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    Linda Taz
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    I’ve been crossdressing for a number of years . I’ve also been gay for a number of years . You might think these two characteristics would go hand in hand . They don’t .
    The majority of crossdressers are straight men. So I don’t fit in with that group .
    Many gay men are not attracted to , and turned off by women . So I don’t fit in with that group . Even many lesbians feel threatened or resentful toward crossdressers . So I don’t fit in with that group .
    I’ve dated both women and men in the past and when I’d reveal myself as a crossdresser things went south . I guess I was lucky because there was no outbursts or violence . Just quiet. The phone stopped ringing or they were too busy .
    I spent a lot of time alone . Just me and Linda . But that wasn’t bad “I like her company “. During this time I was able to build my wardrobe and practice my makeup .
    But I was still alone . No one had ever seen or been with Linda but that was ok.
    I would however go out on late night adventures but far out of sight from anyone .
    One Saturday afternoon I was at a sports bar watching a baseball game I met Charles . We quickly became friends since we are both Mets fans . We would meet up a few nights a week to watch the game .We would hang out drink beer and talk . We talked about the game , our jobs , the weather , anything . One night our conversation led to family . Charles told me that he was recently divorced . He said marriage just wasn’t right for him .
    Maybe it was too many beers but I told Charles I was gay. He said “I know “very calmly . He said he might be too . At this point I decided to drop the bomb . I told him I liked to crossdress . After I explained what it meant to me he was fine with it .
    The weekend was coming so I invited him to my place to watch the game , shear a pizza and meet Linda .
    When the day came I was very nervous . I wore my gray dress (just above the knee ) black belt and pumps . I did my nails and makeup . I put on my wig and earrings and was looking pretty good . Still I was shaking like a leaf.
    When the door bell rang I wanted to run and hide but I knew I had to go through with this . When I opened the door Charles was smiling . He complemented me on how I looked and he wanted to know about how I felt . We sat in the kitchen and talked for over an hour . I told him how I liked being dressed and how I felt . He didn’t mind at all . He made me feel so comfortable . So relaxed . So confident .
    Charles was a complete gentleman . He said he enjoyed being with Linda . He also said he was happy to see the other side of me .
    We went to the living room to watch the game and talk some more . He asked all sorts of questions . He was so interested in how I felt and I was so comfortable telling him .
    It was a wonderful day getting to know about each other and our team won .
    Before he left he said goodnight and kissed me ! LINDA’S FIRST KISS
    Thank you

    Linda Taz

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Linda,

      Thank-you for sharing your story.


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      Heather Jameson
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      That’s great Linda, I know what you mean about the don’t fit in thing, very frustrating. It’s just nice to have someone you can be yourself with and they appreciate you for you. Keep us in the loop on how things go, sorry, covid boredom. I can’t wait to go out again.

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      Ty for sharing your wonderful story Linda… I hope your relationship with Charles blossoms like a Spring flower… 🌹


      Gen ❤

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Good for you Linda. I am sure now it will become a more intimate relationship from personel experience. It will only get better.

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      Paula F
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      Congratulations Linda.  I totally understand the butterflies you experienced as I am in the same niche in my life.  I like men, a lot, and live and present as female.  Over the years (too many really)  I have spent so much time alone, it is almost disheartening to think about.

      But, and this is a big but  (not mine of course, giggle), the men you will meet and build even just a sort of friendship with are wonderful, and if the two of you take it up several notches, so much the better.  Be open and as honest with him as you can, give him time to digest what has just started with you and be patient.  If that kiss was his first also, it was a very personal step for him, as well as you.

      If he gave you his cell number, text a short thank you to him, be friendly but don’t smother him.  The few men FWB in my life have been there for several years now and they needed time to adjust to accept being with me.  They each know that I see a couple of others on an intimate basis, but they are okay with that and we have things worked out pretty well.

      You have now found that first chink in the way the ‘normal’ life tries to shield itself from ‘different’.  Keep being yourself, find a support group to network in, get out to the clubs, enjoy your life as you see fit.  If that is just gay, that’s okay.  If it is gay and dressed femme, that is even a bigger plus.  How far you go in your femme life is totally up to you.  Stay true to you, hon.


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      What a happy story with a beautiful ending. I’m so happy for you. As my husband is a crossdresser, I see/know first hand how cruel and harsh this world can be when you girls decide to just be your true selves. I say screw them. I know you were nervous, but a true goddess I’m sure. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

      Take care,

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      Thank you so much for sharing your story Linda. Very happy for you!

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      Samantha Jo
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      Hi Linda

      I hope that everything works out well with you and Charles he sounds a really nice understanding person.

      Samantha x

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      Ashley Konners
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      That’s great hun, I hope you continue to spend time with him and build a friendship . It’s great he was great meeting Linda as well.


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      Jennie James
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      Big step! Hope things work out for you!

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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi Linda Lovely story Charles sounds so nice. A new beginning for you, having a special new girl friend for him.  The life of a CD can be very lonely until you find out where you fit in. I had similar experiences when I was younger. I have always been attracted to woman but finding that special woman in gay bars was impossible. I did date a woman a who was wonderful she was looking for a wife and wanted to transition at some point in her life . That defiantly would not have worked out for me. Eventually I found where i fit in as you did. Good for you.

      Best wishes Stephanie

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