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    Michelle S
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    So about 2 months ago my wife and I had the talk about underdressing and wearing woman’s panties everyday. There have been some changes in her since I came out to her about wearing woman’s panties. In the beginning I could tell it was bothering her or that she was trying to understand what or why I wanted to do this. Over the last month or so, she has been dressing a bit more sexy to work. (We work together) She’s been wearing a lot of leggings with obvious panty lines showing which she never did before. Tighter fitting clothes. She also wears these dress pants that look like she’s showing off her panties. Yesterday She wore these white pants that make her ass look great but also you could see her white and pink lace panties through the pants. She never use to do but now does this all the time. She has been a lot more revealing with her tops as well. More cleavage has been showing and bras always show through her shirts now. I’ve been noticing this a lot as of late. Maybe I’m over thinking it but, I’m noticing something.

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      Regine Kelly
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      Hi Michelle,
      Just my experience,
      When I came out to my wife, I noticed within a month or two, she started dressing nicer as well, Prior to, she was in sweats and kind of drab all the time, now she is dressed nicely every day, and I make sure I compliment her, as she does me, its like a beauty contest here, lol.
      Just my opinion, but I think for some, they see how pretty we try to make ourselves, and take notice of themselves, at the same time, it’s wonderful to see, and experience.
      Hugs, Regi👸💖

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      Fredrika Jones
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      You’re both celebrating being cute and sexy – have fun with it! 😄☺

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      Very interesting!  I have found myself the complete opposite!  I used to dress very sexy, do my make-up and hair every day and for some reason have lost the desire over the last several months.  I don’t feel motivated … and that is a problem.  We talked about its last night, as Christine would love to take more pics of us together… as well as misses my vibrant self.   I have found myself so wrapped up in making sure Christine was happy and comfortable, that I lost the energy for ME. Perhaps this is a way to get your attention, especially if you have spent more time in femme.  This is a learning experience for all us and open and honest communication is key!

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      Stevie Steiner
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      Hi Michelle.  If that is a major shift in her dressing it might be best to have a chat with her about it – and compliment her on how lovely she looks when ya do it!  She appears to be really displaying her femininity.  The question is why.  Does she feel she must be more “sexy” to interest you or is she trying to say something else?  Communication is the only way to know for sure, and I know myself that overthinking something can drive you nuts!!  No need to wonder about it and work yourself into a kerfuffle – just talk.  Maybe she is waiting for you to notice…. who knows?


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      Michelle,  noticed the same thing all of a sudden instead of “granny panties” all the time.  Now since I came out she is wearing some nice sexy panties and matching bra sets, doing more moisturizing and other womanly activities.  Whatever the reason I love it

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      Barb Wire
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      Hi Michelle:

      Lulu beat me to it!

      I wish you both well!

      xo Barb

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      Jessica Smith
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      Sounds like you two need to have a discussion. You’ll probably get a better answer from her than a bunch of people on the internet. I wouldn’t tie it to your underdressing to start, see if she brings up the connection. Maybe just say you’ve noticed some changes in her wardrobe and tell her you like it (if you do).

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        Barb Wire
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        “…a bunch of people on the Internet…”!!??


        😂 Barb


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      Oh, my! That could be either very good or very bad; is she trying win back “her man”, or has she given up and decided to fish in a different pond? I think counseling is in order for both of you. And good luck.


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        Annette Steven
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        I agree Lulu.


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      Laurel Nylons
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      Sounds like a good thing to me. How about showing your appreciation and ravishing her and bringing your panties into the lovemaking? Or buying some new pretty ones in both your size and hers? How would she react to it? Never know until you try.

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