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    kylee Anderson
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    Hello everyone,

    Short Intro:

    I am a college student that has been crossdressing in private since I was about 13. I find it exhilarating, I have went out in public dressed up but not in my home town. This post is the closest I’ve ever came to telling someone about what I do. Over the years I have bought, disposed of, and bought more of, many women’s clothing items, makeup, nail polish. Not really sure what I’m looking for in this community I just know it feels good to know I am not alone.


    The long story for those who care to keep reading:

    I am not sure how much people will care about my story, but I’m going to briefly tell it; feel free to skip over the details as my little introduction is done. Late 7th grade a girl had stuck a bobby pin in my hair while I wasn’t looking. I found myself enraged and then incredibly confused about this. One day when my mom wasn’t home I used some of her nail polish and from there every time I was left alone with women’s clothing or accessories I would use them. It gave and continues to give me such a rush and just feels great. The most incredible experience I had was going into a mall sporting my step-mom’s tights, dress, makeup, nail polish, and a wig I had purchased. I left the mall almost immediately as it was incredibly nerve-racking. Crossdressing in private is a ton of fun for me but not as trilling as doing so in public, although I do it more because it is safer and easier. Over the years my hobby has caused me great distress. I have always been so confused on what makes me enjoy crossdressing. I enjoy being a man and I am attracted to women yet in the back of my mind I have always wondering if my crossdressing made me ineligible for these things. I have came up with two explanations for my hobby over the years. The first is that I love the thrill of doing something that so many others, including me for a long time, thought was so strange and wrong, that the taboo factor of it was a draw. The other stems from the fact that in adolescence I was terrible at talking to girls yet I was attracted to them so in a weird way, by crossdressing, I was making a girl for myself, and coincidentally of myself, to be close with. I don’t know what I expect of this post but it certainly felt good to make it. Feel free to ask me any questions or just to say hi.


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     fiona moss 
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    Hi Kylee, I wish you a very warm welcome to CDH, thankyou very much for providing us with an insight into yourself. You are not alone here Kylee, we have lots of very helpful and supportive members to help you along 🙂 . Lovely to meet you!

    Fiona xxx

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     Patty Pepper 
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    Hello Kylee,

    I’m brand new here as well. Been crossdressing for over 40 though.

    Your story is very similar to my own in that I have no idea why I do this, nor why I enjoy it. I’m in therapy (divorce, ADHD, personal growth…) and my therapist has been very helpful in helping me to see that there is nothing wrong in this. It’s just how we’re wired.

    My GF has also been incredibly supportive & helpful. We’re both the same dress size & we’re now starting to share everything. Her openness to this, her willingness to experiment has relieved a ton of stress.

    Just know, there is nothing wrong with you. I sometimes feel us crossdressers are the more advanced males on the planet.




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     Davida Mae 
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    Hi Doll; I’m sure the Welcome Wagon is rolling your way. I’m Davida (Da Vee Da) I joined CDH last month (January) I’ve been Crossdressing for almost a year and Doll… this is the FIRST outlet I’ve had for Sharing my Feminine  persuasion. I’m a Closet Gurl and anything that has a hint of “Outting Me” is SOooo nerve wracking! I don’t want to hurt or cause anyone connected to me any pain. I have absolutely no idea why Davida decided to make an appearance in my life what I do know; my Closet Door is Ajar! Let us both hope our walk along the path of Discovery a pleasant one. Let’s do do it in heels & flash a Smile in Style

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     Michelle Newman 
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    Welcome Kylie!

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    Hi Kaylee, that’s really well thought out post, thank you for sharing! That all sounds super normal to me. I’d say I identify and share a lot of the same feelings as you too. Funny eh? Just stopping by to say ‘hi’ and that no, you are very not alone.

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    Ho Kylee

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    Welcome Kylee,

    Have fun !!



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     Charmagne Stewart 
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    Welcome, Miss Kylee, to our special corner of cyberspace.  You are not alone.  Our sisters here are wonderful companions on our journeys to find ourselves.  For many of us, our feminine persona becomes that special girl who we feel comfortable with and who thinks the way we do.  She could be a part of our life forever, or perhaps she just keeps us company until a special woman comes along who can accept us and still be more than we ever imagined.  All of our stories are unique but we all share a common thread.  Which is why we feel so at home here.  Add me if you’d like…always open to chat. 🙂

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      Hi New is exciting feling free and learning short makeover  ways to look

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    Glad to meet you I too have bought and purged many things in my life. Where about are yo from would love to chat sometime.

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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Kylee,  I enjoyed reading your post, welcome to Cdh, yes ladies here are from all over and some may be found right there in your area. Meet with some, share your stories and feel comfortable knowing you are well respected and accepted for who you are. Wonderful community of caring souls with full support for all. Very happy to meet you and enjoy your time here with us.

    Stephanie 🌹

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