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      Hello, I’m Jaymie. I’m M2F crossdresser and live in Nashville. I just recently started to try and dress again after a 5 year hiatus.

      I had my first experience crossdressing in middle school, after hearing a friend saying they dressed like a girl for Halloween. I remember going home that day and finding clothes and doing exactly that. I fell in love with how freeing it felt.

      Unfortunately I was only able to do did it on occasion and had always bought cheap clothes to just throwing them away later.

      I feel I can no longer deny this side of me, and have been rebuilding my own wardrobe and trying to be patient in the process.

      As they say Rome wasn’t built in a day!

      I look forward to connecting with like minded people, and actually get advice as I move forward!

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      Ellie Davis

      Hi Jaymie

      I just checked online, and it took 1,229 years to build Rome. That should be plenty of time in which to put a decent set of clothes together.

      Welcome to CDH! This is a wonderful community full of welcoming and supportive girls. You’re going to love it here 🙂

      There’s loads to explore. Enjoy!


      Ellie x

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        I look forward to the process, and being able to talk with a community that can support each other.

        Thank you!

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      Welcome to CDH, Jaymie Lynne!

      Rather than purging, if you must do something, at least box up your clothes and store them in a safe place. You will thank yourself later.

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        I’m going into more expensive buys and trying to focus on being able to pass. I’ve gotten some great advice, but I felt like I needed to be apart of a community.

        Thank you, for the advice!

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      Welcome to CDH!

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      Hi Jamie,

      Welcome to CDH.


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      Rome wasn’t built in a day, you say. Absolutely take your time be patient shop in your second hand stores or on eBay or wherever you like and savor the experiences. Trying on your feminine clothes in front of your mirror and feeling pretty about who and what you see it’s a wonderful experience I encourage you fully.

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      Hiii Jaymie Lynne!! First off I love your name. I’m just a new girl here as well (engaged with the community earlier this week), but I can tell you that this is the best group of girls by far.

      I just recently came out to myself as a crossdresser and it has been the most freeing experience for me, and I have been looking through all of the forum posts with a sense of warmth that I am amongst people that have gone through the same or similar things as me.

      My egg cracked so to speak when I saw myself in a wig last week and I cried. Like I honestly cried because I saw the woman inside that has been fighting to get out. Since Saturday night I have made some significant strides. I’ve been on a shopping binge (Amazon) and I went to Target yesterday to try on shoes. Scary but exciting!!

      Even though I’m one of the new girls here I feel so happy with this sisterhood. You should too, you are in good hands and you are beautiful babe!



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        Thank you, for sharing your story! I’m so happy for you, and that you feel like you can be yourself.

        I look forward to further getting to know everyone, and being connected to some amazing girls!

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      Hi Jaymie Nice to meet you and so happy you found and joined us girl here so get settled in relax and enjoy yourself here.. Well as a new sister and family member you are welcomed with open arms into our home as well as yours now also.. With so much to see and do here from reading the forums and posts from so many ladies here telling there stories about there journeys down the femme road there are on.. So girlfriend when you get comfortable with us please join in with a story or two about the life and times of Jaymie as she travels down her own girly path in life.. Now as for making friends here there are so many ladies from all over the world to build long lasting friendships with and best of all we are just a simple click away from you.. Just please do us a small favor and return to your profile page and fill in more please as this is how we get to know you better..Once again girlfriend nice to meet you and hope to see you around for a chat sometime soon..

      Stephanie Bass

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        I took your advice and updated my profile!

        Thank you, for greeting me with open arms.

        I was looking for services in Tennessee and that’s how I stumbled across this site.

        it feels like it’s just meant to be, and I’m where I need to be.

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          Hi Again Jaymie you are very welcome girlfriend please dont be a stranger we all love to chat..


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      Head on down to Broadway and get a cute pair of Cowboy boots! Nashville is a blast! I was there a few years ago in drab but I would love to do some boot scootin’ as Lauren someday!

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        I haven’t been to downtown Nashville in so long, but a pair of boots might make it worth it. I’m far from going public.

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          I’d love to hear what you think would motivate you to walk those boots out the front door and into Nashville.?
          Some of us want to be closet dressers some of us want to dress full-time and go out as a female self and be seen. Where are you in that range of possible future Days the feminine side of you?

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      Hello Jaymie welcome to CDH I am glad you have shared a part of who you are. Having found us you have made the step to become part of a family that is welcoming, understanding, compassionate, and supportive. While we are all similar and have many of the same desires we all differ on our goals or level of public expression and or personal experiences. I encourage you to explore the many forums, topics, polls and member biographies found here as there are a wide range of members all over the spectrum of feminine expression from differing levels of crossdressing to those on the path to transition and those that have. There are also links to websites that have products and services that may help you on your own personal path of self acceptance and expression. Ultimately it is a place, home, or space were you can feel feel comfortable and confident in who you are that you are not alone and this is a place where you can feel safe to express and share part of yourself as being who you truly are as your authentic self of you being a man, a woman, a man who dresses as a woman, if it makes you a better complete human being expressing your feminine desires feelings and or qualities go at your own speed and how far you choose there are always many of us all over the place that are willing to step out with you too. I am happy you are here and have made a choice to accept this part of yourself as self acceptance is the most important thing you can do for yourself and others. You can’t expect others to accept you if you don’t accept yourself all of you. As you are sharing a part of your authentic self here on CDH it ultimately lifts some of the burden that you may be feeling which many of us have carried for what seems like a lifetime you are not alone. Being here helps not only yourself but helps others gain acceptance and confidence. I am happy you have made the step to be here. Welcome!

      Hugs April

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