. One time I felt the form slip out of my bra when I bent over. I knew when I stood up the form was going to fall out of the bottom of my dress. I definitely didn’t want that. I managed to stand up but position my arm so the form didn’t fall to the floor. I managed to get to a place where I could inconspicuously put the form back in my bra.

        I also have some foam forms I bought before the silicone. They were cheaper and I wanted to see what sizes looked best on me. When I wear the foam forms with a sports bra, they look just as good as the silicone, although the experience is not as pleasant. I can go out and not have to worry about my forms slipping or falling out.

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        J J

        While we all want to be perfect, no two boobs are exactly alike, so being a little off kilter is pretty normal.

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      Patty Phose

      I love my breast forms. To me they are as vital as my pantyhose, heels, dress and hair when I’m femme.

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